52home: Week 41

We spent most of this week in sunny Indiana. I took most of my pictures with a fancy camera that I don’t own…oh well.

Mornings with Alyson
[ONE] Saturday 10/1/2011 • 8:34am

Alyson graciously spent the night last night, so Aaron and I could watch “Wayne’s World” at The Garland Theater. We also needed to pack for our trip the next morning!!! It was really nice having her around to entertain Naomi while we cleaned the house and packed our bags.

Airport Fun
[TWO] Saturday 10/1/2011 • 6:41pm

We spent most of day today making our way to Indiana for Aaron’s work trip. Looking back, I think this was the earliest day I could travel after my surgery. There were a few moments during our trek where I wish I could rent a bed so I could just lay down. Other than that, I love traveling with my husband. He is so entertaining…

A Day of Rest
Sunday 10/2/2011 • 10:02am

I spent most of the day sleeping…while Aaron was in meetings. It was really nice to join him and the rest of his co-workers during meal times.

Conference: Day 1
Monday 10/3/2011 • 3:55pm

Look at the beautiful necklace Aaron bought for my birthday. Actually, I went shopping at the “Fashion Mall” and found it on clearance…but I can give him credit for having such great taste in accessories.

Conference: Day 2
Tuesday 10/4/2011 • 5:23pm

Day two of the conference proved to be a better day for me. It was exactly a week after my surgery, and I was primed and ready to go shopping for three hours straight. I had a great time shopping all by myself!!! I found a few toys for Naomi and a gift for Aaron. Unfortunately, the “Fashion Mall” was a bit snooty for my taste. I didn’t find many items for myself (which was probably a good thing…because I actually stuck to my budget this time).

Conference: Day 3
Wednesday 10/5/2011 • 4:10pm

Today was the last day of my vacation and also the final day of the conference. I wasn’t expecting to wake-up and feel so emotional today. So, I didn’t take any pictures on the way home. However, I managed to sneak one of Naomi when we got back to Spokane. It’s beginning to look a lot like fall around here. And I love it!!!

Happy Hour
Thursday 10/6/2011 • 11:36am

Hairy Mustache
Friday 10/7/2011 • 7:08pm

Naomi has this sick love for loose hair. I, on the other hand, find it absolutely repulsive. Sometimes I think Naomi knows this fact and plays with hair just to gross me out!!! Anyway, she found some kitty hair on the carpet and made a mustache out of it. In all honesty, it took every ounce of strength to not completely freak out while taking this picture!!! She is so weird.