Day Dreaming

— Dana

By its very nature, robbery involves some kind of deception. Few of us have any respect for a thief. Embezzlement is a form of robbery; however, it has an ugly twist. It is stealing something entrusted to someone’s care. The embezzler commits two crimes: robbery and fraud. The act is somehow more despicable than a common robber. The embezzler takes advantage of a trusted position, and because of this, the crime is usually detected only after it’s too late to recover the stolen property (the money has been spent, the securities have been cashed, the damage has been done, lives have been changed, and trust is difficult to rebuild).

Over a decade ago I had my first experience with an embezzler. I was working long hours in a marketing firm as their sole Graphic Designer. After two years of faithfully serving the company, we were all called into the conference room for an unexpected meeting. While we were patiently waiting in the conference room the Bookkeeper was being arrested in the front office for embezzling $10,000 during her short six months of employment. That experience dramatically effected me! Since that moment in the conference room, I’ve had this a deep sense that there is a greater need for honest Bookkeepers in this world.

Ten years later, that longing is still ever present in my heart. I’ve been waiting patiently to make this career change (from Graphic Design to Accounting), and I feel like my moment has arrived! I don’t know how wide my influence will extend in this world. However, I do hope it will at extend further than the effects of embezzlement in my community. The time has come to rebuild long-lasting trust in the hearts of small business owners, churches, non-profits and individuals. I hope to become a CPA who can build that kind of trust.