Baby Names (2014)

— Dana

Since I’m half way done with my pregnancy, I figured I would post our top 5 baby names (for both girls and boys). We find out the gender at the end of March!!!


  • Ruby Louise Faithful Kangas
    (Ruby Meaning: “Red Precious Stone”, “A Jewel, behold a gem”) (Louise Meaning: “Renowned Warrior”)
  • Ayda Lynn Joyful Kangas
    (Ayda Meaning: “Reward”, “Gift”, “Helper”, “Joyful”) (Lynn Meaning: “Pretty”)
  • Greta Rose Graceful Kangas
    (Greta Meaning (Form of Margaret): “Child of Light”, “Pearl”) (Rose Meaning: “Flower”, “Fame”)
  • Margo Louise Graceful Kangas
    (Margo Meaning (Form of Margaret): “Child of Light”, “Pearl”)
  • Adelade Rose Delightful Kangas
    (Adelade Meaning: “King”, “Noble”)


  • Arthur Aaron Danger Kangas
    (Arthur Meaning: “Noble”, “Courageous”, “Strength”) (Aaron Meaning: “Mountain of Strength”)
  • Milo Aaron Merciful Kangas
    (Milo Meaning: “Merciful”, “Gracious”)
  • Simon Aaron Tenacious Kangas
    (Simon Meaning: “He Has Heard”)
  • Soren Aaron Fearless Kangas
    (Soren Meaning: “Stern”, “Thunder”, “Reddish Brown Haired Warrior”)
  • Finley Aaron Adventurous Kangas
    (Finley Meaning: “Fair-haired Warrior”, “Hero”)

6 thoughts on “Baby Names (2014)

  1. So…I certainly have a favorite…I really like Adelade…but I really like the name Lynn…since it’s my middle name and all and I can tell everyone that you named your daughter after moi! But overall…it’s the first 2 Ruby, and Ayda.

    Arthur is my favorite of the boys names.

    Good Luck choosing! Hugs –

  2. My favorites are Ruby, Ayda & Greta, and Soren, Finley and Simon. Not neccesarily in that order.

  3. It’s so exciting that you are picking baby names.  I like Ruby, Ayda, Greta, Soren, Finley and Simon.  Of course I like the middle names, Louise, Rose, Lynn and Aaron.   Love you!  


  4. I think Lynn means “cascade” or something similar. I see a couple instances where they say it comes from Linda which means pretty.

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