52home: Week 42

My birthday week is finally here!!!

Magic at Mobius
Friday 10/7/2011 • 10:45am

Mobius is such a great Children’s Museum!!! We’ve been making it a habit to go at least once a week, and we have a great time every time we go. It’s always nice to bring friends along with us, too. The museum seems to change their main display a couple times a year, and the magic section was pretty fun to explore today. I don’t think Liam and Naomi played in the same area at the same time while we were there.

I Taste a Hint of Smoke...
Saturday 10/8/2011 • 5:59am

There’s a reason why Aaron does all the cooking and I do all the cleaning!!! For whatever reason, I totally burned the sauce for the baked Ziti (I should have taken a picture of the black, charred sauce at the bottom of the pot). I didn’t have time to go to the store and buy more ingredients. So, I decided to put a lot of cheese on top and hope for the best. Everyone had seconds during dinner…and they keep telling me that it wasn’t “sympathy seconds” either. I was so excited to hear that Alaina had also smoked out her house making the Pumpkin Cheesecake earlier that day. Good times in the kitchen today!!!

Tea for Two
[ONE] Sunday 10/9/2011 • 9:12am

I can’t believe today marks the first cup of tea for Naomi. Ever. She’s officially hooked!!!

Three Ingredients
[TWO] Sunday 10/9/2011 • 4:34pm

I found this incredible recipe on the internet, and I couldn’t wait to try it. I had to read the recipe a few times to realize that it only has three ingredients…Canned Pumpkin, Spice Cake Mix and Cream Cheese Frosting. No eggs. No oil. No milk. No water. Just dump the canned pumpkin directly into the powder cake mix and stir. It did take 45 minutes to cook the cupcakes (I think that’s twice as long as a normal cake mix), but they were amazing…especially with the cream cheese frosting on top. This was definitely a great birthday treat!!!

Nosey Naomi
[ONE] Monday 10/10/2011 • 11:03am

Our neighbors are remodeling their house across the street. Naomi wanted to watch them today from the porch. I told her she was being nosey…and she said she has a cute nose. She’s right.

Daddy Airplane
[TWO] Monday 10/10/2011 • 3:26pm

Christmas Arrived Early This Year
Tuesday 10/11/2011 • 5:47pm

Aaron’s sister delivered a fun hand-me-down toy this week…a Barbie Mansion and Party Bus. My parents are currently re-building their house (and they also have a chrome bus), so she calls her new toys “Opa’s house and Oma’s bus”. I’m not sure if I want lots of Barbie and Ken dolls hanging around the house. In the mean time, Naomi seems to be having a blast playing with her toys in the mansion already. We had Matt and Sarah over for dinner tonight…they were pretty excited to play with it as well.

A Silly Evening
Wednesday 10/12/2011 • 6:08pm

Last Week of Radiation
[ONE] Thursday 10/13/2011 • 12:31m

I’m so proud of my grandma. She has two more treatments and she’s officially done with radiation!!! I can’t believe 6 weeks has come and gone. It seems like just the other day I was picking her up from her surgery to remove the lump. I’m really happy to have my grandma around. I hope she lives to see Naomi’s children being born…

Daddy-Daughter Date Night
[TWO] Thursday 10/13/2011 • 7:14pm

Rose invited me out to a “Thai Food Birthday Celebration” while her husband was out of town. So, Aaron decided to take Naomi out on a date as well. When I returned home later that evening, this is what I found on my computer. Can they get any cuter?

Breakfast of Champions
[ONE] Friday 10/14/2011 • 1:55pm

My recent two loves have been cupcakes at “Celebrations” and coffee from “Dutch Brothers”. This particular coffee stand will give you a free coffee (any size) for your birthday. I grabbed a 20 oz White Mocha on my way to Deer Park that morning…and my extremely thoughtful friend, Emily, decided to get me one as well. Needless to say, I had a lot of coffee today. To top it off, she also picked up an amazing cupcake from my favorite sweet treat spot. I’m sure I talked her ear off that afternoon with all the caffeine and sugar surging through my veins.

Small Group Dinner (Happy Birthday to Me!!!)
[TWO] Friday 10/14/2011 • 6:32pm


2 thoughts on “52home: Week 42

  1. I love Naomi’s comment about her cute nose. I’m want to make those pumpkin cupcakes. So its spice cake mix, a can of pumpkin(what size?) and cream cheese frosting. Bake for 45 minutes?

    I’m so glad your Grandma has finished her chemo. I hope she will get to be a great, great grandma.

  2. The pumpkin size is 32oz can. The bake time would depend on your oven, so try 30 minutes and check with a toothpick every 5-10 minutes after that. It’s so easy and delicious!!!

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