52home: Week 49 (Part 2)

The last blog post was growing by the minute. Let’s start this one at the beginning of the month…Happy December!!!

Advent Day 5: Wreathes
[ONE] Thursday 12/1/2011 • 12:22pm

1. Book

This book was a little strange. It sort of grew on me the more I read it. It’s about a poor polar bear that got a wreath caught on his neck. As he went in and out of the water, trying disparately to get the wreath off, more layers of ice and sea creatures fused to the wreath. Eventually, the wreath came off as the polar bear rubbed against Santa’s front door. I’m not sure if I would get it from the library again. RATING: ◊◊

2. Movie

I.Love. The. Muppets. I found this Christmas video at a local thrift store, and it was better than I expected. It was mostly a video montage of different Christmas songs. After watching this movie, I could hear my daughter singing more Christmas songs around the house (and some of them were in the different Muppet voices). RATING: ◊◊◊◊

3. Activity: Make tissue paper wreathes

I had the biggest “proud mommy” moment when we made these tissue paper wreathes. Naomi cut the paper, glued them down, and put stickers on the wreath…all by herself. Who said she can grow-up and become a big kid?

4. Treat: Green gummy ring “wreathes”

5: Field Trip: Decorate the house with wreathes

Sarah and I made four wreathes for my house (six years ago) when they lived with us. They are my favorite Christmas decoration. I love taking them out of the box each winter and hanging them on the pillars on our front porch. This year, as a special treat, Aaron put our red/white outdoor Christmas lights on our house this year. They make me so happy!!! I absolutely love driving up to our house and seeing it all lit up during the Holidays. It’s really the simple things in life that I love during this time of year…

Pre-Christmas Haircuts
[TWO] Thursday 12/1/2011 • 3:41pm

A Surprise Trip to Krispy Kreme
[THREE] Thursday 12/1/2011 • 6:17pm

Cuddles with Liam
[ONE] Friday 12/2/2011 • 11:38am

Advent Day 6: Nativity
[TWO] Friday 12/2/2011 • 8:03pm

1. Books

The illustrations in this book were absolutely breathtaking. They used the story of Jesus’ birth directly from the Bible as the text for this book. However, the version used (King James version) would have been better if it was more “kid friendly”. Although, my daughter really enjoyed the pictures and didn’t seem to mind the old language of the KJV. It just made it hard to read out loud. RATING: ◊◊◊◊

This was the sweetest little book. From all the nativity type books that I’ve read, I think this one is my favorite. I just wanted to cuddle with my daughter while reading it. I will definitely add this to my collection. RATING: ◊◊◊◊◊

2. Movie

This was a neat show that had claymation and cartoon mixed throughout the movie. Naomi was tired of hearing about baby Jesus all the time, so she started reminding me that “Jesus grew-up, my mom.” So, I found this video on Netflix about Jesus as an adult. Christian movies tend to be really cheesy, but I really enjoyed this one. The story of Christ as an adult is a little overwhelming for kids, so I would recommend it for 4 and over. It might be one that should buy and add to my collection…in the near future. RATING: ◊◊◊◊

3. Activity: Nativity Pre-school Pack + Veggie Tales Nativity Set

I was going to work on this pre-school pack with Naomi, but I ran out of time this week. I’m looking forward to trying it next year. Download the Free Nativity Pre-school Pack.

4. Treat: Manger Rice Crispy Treats with baby Jesus

This was one of the most ridiculous, hilarious and tasty activities I’ve planned for the entire Advent season. Everyone enjoyed a little rice crispy after our field trip to the life nativity. The baby Jesus was also fun to have around…and a lot of inside jokes were made this evening.

5. Field Trip: “Journey to Bethlehem” live nativity

I was busy holding Naomi during the entire nativity walk through, so I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. This was THE best living nativity I’ve ever witnessed (it was my first living nativity, but I can tell you I think you’re wasting your time if you go to any other display). I know I already want to go next year if they are still hosting it. Since this was their 7th year, I’m sure it will be back. “Journey to Bethlehem” was an interactive dramatic re-creation of 1st century Bethlehem. You are guided through a winding path that goes through the events leading up to Christ’s birth. It was well organized and entertaining for all ages.