52home: Week 48

A wonderful week filled with much gratitude…

Naomi's New Obsession: Plastic Toy Plates
Saturday 11/19/2011 • 9:39am

Dinner for TEN, Coming Right Up!!!
Sunday 11/20/2011 • 7:15pm

Evening Home Repairs (Courtesy of the Bearded Lance)
Monday 11/21/2011 • 8:43pm

Our water heater decided to act up a bit this week, so Lance graciously offered to make sure there wasn’t any damage beyond new thermostats and elements. We can’t thank him enough for all his help…and dinner doesn’t seem adequate enough to repay him for his electrical expertise!!! For a little side note, as I was uploading these pictures, Naomi said…”Look!!! Nate has a smile and I have cheese.” I can only assume that means she has her “cheese” face on.

Enjoying the last few days of our Mobius Membership...
Tuesday 11/22/2011 • 12:21pm

Cupcake Date (Happy Birthday, Sarah)
Wednesday 11/23/2011 • 11:52am

Another Blessed Orphan Thanksgiving
Thursday 11/24/2011 • 4:38pm

This marks the 7th “Orphan Thanksgiving” we’ve arranged. Our friends (Robbin + Ginny) graciously offered to host Thanksgiving this year. I think this was officially the largest Thanksgiving dinner we’ve ever attended. We counted over 35 people eating dinner together. What a blessed evening…

Family Library Time
Friday 11/25/2011 • 1:07pm