52home: Week 44

I’m going to see how long I can drag out my birthday this year!!! So, here’s to yet another week of birthday celebrations…Cheers!!!

Walking in the Rain
[ONE] Saturday 10/22/2011 • 9:36am

Since Naomi was spending the night at my parents house, we decided to go to The Rocket for breakfast. It was completely dry on our way to breakfast…and a monsoon showed up for our wet walk home. I love walking in the rain with my husband.

Go Chiefs Go!!! (Happy Birthday, Janet)
[TWO] Saturday 10/22/2011 • 5:45pm

Since we share the same birthday month, Janet and I started a dinner and hockey date tradition 10 years ago. So, this marks our 11th hockey game that we’ve gone to together!!! I’m really not one for traditions, but this has been my favorite one to keep over the years. It’s always nice to hang out with my friend, Janet…especially when we check out all the cute hockey players together (which, by the way, they look more and more like children as I’m getting older). Happy Birthday, Janet!!!

More Progress on the House
[ONE] Sunday 10/23/2011 • 11:11am

My parents have been working really hard on their house this year. It’s finally starting to look like a real house now!!! I’m looking forward to seeing the final product when they’re all done next year.

Garbage Themed Birthday Party (Happy Birthday, Bellah)
[TWO] Sunday 10/23/2011 • 2:04pm

Katie did a great job with her “Garbage Theme” birthday party for her daughter. It was fun to walk around the house and look at all the little details for this party. I think my favorite part was the food and how it was displayed. No…wait…I think it was the pretend kid digging through the garbage bag. Anyway, she really outdid herself.

A Kid-Filled Morning
[ONE] Monday 10/24/2011 • 10:22am

I didn’t realize this until Molly came back to pick-up the boys, but this was Collin’s first time away from his parents!!! I felt really honored that Molly would trust me with her two adorable boys for a few hours…while she went out to get her hair cut and visit with a friend. The kids are so entertaining when they are at my house. All I do is play with them and take pictures of everyone being silly. I’m sure this is what I will do when I have my own gaggle of kids. Too bad nothing will ever get done around the house…

Ice Cream Date
[TWO] Monday 10/24/2011 • 7:30pm

Deanna and I also share a birthday month together!!! (If you haven’t noticed, I love October birthday girls.) I think this was our 3rd birthday ice cream date…and I really look forward to keeping this tradition alive as well!!! Deanna is such a fun, spunky lady. It’s always a pleasure hanging out with her over a bowl of Cold Stone ice cream.

My Pretty Pink Kitty
[ONE] Tuesday 10/25/2011 • 1:57pm

Thinking of the McGarry's
[TWO] Tuesday 10/25/2011 • 4:08pm

I see these signs all over Spokane. Every time I see one, it reminds me to pray for my friends in Portland. **SIGH** And it makes me wish they lived closer…

Emergency Haircut
[ONE] Wednesday 10/26/2011 • 2:19pm

Usually my sister is available to cut Naomi’s hair, but since she’s been working at The Kalico Kitchen as a hostess she hasn’t been as available. Anyway, Naomi has been cutting her hair with her teeth (I know…she’s weird), and the front half of her hair was a different length compared to the back part. So, I took her to a fun new place. She was so excited to sit in a train!!! I wish I could get one of those installed at my house.

Super Sweet Dinner
[TWO] Wednesday 10/26/2011 • 6:43pm

We’ve been meaning to have The Kenagy’s over for dinner for quite some time now (it’s amazing how difficult it can be to get two families together for a meal)!!! We made breakfast for dinner, and Amy brought the most delicious cinnamon pull-apart (I’m still drooling every time I think about)!!! I didn’t get any pictures of Amy and Tim, but we decided they are our new couple twin. It’s funny how much Amy reminds me of myself, and Tim is really laid back like Aaron. I foresee many dinners in the near future…as long as Naomi refrains from biting the boys.

Delightful Vietnamese Hospitality
[ONE] Thursday 10/27/2011 • 12:35pm

Speaking of someone else that I’ve tried to get together with for a while…I think Thuy and I have rescheduled our playdate at least 6 times in the last three months!!! We really enjoyed our visit this afternoon. Thuy is the “Hostess with the Mostess” and she makes the most delicious meals. I hope we can visit with her and her family again…

Car Repair Perks
[TWO] Thursday 10/27/2011 • 3:51pm

Ugh…car repairs are the worst!!! We have a Saturn. From what we’ve found while being Saturn owners is that we rarely have to bring it into the shop to get repaired. However, the repairs are super expensive when we need to get it fixed. Today was our lucky day. I waited around for 4 hours while I had both the front and back breaks repaired. To pass the time, I walked a few miles down the street to a local Starbucks. Then, I thought about catching a movie, but nothing seemed good enough to spend $12 for a movie ticket. Eventually, I made my way over to a Fred Meyer and I found some snow boots (I’ve been looking for two weeks with no luck, so this was a pretty exciting moment in my life). On my way back to the mechanic, I made the executive decision to stop and have an impromptu pedicure. It was a welcome change after walking around the neighborhood for a few hours. I think we spent $1000 that day. Ouch!!! I will sit here and look at my pretty toe nails. Maybe that will make me feel better about not having money in my Savings account anymore. Thank God we didn’t have to go into debt for these few purchases!!!

Outstanding in Her Field
[ONE] Friday 10/28/2011 • 8:59am

I love wheat fields….and I apparently have too much time on my hands!!! We were a little early for our milk pick-up for the co-op this week, so Naomi and I drove around until we found the perfect wheat field. I hope she doesn’t get sick of my constant picture taking. She is my favorite subject, and I don’t know what I would do if she told me to put the camera down. I think these pictures are some of my favorites from this year. But then again, I have so many good ones to choose from.

Spokane Family Farm Co-op
[TWO] Friday 10/28/2011 • 9:14am

We’ve been apart of a milk co-op for the last few months. I absolutely love Spokane Family Farm, but I don’t really want to pay $5 a gallon in the store. Since we joined the co-op, we can buy 3 gallons for $11 every other week…and we only have to go to the dairy once or twice a year (not to bad if you ask me). Today was my lucky day to go out to the farm to pick-up 30 gallons of milk. Naomi was really excited to come with me this morning so she could say good morning to the cows. Mike let us in the back of the barn to see two brand new calves that he had delivered that evening. Those dairy farmers are such hard workers. I don’t know how they do it!!! I find that I am much more thankful for my milk when I know the farmer and all the work he puts into bottling it for me. I drink it slower and savor each drink. I think that is how food should be. We should know where it comes from and meet the farmers that give up a huge part of their life to bring me the food I want to eat. Hopefully, Aaron and I can go to more farms this next year. I’m looking forward to teaching Naomi about food and where it comes from.