Facebook Status Updates (March)

— Dana

We were all pretty sick this entire month…


By Aaron Kangas

March 6 at 3:33pm ·
I think Naomi gave up napping and eating regularly for Lent.

March 9 at 10:01pm ·
Thank you.

March 10 at 8:23pm ·
Arroz con pollo. It’s like playing russian roulette with chicken and rice.

March 13 at 4:01pm ·
Sun and hail at the same time. Nice to see you again, Spokane spring.

March 15 at 9:21am ·
So, yesterday in honor of 3.14 – pi/pie day, we had home made pumpkin pie. But I’m realizing today is the Ides of March, and we don’t have stuff to make Caesar salad!

March 20 at 7:39am ·
Snow on the spring equinox – Spokane spring.

March 20 at 3:11pm ·
‘You know the only people who are always sure about the proper way to raise children? Those who’ve never had any.’ ~Bill Cosby

March 21 at 8:36pm ·
One 3-year-old and one 31-year-old painted a room. Guess who made the bigger mess?

March 25 at 2:50pm ·
Arg! plumbing problems…

March 31 at 9:50am ·
Naomi would like to type this message:
bvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvxccccc bvvvvvvvcc x x x az 014788/9 .,,,,,,….


By Dana Kangas

March 1 at 2:17pm ·
The numbness and tingling in my hands have disappeared. Hooray.

March 2 at 7:54am ·
Naomi is too perky in the morning for this night owl.

March 2 at 5:43pm ·
House recovery is in full swing. This is what I get for letting Naomi have full reign of the house for two days without picking up a single thing.

March 3 at 8:43am ·
We were watching “The Joneses” last night when all of a sudden Aaron exclaimed, “Hey, I think that part was filmed in Spokane.” Sure enough, we watched the end credits and found that part of that movie was indeed filmed in Spokane. I don’t know how many scenes were filmed here, but it was a fun game to try and figure that out while we were watching the movie.

March 5 at 8:55am ·
Naomi seems to throw huge tantrums or throws-up whenever she has red food dye in candies and drinks. Good times.

March 5 at 10:14am ·
I feel really alert and awake after 11 hours of sleep. I wish I could convince myself that this is a good idea every night.

March 5 at 8:45pm ·
Lots of sleep = No desire for coffee
Lots of exercise ≠ No desire for chocolate

March 7 at 11:09am ·
I am so frustrated with the WiFi at The Service Station. I don’t think I’ll be bringing my computer here again. And my drink is awful. #firstworldproblems

March 7 at 4:06pm ·
I’m not the biggest TV junkie, but I’ve watched 15 episodes of “Scrubs” the last 3 days. It’s a good one..

March 8 at 7:02am ·
This should make me giggle today. What is your code word for sex?

March 9 at 6:23am ·
I’m trying my hardest to be present and fight the need to feel productive all the time. I thought this quote summed it up well…”We live in a culture focused on doing. That’s one reason so many of us wrestle with being a parent: time with our kids doesn’t seem like we are producing anything. To ruthlessly eliminate hurry would make us feel “unproductive,” which we’re afraid is actually sin. We’d also have to actually be a parent, to connect with our kids, and we’re not sure we can do that well. We don’t know how to measure our success there, so again, we feel unproductive, which is very uncomfortable.” – Keri Wyatt Kent “Breathe”

March 9 at 4:46pm ·
After spending most of the day outside today, I realized that the Kangas Commune had some serious cabin fever and winter doldrums going on the last few months. It’s a beautiful day to throw open the windows and doors!!!

March 10 at 10:13am ·
People say “um” a lot when they talk.

March 12 at 10:22am ·
I love sending Naomi to my parent’s house for Daylight Savings. She usually comes home with a messed up sleep schedule…and slips right back into her normal routine without a fuss. #geniusparentingmoment

March 13 at 7:19am ·
(Fill in the blank)
I know I’m old when ____________ .

March 14 at 5:23am ·
We ran out of white sugar in December. I figured we would just buy more when we really needed it. It’s now the middle of March, and we are still out of white sugar. I guess we didn’t need it after all. Recently, what have you found that you don’t need anymore?

March 14 at 6:02am ·
Happy Pi Day (3.14)!!! We will commemorate this day by eating tasty pie. For inspiration, what’s your favorite pie variety?

March 15 at 2:14pm ·
AAAaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh… (breathe)… AAAaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh… (breathe)… AAAaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh… (breathe)… AAAaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh… (breathe)… AAAaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh… (breathe)… AAAaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh… (breathe)… AAAaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh… (breathe)… AAAaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh… (breathe)…

March 15 at 9:06pm ·
Happy “Ides of March” Day.

March 16 at 2:48pm ·
Ah three year olds…can’t live with them…and can’t live with them.

March 17 at 3:25pm ·
I think my parties get better and better over the years. If only I could hire someone to do all the clean-up

March 18 at 12:08pm ·
Who knew Naomi would eat her weight in fruits and vegetables when it’s presented to her on party trays.

March 18 at 9:21pm ·
I dedicate this bottle of wine to every 3 year old around the world. Cheers, parents. Cheers.

March 19 at 1:24pm ·
I always feel so graceful when I punch myself in the face during Zumba.

March 19 at 9:24pm ·
I’m pretty determined to finish this new box of Cheez-Its…and Season 2 of “Scrubs”. Who says I don’t have goals? **cough**cough**Aaron

March 20 at 7:25am ·
Happy First Day of Spring. I think we will celebrate by shoveling snow and eating spring rolls at Panda Express.
• And we made chocolate chip cookies and planted seeds for our garden instead of getting spring rolls. It looks like our minds are changing with the weather today.

March 20 at 1:05pm ·
Coffee + Spill + Laptop + Little Blonde Girl = Angry Mom

March 21 at 10:05pm ·
“Even very young children need to be informed about dying. Explain the concept of death very carefully to your child. This will make threatening him with it much more effective.” ~P. J. O’Rourke

March 22 at 7:44am ·
The snow is all my fault. I put the shovels away on Monday. Rookie mistake.

March 23 at 5:30pm ·
After a 3 hour nap, I feel like a new woman.

March 23 at 10:06pm ·
When I was pregnant with Naomi, I had high hopes of spending most of my days sipping iced tea with friends while our children played peacefully in the next room. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. However, on the rare occasions when this does happen, I always appreciate it.

March 24 at 10:48am ·
Do you think Naomi will be completely ruined as an adult if I tell her that I found underwear on the floor at the gym and put them on her by accident? (I thought they fell out of my gym bag. However, I later found her underwear in my bag as I was getting dressed). Totally grossed me out. I might need counseling…

March 25 at 10:38am ·
It isn’t a real “Kangas Adventure” unless we run out of gas.

March 26 at 9:51pm ·
Aaron wasn’t feeling well this evening, so I thought it would be fun if Naomi put him to bed. First, she made sure he went pee. Then she brushed and flossed his teeth…helped him pick out his jammies…tucked him in…sang him a bedtime song…and said a prayer before hugging and kissing him good night. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

March 27 at 2:01pm ·
I keep having this reoccurring dream that whenever I eat anything it just slowly poisons me. I’m starting to wonder if this is true.

March 27 at 10:41pm ·
Dear Sleep Cycle,
If I could give you the middle finger right now, I would. You almost made me fall asleep while I was driving this afternoon, and now you’re not doing your job when it’s finally time to go to bed. You know I can’t take anything to help me sleep. Consider this a warning, Sleep Cycle. I’m watching you.
Sleepily Yours,
Dana Kangas

March 29 at 10:29am ·
I love it when the cats wrestle in Naomi’s tent. It’s like they are cage fighting kitties.

March 29 at 4:09pm ·
In all the years we’ve been together, I’ve never seen Aaron this sick. The doctor just looked at him today and said, “You look absolutly miserable.” This has been a long month of Aaron getting sicker and sicker. Maybe I should have prodded him to go to the doctor sooner.

March 31 at 5:52pm ·
What is your secret home remedy for getting rid of a cold?