Baby Names (2016)

— Dana

Apparently, the only time I post something to our blog is when I want to remember a list of baby names we made (and want to reference later). After compiling a list and throwing it all out three times, I think this one is the closest to what everyone wants. We will find out the gender in a few weeks, so I figured I would post this here for future reference. May I present our names for baby #3…

Simon Aaron Insightful (God has heard/mountain of strength) Ranked #213
Griffin Aaron Insightful (strength) Ranked #241
Finley Aaron Insightful (hero) Ranked #283
Flynn Aaron Insightful (descendant of the red-haired man) Ranked #692
Milo Aaron Insightful (merciful) Ranked #245
Graham Aaron Insightful (home) Ranked #199

Alternate Middle Names: wonderful, truthful, thankful, merciful, hopeful…


Penny Lane Joyful (valued/narrow road) Ranked #324
Esme Rose Joyful (loved/delicate flower) Ranked #702
Millie Mae Joyful (strength/growth) Ranked #332
Lizzie Lynn Joyful (God is my oath/refreshed) Ranked #1000+
Jolie Alice Joyful (pretty/kind) Ranked #738

Alternate Middle Names: faithful, graceful, peaceful…