52home: Week 45

There are so many pretty colors outside!!! I love autumn…

Autumn Fun
[ONE] Saturday 10/29/2011 • 10:29am

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
[TWO] Saturday 10/29/2011 • 12:03pm

[THREE] Saturday 10/29/2011 • 6:11pm

Our friend is going to Haiti in December. As part of his efforts to raise some cash for the trip, Dave hosted a pretty sweet party in his back yard. There were four handcrafted microbrews (that Dave made), samples of his award-winning Mead and a plethora of cobb oven pizza. It was a great turnout…and Dave raised $1200 for his trip to Haiti. Naomi was sort of an anti-social this evening. She wanted to play alone in the dirt the entire time…

Creative Number Food
[ONE] Sunday 10/30/2011 • 12:42pm

Splish Splash
[TWO] Sunday 10/30/2011 • 7:55pm

Naomi's New Obsession: Glow Sticks
[ONE] Monday 10/31/2011 • 11:34am

Trunk or Treat
[TWO] Monday 10/31/2011 • 6:26pm

This year marked Naomi’s first “Trick-o-Treat” experience. To keep everything low key and not too overwhelming, we went to a friend’s church for their annual “Trunk or Treat” event. They had over 20 vehicles decorated in funny themes. Each trunk had a Scripture verse that went with the theme. Everyone had lots of fun and we got plenty of candy for one evening!!!

Figaro's Check-up
[ONE] Tuesday 11/1/2011 • 3:07pm

For whatever reason, Figaro keeps losing weight. I brought him in for his annual shots and for general questions about his weight. I was a little worried that they might keep him overnight, but I guess he’s doing okay. Happy 11th Birthday, Figaro. I hope you stay around for a while. I’m going to miss you when you’re gone.

A Not-so-Ruff Night at Olive Garden
[TWO] Tuesday 11/1/2011 • 8:58pm

We were too busy laughing and telling stories at Olive Garden to take pictures at dinner. So, this is Laura Ruff’s attempt at capturing the moment before it was gone. It’s totally obvious that she doesn’t sit around and practice self portraits all day (like some people I know…we won’t name names). I suppose four kids can keep a girl busy doing other “important” things. I thought it would be entertaining to post all three attempts she made with my camera. We eventually gave up…because we were sure the neighbors were watching us at this point.

Stupid Cavities
[ONE] Wednesday 11/2/2011 • 2:10pm

Trader Joe's...in SPOKANE!!!
[TWO] Wednesday 11/2/2011 • 3:33pm

To drown my cavity sorrows, I took my half numb face across the street for a tour of the new Trader Joe’s. I’m not gonna lie…it’s pretty amazing (I’m secretly in love with that store)!!! For a fun turn of events, a gang of turkeys stopped traffic for an eternity. They’re obviously unaware of the fact that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Enjoying Our Little Part of the World
Thursday 11/3/2011 • 4:49pm

I’m a lame friend…I forgot to take pictures when The Wilkinson’s were at our house for dinner. So, I will include pictures from my walk earlier today. Maybe I’ll actually remember to take pictures when things are going on…instead of the moments when I’m living an ordinary life.

Playdate at Mobius
Friday 11/4/2011 • 10:44am


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  1. Great pictures. My favorites are the bear driving the car, “Stevens St.”, and Naomi at Mobius with her hair blowing at her great expression.

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