Piti Piti Golf Marathon

— Dana

I hate golf.

It’s true. After a few embarrassing golf experiences in my twenties, I wrote off golf. I took a stand against it (mocking those who would invest precious time and money chasing little white balls across a lawn only to leave frustrated, angry and broke). I took the high moral road and became a golf teetotaler. When the idea was first pitched for this golf marathon I said, “PASS!” I was going to stick to my ethics. And then Dave, Justin and Jeremy (my partners in Piti Piti) decided this event would be a good idea…and a great way to involve multiple people in the good work our friends in Haiti are currently doing. So, I suspended my high ethical conviction for one weekend.

I decided to golf.

If chasing hundreds of little white balls across a lawn will help us tell the story of our friends in Haiti, I will golf. If my friends in Haiti can have jobs and see their land restored, I will golf. Not because I love golf, but because I love my Haitian friends. Not only will I golf, I will shamelessly ask my friends for money. Not because I’m looking for a hand out, but because I want to share this opportunity to do something amazing for our neighbors in the Caribbean.

This last weekend, I got to hang out with some amazing people who believe in this thing we are doing in Haiti. I got to spend time with folks who have given selflessly so that people in Haiti will have a chance to provide for their kids. So that land will produce food the way it’s supposed to. So that an entire neighborhood will be more protected in extreme weather events. It was worth playing 100 holes of golf to be with people who believe in what we are doing in Haiti. They are truly inspiring people.

For those of you who were waiting to see if we were going to die of heat stroke or back out at the last minute, you can rest assured that we survived…and we had a lot of fun golfing this weekend. If you are not in the habit of giving to things like this, maybe today is the day that you revisit your stance (because I did). The fundraising website will be open until the end of the month. Click here to donate (all donations are tax-deductible)… http://www.ministrysync.com/event/website/?m=1346490 If you don’t feel comfortable sending a donation online, you can also write a check to “Piti Piti” and mail it to me (I will make sure it gets deposited since I’m the bookkeeper).

I’m grateful for each and every person that has given to Piti Piti already (THANK YOU!!!). Your belief and generosity has been so encouraging. So far, you have helped us raise a total of $25,000 for our friends in Haiti!!! Good things are happening…little by little. I will end this blog post with an awesome video. Shawn is my hero!!! (This 22-foot putt wouldn’t seem so amazing if you didn’t know Shawn is blind.)