Kangas Quotes (November)

— Dana


Naomi: “You stay right there. I’m going to find you a toy in the dragon’s cave.”


Naomi wanted Aaron to find a pen and paper so he could record a recipe. This is what she had him write down:

Naomi’s Recipe for Robot (or Dolphin) Soup – It’s Gluten Free!!!
• Eggnog
• Poison (Because Robots Like Poison)
• Clam Milk
• Apple Cider
• Apple Sauce
• Walrus Potty
• Salt
• Water

Mix it with a spatula in a bowl for 10 weeks and then it will be all dried up and ready for eating.


Dana: “Do you want to take a dance class?”
Naomi: “I already know how to dance.”


Naomi: “I don’t need a real husband. I can just have a pretend husband, because pretend babies just pop out like real babies.”