52home: Week 40

I wasn’t feeling up to taking pictures this week. It was hard enough to function most days. Somehow, I managed to take a few pictures here and there. Now I’m really sad I didn’t take any pictures of my besties when they were in town!!! Shame on me!!! Maybe I will take more pictures next time to make-up for not taking any this time… 

Hey Naomi...Surprise!!!
Saturday 9/24/2011 • 9:46am

I live for moments like this!!! She is going to hate me when she’s older. This is for all the times she has embarrassed me. (I have to get my sweet revenge somehow.)

She's a "Hide + Go Seek" Champion
Sunday 9/25/2011 • 10:02am

[Note: If I was a good friend (one that actually took pictures at appropriate times), this is where I would put pictures from “The Downriver Grill” with my best friends. It was really nice to get out of the house and laugh for awhile. And there isn’t any other group of people that I would rather be with than “The Fam”. However, Naomi is great relief during the day. She is very silly and keeps a smile on my face when all I want to do is cry. It’s days like this when I’m very thankful for my daughter.]

Harvesting Carrots
Monday 9/26/2011 • 3:27pm

[Note: This is where I would have put pictures of breakfast with The Fam. In all reality, I really would have liked to have updated pictures of Brady + Courtney. Oh well. Maybe next time. So, I will put cute pictures of my husband and daughter instead…harvesting the last crop of carrots for the year. My awesome friend, Molly, brought a meal for us to enjoy. It was really nice to not have to think about dinner…]

Waiting Patiently
Tuesday 9/27/2011 • 8:59am

I went to the hospital around 9am this morning, and Naomi didn’t want to leave my side. In an effort to help her feel better, I tried to explain that the baby died and the doctor needed to fix my tummy so I could have another baby soon. She seemed to understand and quickly gave me a hug and kiss good-bye. I spent most of the day resting + reading in a little hospital room. My grandma just happened to be in the same hospital that day. When she was finished with her radiation treatment, she stopped by for a while to help me pass the time. Eventually, my G’ma Jeanie decided to go over to my house and switch places with Aaron. He was having a hard time leaving me at the hospital (this was my first procedure where he didn’t stay with me the entire time). Aaron arrived at the hospital just as I was coming out of anesthesia. It was nice to wake-up and see his sweet face. We eventually left the hospital around 5pm and started a long journey of collecting all the needed prescriptions from various pharmacies. I don’t know how I would have done it without my husband. He is such a solid rock when I’m feeling like an ever changing sea of emotions. When I look back, I can see with more clarity how God’s timing is perfect. Everyone was in the right place at the right time, and people stepped up to help us right when we needed it (even when we thought we didn’t need their help). Thanks to The Kenagy Family for bringing us an amazing dinner on this evening!!!

The Next Morning
Wednesday 9/28/2011 • 7:11am

I was moving a little slow the next morning. After a long night of not sleeping well, I figured out the source of my problem. The nurse left a heart monitor patch on my back, and it was digging in to my side while I was trying to sleep!!! Once I removed it, I realized I had to take my pile of meds. For a few days, I kept track of all the pill on the mirror (with a dry erase marker). This is a picture of what was left after I took my morning pills. They eventually tapered off as the days went on. I made the mistake of taking them on an empty stomach this morning and spent the rest of the day wishing I would have read the labels a little closer. The nausea didn’t go away, so I called the doctor for an anti-nausea medication. It totally helped as soon as I took the new pill, However, it also added another pill that I needed to take every 4 hours. My friend Anneke stopped by to bring lunch this afternoon, and it was a welcome break in my day (Naomi sure enjoyed playing with Eden + Hawkins). The Millers also brought an amazing home cooked meal for dinner. I love my friends. They are pretty amazing…

Cinnamon Rolls Make Everything Better
Thursday 9/29/2011 • 5:50pm

I tried to withdrawal from my two classes at SFCC, only to be told that I missed the withdrawal date (I was getting my D&C on that day). Since it was a medical reason, they are holding 50% of my tuition until the doctor can write a letter with very specific information. I left the college without any money in my pocket and feeling very frustrated. Most of our afternoon was spent at Molly’s house…while she prepared a lovely lunch. In all honestly, I was not the best conversationalist (between wanting my money and having a belly full of pills, my brain wasn’t functioning properly). When Aaron got off work, we went to the mall to indulge in a great evening treat. I’m pretty sure Cinnabon makes everything better!!! We walked around the mall for a few hours, talking and praying, while Naomi ran off her sugary treat. We ended up sitting in the little indoor playground for a while. Naomi seemed to enjoy herself…and we sat in silence so we could soak up all the joy that was coming from the children as they played late into the evening.

An Early Morning Breakfast (Happy Birthday, Ben)
[ONE] Friday 9/30/2011 • 6:33am

Afternoon Date at Didier's
[TWO] Friday 9/30/2011 • 11:45am

I don’t get to see my friend, Janet, all that often. But when we do find time to visit with each other, we always have a great time…especially when ice cream is involved.

Small Group Birthday Party
[THREE] Friday 9/30/2011 • 7:08pm

We have a great group of people in our Small Group. And every month we get to celebrate one birthday (almost everyone has had their actual birthday on a Friday during our normal Small Group meeting time). So, per tradition, the person with the birthday gets to choose what they want for their birthday dinner. I look forward to our Birthday dinners every month. They are always a great time of fellowship!!! When the party was over, we put Naomi to bed and rushed off to The Garland Theater while Alyson stayed at our house over night. There was a fund raiser at our favorite local movie theater, and they were playing our favorite movie (Wayne’s World). They were serving beer and wine in the lobby, so I can only assume it was a 21 and over event. I couldn’t believe how many “Hipsters” were in this theater. When the movie was over and we were on our way home, Aaron and I decided that we need to embrace our inner Hipster. We have yet to see if this will actually happen.


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  1. You are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends. You are a very loving person, so…. many people love you back.

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