Gardening notes for myself

– Aaron

These are just some notes for myself, for next year’s garden. I’m just writing them here, so I can find them later, and I suppose they could be helpful to someone else – but only if they have some of the same habits, plants, and climate as me.

  • You don’t have to plant every single seed in the seed packet. Yes, some might not make it another year. But guess what: You only paid like $3 for that seed packet. Let it go man, let it go.
  • When your onions fall over, give ’em a week, and dig them up. They’re done.
  • Water is very important. Try and give your plants some.
  • Plant LOTS of quinoa seeds if you want more than two plants, and you could probably start them indoors.
  • Peppers need buddies.
  • Spinach and lettuce really don’t like the heat.
  • Start your seedlings earlier!
  • Keep trimming those herbs (basil and mint, I’m lookin’ at you especially).
  • Thin your carrots, unless you want gnarly disgusting carrot root-balls.
  • Grow your corn in multiple rows.
  • Climbing beans will climb corn, but you need to plant them in the proper sequence for that to happen (hint: core before beans).
  • Turnip greens can get enormous before the bulb is ready to harvest.
  • Give your plants more room!
  • Blueberries can be blue before they are sweet. Taste, evaluate, wait, repeat.
  • Don’t let the raspberries get purple.
  • Grapes need lots of water. Especially if the spring isn’t as wet as it could be.
  • Strawberries need plenty of nutrients, and not as much water as you have been giving them.
  • Nasturtiums like more sun than you have given them!
  • Good idea planting the various Cucurbiteae around the edges of your beds so the vines can trail off onto the ground. That works. Next time, give them more space between one another in the bed, so the leaves don’t overshadow each other so much.
  • Soaking your beans overnight before planting them seems to have worked nicely.
  • The (east facing) front porch (with southern cover from the chestnut tree) isn’t a great place for a lot of plants. Make sure they don’t need full sun when you put them there.
  • Turn your compost every day, whether it needs it or not.
  • Plant those potatoes deeper.

One thought on “Gardening notes for myself

  1. I really like this. I didn’t know peppers need buddies. I not having luck with the peppers I planted. Here are some of my Gardening notes.

    Deer love roses.
    Cut roses back to about 6″ in the early spring.
    Dead head roses.
    Fir trees need a lot of water. If I plant something under a fir tree, I need to water it.

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