Facebook Status Updates (February)

— Dana

And yet another month goes by when Aaron has less words to report on Facebook than I do….


By Aaron Kangas

February 1 at 6:19am ·
Best song about a sweater ever. Weezer – Undone — The Sweater Song

February 5 at 8:15pm ·
OK people. “Fudgy” brownies are the only real brownies. “Cakey” ones are just cake. A good heuristic is: if it could use some frosting, it’s not really a brownie.

February 9 at 8:49pm ·
This is the nerdy kind of website I can spend too much time on. The Scale of the Universe.

February 23 at 3:24pm ·
Biscoff spread is amazing.

February 28 at 2:12pm ·
Made it home. So much sicker than when i left, but I had a great time.


By Dana Kangas

February 1 at 8:59am
It’s like Naomi turned 3 and she decided to be a big girl all of a sudden. She has been doing more puzzles, imagination games and Legos. I love this stage.

February 1 at 5:01pm
And now my taxes are done. I think I’m going to settle in for a long winter’s nap.

February 2 at 7:49am
I’m looking forward to celebrating this glorious Groundhog Day by eating tasty ground pig for dinner…

February 3 at 7:49am
I am always amused by the “Sponsored” ads on my wall. Today I have a “Creative Writing Degree”, “Fertility Jewels”, “State Farm Insurance”, “92.9 KZZU Radio Station” and “Become a Social Worker” ads. What are your ads these days?

February 3 at 9:23am
Dear Pink Eye,
I really could have gone the whole month without having you infect my left eye. If you would be so kind as to remove yourself right away, I would really appreciate it.
Ungratefully Yours,
Dana Kangas

February 4 at 11:11am
I think parents should be given magical super powers to never get sick while children are still living in the house.

February 5 at 9:45am
I had a dream, early this morning, that I pooped in the bed and rolled in it. I got out of bed in a hurry and ran into the bathroom…only to find that it was a dream. I hate you Nyquil induced dreams.

February 6 at 1:16pm
I really have to quit finishing the food on Naomi’s plate.

February 6 at 1:59pm
You know it’s been a good day when your 3 year old walks into the kitchen (while you’re making lunch) and says, “I think I just want to go to bed now.”

February 6 at 8:39pm
It’s days like today that I’m truly thankful for childhood amnesia.

February 7 at 8:46am
I don’t want to be a blame shifter, but everyone seems to have high emotions around the full moon. Blasted full moon…

February 7 at 9:04am
Here’s a funny quote that I read today in “Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition”:
“Finally, I would like to address the unsolicited advice that infertile couples receive to ‘Just Relax’ (or depressed people to ‘Just Get Over It’)…If you are not infertile, don’t suggest that your infertile friends relax. I have never spoken to a woman, that is anxious to conceive, who was not hurt and worried by that counterproductive advice. I facetiously encourage our infertile clients to “go ahead and get uptight”, knowing that it doesn’t matter is good for their peace of mind!”

February 7 at 1:35pm
Dear Heartburn,
I know your cousin, Pink Eye, paid me a visit last week and has graciously evacuated my eye. That didn’t mean you could take it’s place. If you could be so kind as to not burn a hole in my esophagus, I would really appreciate it. And while you’re at it, you can just exit the premises as well.
Your Adoring Host,
Dana Kangas

February 8 at 11:22am
I get the feeling that people are confused about a lot of things.

February 8 at 12:27pm
I think puzzles will be my new hobby. I started with a toddler 6-piece puzzle and have worked my way up to an adult 300-piece puzzle. I’m pretty crazy like that.

February 9 at 6:51am
I don’t know why I never realized that having two cats + more cat food = more cat poop.

February 9 at 8:48pm
I always feel like I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to parenting. There are times, like today, when I pull some great ideas from my armpit and it actually makes me want to get up and try again tomorrow. Today was a good day.

February 10 at 4:49pm
Why yes I let my daughter cover my bed with pink, purple and red tissue paper…so she can sit in the middle of them while watching “Strawberry Shortcake”…so I can work.

February 11 at 10:24pm
I am delighted by good news. Today, I found out my grandma doesn’t have cancer anymore. I’m thankful she’s still around.

February 13 at 8:31am
I’m glad my initial predictions were wrong. We bought all essential organic foods this month and cut out everything with additives and preservatives (or food that had ingredients we couldn’t read) from our shopping trip for the entire month of February. I thought we would spend twice as much. Instead, we spent a third less.

February 14 at 6:13am
Aaron Kangas – “Your teeth are like a flock of sheep that have just come up from being washed; each of them is matched, and none of them is missing.” Song of Solomon 6:6 … Happy Valentine’s Day (nice tooth).

February 15 at 10:20am
I had the best spontaneous evening with my husband last night. He is such a treasure. Now, I’m enjoying the benefits of sleeping in and working from the comforts of my bed.

February 15 at 12:13pm
I just realized that I don’t have pink eye, constant hot flashes, annoying heartburn or painful migraines anymore. Thank you, Jesus. All I need to do is figure out how to get my eyes to quit leaking tears.

February 15 at 5:30pm
I usually can’t wait for days like this, but I seriously don’t know what to do with myself when Naomi is gone. It’s a good thing she’s on her way home. I’ve finally run out of things to do.

February 16 at 6:44am
When Naomi was born, I realized that I am modeling “God” for her (not that I think I’m “God”, but that she will come to understand the characteristics of God through me). Anyway, a few characteristics that I’ve tried to model are things like being “a keeper of promises” and “not withholding love when she sins”. Early this morning, Aaron and I were talking about another one I would like to add to my list. “God is a loving Father who is interested in simply being with us, who is not too busy to listen and spend time with us.” I get bored quickly. This will take some patience (another God characteristic) and a priority for relationship over getting things accomplished (and yet another one). Lord have mercy…

February 16 at 8:26am
Within a 10 minute period, I accidentally put deodorant on my neck instead of my armpits (confused it for perfume), brushed my arm instead of my hair (confused it for lotion), and took my evening vitamins in the morning. This whole “giving up coffee” stuff is effecting my ability to function well in the morning. This too shall pass.

February 17 at 12:50pm
Dear Netflix,
Why must you toy with my heart all the time? One moment you have “Word World” on Watch Instantly, and the next day it’s gone. Why, Netflix? Why?
Dana Kangas

February 17 at 5:08pm
I’m really excited to eat fresh, homemade pasta tonight.

February 18 at 1:35pm
I think it’s really cute that both cats will go with us when we go for a walk.

February 18 at 4:54pm
There’s nothing like a walk, lunch and family nap time to turn three cranky pants in to a happy family once again.

February 19 at 1:56pm
How do you change your mood when you’re feeling cranky?

February 20 at 7:40am
It’s always nice to have confirmation that my body knows how to function properly…despite popular belief.

February 20 at 10:26am
Dear Motivation,
I don’t appreciate you fleeing the scene this morning. You have until the count of three to return, and I promise I won’t mention this little mishap in the future. 1…2…2-1/2…
Dana Kangas

February 20 at 3:02pm
Often, I feel like nap time is just God saying that I can have a “do-over”.

February 21 at 6:49am
This should be entertaining…what code word do you use for “that time of the month”? Go.

February 21 at 7:37am
Naomi is such a rule follower. I should use this to my advantage!!! Mmmmwahahaha…

February 23 at 11:17am
I am incredibly wired to be extrinsically motivated (think “gold stars”). The last month, I’ve been trying to be more intrinsically motivated (think “pat yourself on the back”). I guess you could say I’m trying to act more like a “real” adult now…whatever that’s worth.

February 27 at 10:07pm
I like going on vacation with my family.

February 28 at 5:04pm
I’m beginning to loath kid’s movies from the library. All they do is skip at the most important part of the movie. How will I ever know what Strawberry Shortcake said to Pupcake? There’s a big possibility that I’ll lose sleep over this mystery.

February 29 at 8:05am
“Lent begins with a move into the wilderness – Jesus’ and our own. In a way, Lent is a spiritual “spring cleaning”: we enter the inner places where we are stuck or muddled, and we clear away the clutter so that God moves a little more freely through us. Like any cleaning, this work is never really done, so every year we re-visit ourselves, making big changes or small adjustments.
When we look at ourselves deeply and honestly, we all meet our own demons. In this work, we first find ourselves alone and exposed to the inner elements: our vices, our confusion, feelings we’d prefer to mute. And this is the way it must be; to explore and heal ourselves, we must meet ourselves head on, alone, in what may feel like a very wild place. Open your heart and mind to your entire self – both good and bad – and quietly name what you find there. And remember that you are not alone in this work. God goes with you, moving gently and compassionately through your inner world, guiding and nurturing your Lenten journey.” — Sarah Parsons

February 29 at 8:11am
Happy Leap Day!!! What will you do today? Since this day rarely happens, I figured I would take the opportunity to do an activity that I rarely get to do.

February 29 at 11:55am
My passport doesn’t expire until 2015. Who’s going on a trip with me?