College Date Night

– Dana

I’m going back to school, and I’m pretty sure I will start this summer quarter. In an effort to get back to living “the college life”, my husband and I decided to do something wild and crazy. We went on a date night that included the following:

1. Find a babysitter for a few days (because college people don’t have kids).

2. Go on an impromptu road trip…like to Kettle Falls, Wa (because college people are wild, crazy and live on their impulses).

3. Treat yourselves to dinner at the local grocery store (because you can’t afford anything else as a college student).

4. Decide that the purpose of your road trip is to find used furniture and beer (because that is what college is all about).

5. Show-up late to everything…and yet find that you have arrived at your location just when you need to be there  (because college students have special skills that defy the laws of time).

6. Pick-up your furniture and drink your beer (because college students are finishers).

7. Stop at a small ice cream shop and watch the sunset on your way home (because college students don’t have enough money to actually pay for a hotel and stay somewhere nice…we should have slept in our car half way to Kettle Falls).

8. Watch a movie in the comforts of your own bed (because college students know how to have fun).

I’m not entirely sure I remember how to be a college student. I do know that it was totally appropriate to stay up late and drink beer the night before a very important test. That’s at least what I remember other people doing when I was in college. So, it must be true.


2 thoughts on “College Date Night

  1. Good job. Have fun,stay up late to get your mommy things done,sleep well, remember you are loved. Robbin*(*

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