Happiness vs. Life Well Lived

ā€” Dana

Despite popular belief, it’s not all about ‘happiness’. It’s really about a ‘life well-lived’. For each person, a ‘life well-lived’ will mean something different. For me, I think it would include smiling, resting, music, dancing, singing, exercising (outside preferred), learning, teaching, being creative, being grateful (especially first thing in the morning), speaking well of others (end gossip), capturing happy moments, playing, building strong bonds with people (not networking), healthy food, drinking water, being present, helping others (within my limits), self-care, open hands (watch physical posture to reflect where my heart is currently), express feelings appropriately, spend money wisely, hug (for at least 6 seconds), reframe thinking (and stop ruminating), journaling, mindfulness, meditation, being resilient and being curious.