Aa – Bento Lunch

— Dana

In an attempt to feel better about myself as a wife and mother, I decided to embrace my inner lunch creativity. Every evening, I have to make lunch for both Aaron and Naomi (since they are no longer dinning with me in the afternoons during the week). During a desperate internet search I stumbled upon “Bento” lunches. They are amazing works of art, really. With my internet inspiration in mind, I grabbed tupperware, baggies and cookie cutters. Then, I opened my cupboards and refrigerator to see what sort of art I could create in a short amount of time this evening. I decided to embark on the alphabet theme for a while. (Below is my first bento attempt.) It, most likely, won’t appear in a museum or Martha Stewart’s “Everyday” magazine. However, I do know my family will appreciate my (little) effort and will know that I was thinking about them (I also slipped in a little note for each of them, just incase they didn’t like what I made for lunch). I’m hoping this will be a fun activity and not a burden (I guess I should only do it if it brings me joy…and not as a “have to”.)

Airplane (sandwich)
Apple (with carmel and peanut butter dip)
American Cheese

Could also do…
“A” shaped cookies/crackers