Facebook Status Updates (October)

— Dana

Umm…Aaron needs to post more status updates on Facebook.


By Aaron Kangas

To Indianapolis!
October 1 at 10:06am

Mmmm Cheesecake, straight from the factory…
October 2 at 7:18pm

October 6 at 7:48am

From here: http://wondermark.com/731/
October 16 at 2:55pm

Mmm Pumpkin beer…
October 19 at 7:14pm


By Dana Kangas

I’m checking my facebook on an airplane. Now I can cross that off my list of things to do before I die.
October 1 at 6:00pm

On my last flight, I was unfortunately stuck in between two large men I didn’t know. I’m not sure if the extremely loud fart was in my dream or if it was for real. I was too embarrassed to ask either guy at that point.
October 1 at 6:23pm

The first day of travel is always the hardest for me…my legs swell, I get nauseous and all I want to do is sleep. It’s a good thing I don’t have to do anything while Aaron is in meetings all day today. The only thing on my agenda was eat and sleep. I think I will read now. Ah…vacation bliss.
October 2 at 11:14am

“The Little People of America” finished their week long conference yesterday (at the hotel we are staying at). I think they were trying to get me to join their organization all day. Maybe I can be a guest speaker at their next conference.
October 2 at 6:14pm

  • In real life, I applied for a scholarship with the “Little People of America” when I was in High School. They sent me a nice letter stating that I was ONE INCH too tall to join their club and be considered for the scholarship. First time in my life I was too tall for something. October 2 at 6:15pm
  • I wonder if the theme for their conference was “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”. Ohhh…maybe that was a low blow. I think I can make jokes about little people…because we can see eye-to-eye on things. Literally. October 2 at 6:25pm

Cheesecake Factory!!!
October 2 at 6:50pm

I get to be the “Audio/Visual” woman for the next three days. I’m beginning to feel like I have the plague. People see me and run in the opposite direction. I need to find a camo outfit and cover the camera with seaweed…
October 3 at 8:40am

I’m enjoying all the different accents today. I think the people from Minnesota are my favorite…
October 3 at 10:43am

It’s only when I go to fancy shopping malls that I’m reminded of how cheap I am and how snooty others can be. This is why I shop at Value Village…
October 3 at 2:34pm

I wish I could explain the cake joke that happened at Maggiano’s today at dinner. I guess it was a joke that you just had to be there to get. It was possibly the best dinner and dessert I’ve had all year. Great food and lots of laughs!!!
October 3 at 6:32pm

Come on people. Coinage Reform is important. You can sign a petition and make a difference. If you don’t believe me, watch this video on how much money we waste every year making pennies and nickels. Reform the coinage system. wwws.whitehouse.gov
October 3 at 8:19pm

I just had my first experience playing Angry Birds on an iPad. It’s been a good afternoon…
October 4 at 11:10am

Alaina Hege Zemke will appreciate this. I LOVE SHOPPING BY MYSELF!!!
October 4 at 2:28pm

I’ve been itching to get my hands on some “Schweddy Balls” for a few weeks now. So, we found a Ben & Jerry’s in the airport on Saturday. The professional ice cream scooper said they only sold them in pairs. We had two scoops in a cone. It was magical…
October 4 at 6:44pm

I just heard my daughter’s voice on the phone. I think I’m ready to go home now…
October 4 at 8:11pm

I forgot, for the last few days, that I was pregnant a little over two weeks ago. I think I’ve successfully moved through all the stages of grief. It’s time to go home and start life all over again…
October 5 at 5:28am

I forget how nice it is to sleep in my own bed.
October 6 at 10:58am

I bought a new tea infuser this week at Crate & Barrel that I absolutely love…and some delicious hand mixed loose leaf tea from Teavana. It’s heaven in a cup.
October 6 at 2:27pm

We decided to watch a movie in bed. In the time it took to get my laptop out and find one movie on Netflix, Aaron was already asleep. I think he made a new Kangas record (approximately 2.45 minutes).
October 6 at 9:23pm

Naomi seems to be “in a mood” today. There’s nothing like fresh bread from Dave Wilkinson and Mobius with Molly Shaw Johnson to make everything better. Here’s hoping the afternoon is filled with better attitudes…
October 7 at 1:22pm

I have this muumuu that I wear as my jammies from time to time (and quite frankly it’s not the most flattering piece of clothing I currently own). When I go upstairs to get Naomi in the morning, she always looks at me and says, “Oh mommy, you are wearing a beautiful dress.” I love that little girl.
October 8 at 8:09am

Whenever I watch Naomi play with her little stuffed kittens, it is humbling to know that that is a reflection of my parenting. Sometimes she says things to them that warm my heart (because I know I’ve said the same thing to her). And then there are those words that come out of her mouth and I immediately know that I have some work to do with my own mouth.
October 8 at 11:44am

  • ‎…and when I say “certain words” I mean things like “don’t touch that because you’ll get dirty”…or “Come here little cutie so I can cuddle with you.” It’s really nothing bad. Just a few sentences here and there that show my love and distain for things in life. I really need to loosen up a bit…October 8 at 3:22pm

Fun practical joke for this morning!!! Boil one egg and put it in a container with 18 eggs that are not hard boiled. Watch husband try to crack random egg for omelets the next morning. A good laugh is had by all.
October 9 at 10:33am

I wish these pumpkin cupcakes would hurry up in the oven…so I can go to church.
October 9 at 5:26pm

Sorry, Ladies. I don’t want to let you down, but I have the best husband in the world.
October 9 at 10:07pm

I was trying to figure out why Naomi’s hair in front of her ears was not growing as fast as the hair on the back of her head. I just caught her cutting her hair with her teeth. That might explain it.
October 10 at 12:11pm

My daughter decided, sometime this week, that she will eat anything if she can dip it in ketchup…pickles, chips, cheese, grapes, bananas, etc. That’s my girl.
October 10 at 4:30pm

I’m attempting to prayerfully write an appeal letter, so I can get my tuition from SFCC refunded someday. I keep rubbing my forehead after every sentence. It’s going to be a long night.
October 10 at 9:00pm

Naomi keeps spinning around in one direction and says that she’s “Angry Naomi”…complete with an angry face. Then she turns in the opposite direction and says she is now “Happy Naomi”…and has the biggest smile on her face. Where does she come up with these things? I think this is the funniest thing she’s ever done in my presence…
October 11 at 8:06am

Attention Everyone…
Is anyone missing their acne? Because I found it!!! It’s on my face and I’m totally over it now. You can have it back!!!
October 11 at 1:13pm

Me: Naomi, did you just toot on me?
Naomi: No. I didn’t, mommy. It was just a bubble in my butt.
October 11 at 5:32pm

I think Christmas arrived early at the Kangas household. Thanks Erica Kangas for bringing the Barbie house, Barbie RV and all the other toys. Naomi played with them all night until we made her go to bed. She made sure Ken (the only Barbie type doll we have) was tucked in bed before she went upstairs. 🙂
October 12 at 9:30am

Scrabble Date Night!!! And I just got an 85 point move. It was pretty epic.
October 12 at 9:07pm

  • Just so I don’t forget…the word was “JOYS”. October 12 at 9:10pm
  • And he wins!!! REMATCH!!! October 12 at 9:27pm
  • Aaron just put “JIVEY” for 52 points. What the hell. October 12 at 9:45pm

Me: Hey, Aaron. Did you get Extra Virgin Olive Oil the last time we went to the grocery store?
Aaron: Oh crap!!! I think I grabbed the Totally Slutty Oil on accident.
Me: Lovely.
October 12 at 11:08pm

I went to balance my checkbook and there was a $690 deposit from SFCC!!! I haven’t had a chance to drop off my two letters!!! It seems like a weird amount ($60 short), but I’m not going to complain at all. Thank you, Jesus, for your provision at just the right time.
October 13 at 8:41am

I’ve only left the house once this week. Today, I’ve been thinking about all the little ways I’m thankful.
October 13 at 2:44pm

  • 1) Naomi talks in her sleep now. It’s way more entertaining than crying in her sleep (which she hasn’t done in over two weeks).
  • 2) I’ve been resting all week and playing with my daughter. She’s really funny and makes me laugh.
  • 3) My husband is hot and I get to see him all day. I don’t know what I would do with myself if he had to go to leave the house and work.
  • 4) Monday (next week) is the last day of my grandma’s radiation. She came over today and I think she looks great for going through 6 weeks of radiation. I’m pretty happy she’s still around. I love my grandma.
  • 5) By God’s grace, there is money in my bank account so I can pay the $2000 bill for my D&C. I’m thankful that we don’t have to go into debt. It would have added extra stress to my already sad heart.
  • 6) Even though I have HORRIBLE acne right now, God is providing everything we need to live a comfortable life and to feel healthy overall. I am very grateful for that.
  • 7) Naomi is not a picky eater. I take this for granted all the time. Today, I am thankful that she eats whatever I put in front of her.
  • 8) It’s fall…my favorite season. I love everything about the fall. Nothing bad ever happens this time of year.
  • 9) I know people say this all the time, but I am incredibly blessed by my friends. Sometimes, I’m amazed at how many wonderful people I know. It’s a bit overwhelming at times to think about all the people that the Lord has put in my life. I am grateful for each one of them today.
  • 10) I’m thankful that the Lord has been gracious to let me live 29 years. Happy Birthday to me tomorrow!!! October 13 at 2:44pm

Did you know you can get a free coffee for your birthday at Dutch Brothers? I had my first 20 oz coffee…and my first White Mocha. It was a great birthday present.
October 15 at 6:07pm

  • Great minds think alike!!! Thanks, Emily Durr Hutchens, for the coffee and cupcake yesterday. It was an extra sweet treat to visit with you on my birthday. Love you. October 15 at 6:08pm

I just had the classiest evening…with a friend who knows how to do a birthday celebration right. Thank you, Sarah, for all the sweet touches this evening. XOXO
October 16 at 12:38am

It’s a beautiful fall weekend. We enjoyed the Metaline Falls train ride yesterday, and hope to spend some family time out in Greenbluff this afternoon. Here’s hoping Naomi will smile for our family pictures instead of hiding her face (like she’s been doing the rest of this week).
October 16 at 11:05am

It was such a beautiful evening spent with my little family. I love making “snow angels” in the legume box at Walter’s Fruit Ranch!!!
October 16 at 8:30pm

I think I successfully put three girls down for a nap at the same time. The key to my success was three separate rooms this time. I’m beginning to change my mind about having an only child…
October 18 at 1:22pm

Me: I think I want to get a phrase tattoo, but I can’t find the right one.
Aaron: How about the word “cat butt” in chinese characters?
Me: NO!!!
Aaron: Okay, Hebrew then?
October 18 at 9:36pm

I just placed an 82 pointer in Scrabble. Holy crap!!!
October 18 at 9:39pm

  • For future reference…”washings” October 18 at 9:40pm

I strongly dislike medical bills, broken dishwashers and a car that needs repairs now.
October 19 at 12:18pm

  • I am, however, thankful that we have savings to pay for the medical bills. The dishwasher isn’t a real “emergency” to justify paying for a new one out of savings. I just hate spending an entire day devoted to dishes. And I’m hoping to get the brakes fixed for free. We shall see. Just minor irritations…not major inconveniences. October 19 at 11:58pm

Aaron and I put our credit cards in the shredder 2 years ago. Since that time, we have not once said, “I wish we had our credit cards again.” We’ve had plenty of emergencies in that 2 year time span, and the Lord has provided each time. Here’s to a lifetime of credit card free living in the Kangas household. Cheers!!!
October 20 at 9:56am

Just when I was so burnt out from the mound of dishes that has piled up while we’ve attempted to fix the dishwasher, an angel appeared at my doorstep and spent an hour doing dishes while I sat in the kitchen and talked to her. Talk about a way to “wash my feet” in the name of Jesus.
October 20 at 8:01pm

  • I tried to help her twice and she made me go back to my chair in the corner. October 20 at 9:20pm

After a week of deleting unnecessary files from my computer…upgrading my operating system to Snow Leopard…software upgrades…and now doubling my memory…I feel like I have a new computer!!! That was a lot of work. Thanks, Aaron, for putting up with all my whining. I’ll try to keep my whining to a minimum next time.
October 20 at 9:19pm

My parents ROCK!!! We have three days of child-free fun for the weekend. If only I can convince Aaron that yard work is not fun…
October 22 at 7:47am

Our address book has been updated for yet another year. It seems to get easier year after year.
October 22 at 2:46pm

Go Chiefs Go!!!
October 22 at 10:07pm

Aaron and I played “Name That Tune” with our iPod yesterday. He could accurately name over 20 songs by only hearing the first note. What the heck?
October 23 at 9:20pm

Thanks Catherine Donnelly…I’ve been thinking about this the last few days: I read a great article this morning by Robert Cochran a 90 year old man active in my community. He said he divides his life into 20 year segments.
1. Growing up (birth-20)
2. Learning to be an adult (20-40)
3. His best life work and productivity (40-60)
4. Adjusting to the changes in his life (60-80)
5. Slowing down (80-100)
Too bad I have another 10 years of learning how to be an adult…
October 23 at 10:04pm

I’ve been having some serious issues with insomnia the last few months. Late last night, I finally decided to look up all my vitamins and meds on the internet…to see if any pills could cause insomnia. I found one!!! I will be switching one little pill from evening to morning today.
October 24 at 9:06am

Aaron and I are going to record a few songs together. It should be a fun project.
October 24 at 10:15pm

I often think Aaron would be the better parent to stay home and play with Naomi all day. He is just better at it than I am. Maybe he will give me lessons.
October 25 at 12:53pm

Naomi: Mommy, I want a sister so I can cuddle with her.
Me: I will see what I can do.
Naomi: Oh…and I want a pink backpack with candy in it.
Wow, she really knows how to jump topics.
October 25 at 1:31pm

Hooray…plumbing problems right before bed!!!
October 25 at 9:08pm

I’m a better wife and mom when I get a few nights in a row of more than 7 hour of sleep.
October 27 at 9:16am

We had a great morning with my friend Thuy. She really knows how to cook up a great Vietnamese lunch.
October 27 at 1:56pm

Trader Joe’s is now open for business. I think I’ll wait a few weeks to go purchase my favorite items. That way I won’t have to fight the long lines with a toddler.
October 28 at 11:32am

I called our dentist, primary care physician and mechanic…all in the same day. When I called each one, I started out by saying, “I would like to make an appointment…”. They all proceeded to say, “Is this Dana?” How the heck did they know it was me? So I asked them!!! They all said I had a memorable voice. This is reason #136 why I could never work for a 1-900#. Too many people would recognize my voice!!!
October 28 at 4:10pm

I’m not sure what I think about our new neighbors. They seem a bit sketchy. I wish Larry and Shelley Anderson were still next door. They were better neighbors.
October 28 at 6:03pm

I finally found winter boots this week. The snow can fall now. (However, it would be nice if the snow was kind enough to wait until all the leaves in my yard were bagged first.)
October 29 at 8:10am

Starting over at Baby Step 1. 😦
October 29 at 10:43am

Wilktoberfest was really fun last night. Nothing like fresh pizza from a cob oven and home brewed beer…and sitting around the fire pit outside.
October 30 at 11:13am

We’ve really enjoyed our one year sabbatical from ministry work this last year. With that said, I’m really excited to hear Aaron lead worship at The Porch tonight!!!
October 30 at 4:37pm

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…and the weather looks promising for a fun, rain-free evening. I wonder if Naomi will choose to be a pink kitty or a giraffe this Halloween. I’m sure she will change her mind at the last minute. (Either way, I get to raid her candy stash this week!!! Ah…the perks of being a parent.) What is your costume this Halloween?
October 31 at 8:25am

Trunk-O-Treat was so much fun!!! I wanted to vote for Kristi Murray and Lynn Gibson Ellis, but Aaron said that it was not a popularity contest. 🙂 I think Halloween was a success this year.
October 31 at 8:42pm