52home: Week 52

You would think that this would be the last week, but I think I have to post one more after this. I didn’t realize what a project this would be when I started. I’m both sad and relieved that it is over…after one more post.

Advent Day 21: Giving
Saturday 12/17/2011 • 8:18pm

1. Book

This was a fun winter book about a pair of red boots. Naomi was entertained enough that she had me read it twice that morning and again that evening. RATING: ◊◊◊

While my daughter enjoyed the picture and the letters, she was sort of bored by reading this particular book. It might be better for a child older than 3 yrs old. RATING: ◊◊

2. Movie

This VeggieTales movie was a little cheesy, but Naomi seemed to enjoy it. RATING: ◊◊◊◊

A Christmas classic that I remember watching as a child. RATING: ◊◊◊

3. Activity: Make Bubble Cards for Thank You Notes.

4. Treat: Peppermint Steamers at The Rocket.

5. Field Trip: The Porch Ladies Cookie Exchange Party.

Advent Day 22: Reindeer
Sunday 12/18/2011 • 10:04am

1. Book

This was the quirkiest little Christmas book that I’ve ever read. I was glad to finally bring some humor it the season. RATING: ◊◊◊

2. Movie

There were some scary parts for my daughter, but she pushed through and finished it. When it was over, she said she really liked the movie and wanted to watch it again. I would rate it for a 4 year old. RATING: ◊◊◊

3. Activity: Make reindeer painting and wear antlers.

4. Treat: Make reindeer cookies.

5. Field Trip: Meet a real reindeer.

Advent Day 23: Angels
[ONE] Monday 12/19/2011 • 3:26pm

1. Book

This was a really quick read, but it was cute and had very colorful illustrations. I’m not super crazy about the whole angel idea (I do believe in them), so I’m not sure if I will repeat this theme next year. RATING: ◊◊◊

2. Movie

I don’t know why the angel theology irritates me more than Santa Claus during Christmas. Maybe it’s because I can tell my daughter that Santa Claus was a real man, but most of the things we watch are just a story. When it comes to angels, I believe that they exist but I don’t believe that when people die they become angels. All that to say, I didn’t like this movie. RATING: ◊

3. Activity: Make snow angels.

4. Treat: Make angel food cake with fruit toping.

I wasn’t feeling well on this day, so we skipped this treat and headed to the cupcake store instead for some “pre-made treats”.

The Fam Dinner
[TWO] Monday 12/19/2011 • 7:40pm

The McGarry’s sent their Christmas gift so we could open it together. Courtney made the cutest little flowers out of wire and buttons. The Hutchens also brought gifts. I think this mug is my new favorite…it says “Keep Pedaling”.

Advent Day 24: Animals
Tuesday 12/20/2011 • 12:37pm

1. Book

I can’t really remember what this book was about. It wasn’t the most memorable story, but I don’t remember hating it. RATING: ◊◊◊

Naomi loved this book. It was a sweet story about sharing and helping out your friends. RATING: ◊◊◊◊

2. Movie

When I was a little kid, I remember watching this movie over and over all year long. I’m so glad Naomi enjoyed just as much as I did. RATING: ◊◊◊◊◊

3. Activity: Ride on a one horse open sleigh.

They offer free carriage rides around downtown Spokane from Thanksgiving through New Years. Together, we all sang “Jingle Bells” and watched the pedestrians joining in with the song as we rode around town. Naomi absolutely loved it. I’m sure we will do this every year!!!

4. Treat: Hot Chocolate at Atticus downtown.

5. Field Trip: Feed the birds at Riverfront Park.

Advent Day 25: Singing
Wednesday 12/21/2011 • 9:55pm

1. Book

I actually read this story before I read it with Naomi. I was glad that I did. We didn’t read it together because it was about a bratty little girl that just wanted everything on her list and then got upset when she didn’t get what she wanted. It didn’t have a great moral to the story, so we opted out of reading it together. RATING: ◊

2. Movie

I am running out of ideas for movies, so we sat down and watched the first thing we found on Netflix. It wasn’t super long and we enjoyed watching it together. RATING: ◊◊◊

3. Activity: Practice Christmas Songs.

4. Treat: Hot apple cider.

5. Field Trip: Caroling on the South Hill.

Our lovely friends invited us over to go caroling. There was over 20 adults and kids singing (at the top of our lungs) all the Christmas classics to anyone that would listen. It was so cold, but everyone had a blast doing it. I hope we can find a fun group of people every year to sing Christmas songs with us.

Advent Day 26: Snow
Thursday 12/22/2011 • 11:09am

1. Book

This was one of the longest Christmas books we read. I absolutely loved it. It is about getting an old cranky man to come out of bed and go play in the snow with the kids. RATING: ◊◊◊◊

I think this was Naomi’s favorite book this week. It used real pictures to make up snowmen and you had to turn the book sideways to read it on some of the pages. I might buy this one for our Christmas collection. RATING: ◊◊◊◊

2. Movie

A cute little movie about the dog “Spot” during Christmas. RATING: ◊◊◊

3. Activity: Paint the snow with food coloring

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any snow on this day to actually do this activity. You never know when you plan something like this a month in advance if it will actually work like you want it to. Anyway, this was my inspiration for this activity.

4. Treat: Make a snowman out of donuts, pretzels, and chocolate chips.

Advent Day 27: Star/Jesus
Friday 12/23/2011 • 12:11pm

1. Book

I love Eric Carle. His illustrations are amazing. I think we read this every night for a week. I would like to buy this one and add it to our collection. RATING: ◊◊◊◊◊

I don’t know why Christian books and movies have to be so cheesy. We were not super impressed with this book, but it did stick to the Biblical story of Jesus’ birth.

2. Movie

I love the Peanuts movies. I bought this one on eBay (for probably too much money for a VHS), but I know it will be a Christmas classic that we watch every year. RATING: ◊◊◊◊◊

3. Activity: Open Christmas present (star pjs).

4. Treat: Star shaped peanut butter + jelly sandwiches.