Facebook Status Updates (January)

— Dana

Why do I always have so much to say?


By Aaron Kangas

Our family survived the Polar bear plunge! (Naomi included – sort of)
January 1 at 1:22pm

What’s your favorite color?
January 12 at 8:50pm

How did you celebrate MLK day today?
January 16 at 10:09pm

Strange… Did you know that you may have your mother’s cells floating around in you? And perhaps your older siblings? And if you’re a mom, the cells of your children, too?
January 16 at 10:31pm


By Dana Kangas

I think I’m doing to Polar Plunge in Coeur d’Alene today. Who’s with me?|
January 1 at 8:00am

For the last two weeks, I’ve been on a quest to find my word for 2012. This is how I usually find my word…or really how the word finds me:
• I look for it everywhere.
• Then, I make a mental note of words that repeat themselves.
• Any word that excites me gets thrown out immediately.
• Words that scare me are nervously written down.
• I talk about the remaining words in casual conversation.
• The word that I try to erase from my mind is the word I eventually end up with… because that is the one word that will transform my life and I know it’s going to be a challenge. God always knows what’s best for me. The word for this year is… “Prayer” . (Later I changed it to “Happiness”.
January 1 at 8:54pm

I know this is totally cliché, but I think we are going to join the gym tomorrow. I’m guessing we will not be the only ones.
January 2 at 2:16pm

After visiting every stinkin’ used kitty store we could think of, we finally made our way home empty handed. I’m pretty sure Figaro is on to us. He’s been wandering around the house meowing for the last 15 minutes. I’m sure he is spewing profanities at us at this point…
January 2 at 5:29pm

Dear Year-End Deadlines,
I know I have lots of time to complete my month/quarter/year-end deadlines for the many non-profits that currently employ me…but I can feel my stress level rising (and we are only 3 days into the month). Please be nice to my family this year. I don’t want any repeat feelings that I have an orphan child and a widower husband. If you could add some more hours to each day I would really appreciate it.
Dana Kangas
January 3 at 2:10pm

Dearest Facebook Friends,
Did you know the strongest predictor of early death is lack of exercise? I would like you to live longer than predicted. Please watch this video. It changed my life. I hope it changes your life as well. Here’s to 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Cheers!!!
VIDEO: 23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?
January 5 at 6:58am

I feel like everyone needs to turn on their ears and listen to me when I say something the first time. If my pre-schooler can do this, I really think adults can do this, too.
January 6 at 2:22pm

I think it’s incredibly sweet that my cat, Figaro, walks into Naomi’s room at the same time every night. He knows the exact moment when she is laying in her bed and we are about to sing her a bedtime song. (I think he secretly likes it when we sing.) When the song is complete, he kisses her cheek and cuddles with her until we say, “Come on, Figaro…it’s time for bed.” What a sweet kitty.
January 6 at 10:05pm

I love my daughter. Her birthday is in a few weeks. Every time someone asks her what she wants for her birthday, she kindly responds with the same thing…”I would like a Pink Cake”.
January 10 at 2:38pm

I find it more challenging to workout when I don’t feel well.
January 11 at 7:31am

I was working on something in another room. Naomi proceeded to tell me that she decorated Pumpkin. I love this cat. She is so patient with Naomi.
January 11 at 8:56am

I am beginning to lose patience with the nearly 4 months of hormone imbalances and very little hope from the doctors. Good Lord I am cranky today.
January 11 at 5:49pm

For some reason, I’m having a hard time jumping in on the scarf bandwagon…
January 12 at 7:22am

I’m wondering if child labor laws apply to toddlers licking year end statement envelopes…
January 12 at 8:36am

I’m sitting here…trying to figure out if I should post a status update on how I’m lame and didn’t transfer enough money to cover my automatic withdrawal yesterday and thus received an overdraft charge (second time in my life) and then went to the gym and got a parking ticket this evening. OR…whether or not I should post a status update on how I love that Aaron has been teaching Naomi “secret handshakes” for a few months and I just learned about it this evening when I put Naomi in her bed.
January 12 at 8:54pm

It has been seven years since my father-in-law passed away. In some ways it seems like ten years…and in other ways it seems like ten minutes. “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” – Anonymous
January 13 at 6:45am

I need to have a giant sign on the wall that says…”Hey you!!! Yah you. Please remember that you always have a better day when you wake-up before your daughter, take a shower, finish the dishes after every meal, take a nap, read, workout and go to bed on time. Anything beyond that is just gravy.”
January 13 at 10:45am

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
January 13 at 12:54pm

I am suckling from the coffee bean teat today. And I’m not even sorry.
January 14 at 12:21pm

God answers prayers.
January 14 at 2:57pm

I am so excited about my new “Cash Management System” wallet!!! I picked out some great fabric colors…if I do say so myself. I think Jodi did a great job sewing it for me…
January 15 at 9:03am

I’m trying to be the kind of mom that will let her children play with more than one play-doh color at a time. Because memories are not made in a clean, sterile environment with perfectly separated colors all the time.
January 15 at 12:02pm

Naomi keeps asking for a brother and a sister. I always reminder her that they are stuck in my ovaries, and I need to find someone who knows how to get them out. She will then ask me, “how do we get them out?” I told her that we should try yelling at my ovaries. If I wasn’t laughing so hard, I would record Naomi screaming at my ovaries…”Babies Come Out Right Now!!!”
January 16 at 9:34pm

In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.
January 18 at 9:55am

When I took a serious look at the “worry” in my heart, I found that the majority of my worries were other people’s problem that I was trying to “solve”. Once I stopped trying to solve the things that were not my own, a HUGE portion of the worry found in my life faded away. This was the greatest gift I gave myself the last few years. I’m sure my husband would agree.
January 18 at 6:50pm

I absolutely love listening to “Lullaby Renditions of U2” in the car while I’m driving in the snow. It’s so soothing.
January 19 at 4:45pm

“Everyone complains of the badness of his memory, but nobody of his judgment.” -Francois De La Rochefoucauld
January 20 at 11:34am

For the last 10 years, Aaron has banned “America’s Funniest Home Videos” from playing in our house. I tried to get Naomi to watch the show with me while Aaron was working downstairs. I asked her if she thought it was funny and she said, “No…all the peoples just get hurt…that is not funny, mommy.” I guess I’m going to have to watch it by myself.
January 23 at 8:01pm

I go to bed and then wake-up the next morning to find that my house is messier than it was the day before. I wish I could turn off the lights during the day…my house seems cleaner in the dark.
January 24 at 9:51am

I broke my personal record for the most venipunctures in one day. That would be five, to be exact.
January 24 at 4:05pm

Three years ago (on this date), I went into labor with my beautiful daughter. At the time, I didn’t know I was going to have a girl; a beautiful daughter that would change my life. I was also unaware of the fact that I would have to wait a total of four days until I could “officially” be a mom.
Three years ago, I started contractions (1 minute long/3 minutes apart) and made it to 5 cm in a hurry. We made all the arrangements to have a home birth, so Aaron and I spent the next 24 hours managing my contractions in the comforts of our own home…wondering if the ebbs and flows of labor would produce a baby that evening. My journey was not over. I still had 3 more days ahead of me.
To be continued…
January 25 at 6:39am

As I started the second day of labor (3 years ago), my midwife told me to take some calcium-magnesium supplements to see if I could get my contractions to stop. After 24 hours, I was beginning to think this was just false labor (even though I was already 100% effaced and 5cm dilated). My contractions went back down to 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart. So, I vacuumed the house and called my parents to tell them it was a false alarm. I thought to myself, “Maybe it will happen in a few days…I should get some rest.” I figured my contractions were going to peter out and eventually disappear all together.
Since it was Monday, I made Aaron go to work that day. I tried to manage my contractions as best as I could by myself. He would come up and check on me as often as he could (since he works from home). I spent most of my day wandering around the house, sitting on the chair in our bedroom or sitting on the toilet (eventually, this was my favorite place to labor). After a blissful three hour break, my contractions came back with a vengeance (1 min long 3 minutes apart) and remained the same until Naomi was born.
It was on the second day that I started having full dreams in between my contractions (and I later realized that these dreams were only 2 minutes long). The days were starting to blur together…and my contractions weren’t cute anymore.
To be continued…
January 26 at 6:27am

Three years ago, on this very day, I started the third day of active labor. Aaron quickly realized, in the wee hours of the morning, that I couldn’t manage my contractions by myself any more. So, he started his week vacation to be by my side (he is the best labor coach).
Today was also the day that my shaky legs started. This was a maddening feeling. I knew I couldn’t kid myself any longer…I was freakin’ tired. I cried more on this day, compared to the two days before. It wasn’t due to the fact that I was in pain or because labor was hard, I just wanted to hold my baby and be done with this process. I kept telling myself “I’ve never met a 20 year old that was still in its mother’s womb…” during every contraction. I knew this baby was going to come out, one way or another. I also spent A LOT of time laboring on the toilet…it was the only place that I could fully rest my legs and manage my contractions at the same time.
Other than that, I honestly can’t remember more from this day (Aaron should fill me in on what happened). Since I started my contractions (two days prior), my midwife would stop by my house every 9-12 hours to check on my progress. I finally made it to 5-1/2 cm by the third day (but I really think she added that extra 1/2 cm to make me feel better). That evening, the midwife told me to come into the Birthing Center if I was still having contractions in the morning…so she could keep an eye on me in between appointments. The morning couldn’t come soon enough.
To be continued…
January 27 at 6:59am

It was now Wednesday, January 28th…and I was still without a baby in my arms. I looked at Aaron and said, “You better promise me that I will not start anther day with this child inside me.” Since we were having a home birth, I didn’t have anything packed to leave the house. So, I called my mom for additional assistance. Once everything was in the car (including myself), we drove 12 blocks to the Birth Center. I was so thankful we lived close to the Midwife.
At this point, my mom took an active role in my labor. In order to completely relax in between contractions, I needed both Aaron and my mom to push my knees in with their body and dig their knuckles into my hips while I was sitting in a chair (this was to keep my legs from shaking and to stop my hips from spasming so I could completely relax). My step-dad and sister made an appearance at one point, but I think they eventually left do to the lack of excitement in the building.
My Midwife decided to break my waters at noon. This was a mistake…because my contractions were more painful after this (and it was harder to relax without the extra “cushion”). After a few hours, I had her check me again. I had finally made it to 6-cm!!! This was not enough to deliver a baby, so in a last ditch effort the Midwife tried to manually stretch my cervix. I almost kicked her in the face. We decided stretching anything down there was a bad idea. I was then informed that if I didn’t progress to 10-cm by 5pm, I would be headed to Holy Family Hospital.
Eventually 5pm rolled on by…and to the Hospital we went.
I was given Pitocin at the hospital (I would find out later that my damaged pituitary was only making half of the necessary oxytocin I needed to fully dilate on my own) and a light Epidural so I could still walk if I wanted to. Aaron managed to keep his promise…Naomi Jean Cheerful Kangas was born at 10:58pm surrounded by a room full of family and friends.
January 28 at 7:59am

Naomi had such a great birthday today. Her birthday was made complete with three small birthday parties. She passed out at 5pm and is sleeping on the couch…and it looks like she had her fill of birthday festivities today.
January 28 at 6:01pm

It’s official…we are going to eat ground pig on “Ground Hog Day”. I think we’ve found a new Kangas tradition to add to the calendar.
January 29 at 9:02am

Both Figaro and Pumpkin like to hide under Naomi’s bed while we’re putting her down for bedtime. Silly cats…we are on to you and your schemes…
January 29 at 1:12pm

There is always too much month at the end of the money…
January 29 at 3:02pm

How do you decide what information to share on Facebook? (I’m guessing the people that share a lot will be the only ones to comment…and I’m secretly hoping that those that don’t post a lot will also speak up.)
January 29 at 9:35pm

Today is the last day of January. Now, I can get back to pretending I’m a stay-at-home mom that just plays all day.
January 31 at 10:24am