52home: Week 43

And the birthday festivities continue!!! This blog post has some incredible pictures…and it wins the award for the most pictures in one post.

Metaline Falls Train Ride
[ONE] Saturday 10/15/2011 • 11:05am

This is the second time Aaron and I have gone on the Metaline Falls train ride. It’s so beautiful in the fall…especially the closer you get to the Canadian border!!! For the last year, I really wanted to go on the train ride for my birthday…and my parents, grandma, Shirley and Haley (my grandma’s neighbor and her granddaughter) joined our little family to celebrate. It was also Naomi’s first train ride, and she was so cute during the whole trip. Thankfully, we had the back half of the caboose for our little group (we tend to get a little rambunctious at times). Everyone really enjoyed hanging out on the back deck of the caboose. When it was time to go back to Ione, instead of turning the entire train around the engine moved to the back of the train and pulled the train cars to Ione. It was nice to be in both the back and the front during the train ride. Once the train left the station, we spent a few hours by the train tracks…enjoying the afternoon sun with a little picnic in the shade. When the train made its way back, we put pennies on the tracks and giggled at the smashed pennies. I love my family. They are so much fun. What a great way to celebrate my birthday this year!!!

A Classy Dinner
[TWO] Saturday 10/15/2011 • 7:54pm

I wanted to have a nice, classy dinner with my bestie, Sarah. So, we started the evening by having dinner at Zips!!! We then made our way to Sheri’s to enjoy some delicious pie. It was still too early to end the evening, so we went to Yokes and bought a bottle of wine to share at Sarah’s house. We sipped our wine while listening to my Birthday CD that Matt and Sarah made for me. To top it all off, Matt was heading home from work and he brought us a large Pina Colada Slurpee with Sour Candy Straws. It doesn’t get more classy than that!!!

Fall Family Photos
[ONE] Sunday 10/16/2011 • 4:31pm

My friend, Courtney, is an amazing photographer. I designed her logo last year, and her business has been taking off like crazy!!! She was kind enough to do a mini-session for us this year. The fall colors were incredible at Greenbluff, so we decided that would be a great location for some family photos. She took a TON of pictures for us and I am so pleased with her fine work!!! Aaron and I don’t have many opportunities to be in pictures together with Naomi. It was also a special treat to have pictures taken without Naomi as well. If you want more information about Courtney and her photography business, visit her new website at www.smallbeginningsphoto.com!!!

Apples + Pumpkins at Walter's Fruit Ranch
[TWO] Sunday 10/16/2011 • 5:46pm

Since we were already out at Greenbluff, we decided to pick apples and find Naomi’s first pumpkin. We were a little tired of taking pictures after our photo shoot with Courtney, but I managed to take a few good ones this evening. This marks the last trip we will take out to Greenbluff to pick fruit this year. We managed to make it to every type of fruit season Greenbluff has to offer. Walter’s Fruit Ranch is our favorite farms for apples and pumpkins!!! They also have a great pea seed box that’s fun for the entire family!!! Aaron even enjoyed making a “pea seed angel”. We found seeds in our pockets and shoes for days after this trip…

Our Traditional Dana² Birthday Lunch
[ONE] Monday 10/17/2011 • 1:12pm

Dana and I have known each other since the 5th grade. (It’s amazing how many stories we’ve made together over the last 19 years.) When we graduated from High School, we promised to take each other out for birthday lunches instead of buying presents. Some years proved to be challenging over the years, but we haven’t missed a birthday yet!!! Thanks for keeping our tradition alive, Dana…

The Fam Dinner
[TWO] Monday 10/17/2011 • 6:27pm

It’s been difficult to get together on a regular basis since the McGarry’s moved to Portland. But, we’ve been making an effort to have dinner at least once a month with The Fam. I love how the girls provide an evening of entertainment for us!!!

Swap + Play Babysitting
[ONE] Tuesday 10/18/2011 • 2:43pm

I think I figured out a secret to get three little girls down for a nap at the same time…put them in separate bedrooms!!! It felt like a magical moment when the house was quiet and all three girls were asleep in their bed. It wasn’t the longest nap time, but it was definitely long enough for Emily to go to her afternoon tea date. When she returned, Aaron and I went out on a coffee date and enjoyed some uninterrupted time together. I love instant babysitting swap time!!!

A Lovely Birthday Dinner
[TWO] Tuesday 10/18/2011 • 8:08pm

Tiffany and I don’t get to hang out nearly as often as we would like. However, when we do get an evening together, a fun time is had by all!!! Tonight, Naomi enjoyed wearing Jordyn’s glasses…and Jordyn loved to steal my tupperware lids. It was a win-win situation. Thanks, Tiffany, for bringing the delicious wine. And congrats for being the 500th comment on our blog this week!!!

My Birthday Lunch Recharge
Wednesday 10/19/2011 • 1:39pm

I love everything about Bridget. She always has such great practical wisdom to share about parenting, life and general Godliness. I don’t know what I would do without a great friend like her!!! Thanks for taking me out to lunch, Bridget…and for sharing my first afternoon wine with me at Tomato Street. After Naomi went to bed this evening, I went to Sarah’s house to watch “Bridesmaids” with her and Emily. It was a “pee your pants” kind of funny. I wish I would have taken my camera to Sarah’s house. We were pretty cute all cuddled up on the couch together.

Special Birthday Blessings
[ONE] Thursday 10/20/2011 • 6:15pm

We’ve been fighting a losing battle with our dishwasher this week. I thought Aaron could resurrect old Betsy, but it looks like she finally bit the dust. Every single dish in our house was dirty, and I was really overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning all the dishes. Just as I started filling the sink with water, Robbin showed up on my doorstep!!! I just sat there and talk to her while she did all the dirty work. She washed dishes for over an hour before she packed up and left. I didn’t have the heart to tell her the dishwasher was filled with dishes…and there was also random items around the house that needed to be in the sink. After Naomi went to bed, I washed dishes for another hour. Robbin gave me the boost of energy I needed to finish. Since then, I’ve been able to keep up with the dishes after every meal. Washing the dishes by hand is the pits!!! Thanks for the great birthday present, Robbin!!!

Naomi's First Jack-O-Lantern
[TWO] Thursday 10/20/2011 • 7:01pm

We had a special request, from a little blonde girl, to make a “Kitty Jack-O-Lantern” from the pumpkin we found at Greenbluff. I think we did a great job completing her request this year!!! She was a little grossed out by the “guts” inside the pumpkin kitty, so I did most of the dirty work. (Now I know why my parents waited until the last minute to carve the pumpkins.) I can’t wait until Naomi is big enough to carve her own pumpkin and come up with new creations of her own!!!

News Worthy Fun at Mobius
[ONE] Friday 10/21/2011 • 12:20pm

We had a few guest passes at Mobius that we needed to use before the end of the year. So, Naomi and I took a few friends to Mobius for a little afternoon tour. The staff usually arranges for special activities to happen on Fridays…so Naomi enjoyed her first face painting!!! I can’t believe how still she was the entire time the lady painted her face. It all rubbed off during her nap, so I’m so glad I snapped a few pictures while she played at Mobius. Right before we left fort he afternoon, the news crews showed up and asked if they could film Naomi playing around Mobius. I couldn’t find a clip of it online, so it looks like we missed Naomi’s first TV debut. Darn.

The Start of Our Kid-Free Weekend
[TWO] Friday 10/21/2011 • 9:42pm

When Naomi woke-up from her nap, my parents came over to our house and graciously took her for a three day vacation at their house. It was a welcome break this week…since I’ve been busy with friends and have really missed hanging out with my husband. Aaron and I went out to coffee for a few hours before Small Group…and after Bible Study was over, we decided to go to Red Lobster for a late dinner. The above picture is Aaron doing a staring contest with the lobsters in the tank. I think he won the staring contest…


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  1. You guys live a rich, full, fun, blessed life. I am blessed knowing that you are blessed. That is a great kitty jack o lantern. I love Naomi’s painted face.

  2. Your skills as a photographer are amazing! I love the picture of Noami all grossed out carving the pumpkin. Reminds me of Adam long ago…we look over at him and he’s gagging while he’s scooping seeds out by hand! Very funny!

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