52home: Week 39

I’ve been avoiding posting pictures for a while because I didn’t want to face the reality of this week. I stopped feeling pregnant around Monday, and my ultrasound on Friday revealed the fact that I actually know my body better than I thought. It was a fun week, but it ended on a sad note.

Friends to the Rescue
Saturday 9/17/2011 • 3:47pm

The Hutchens have been working on some yard projects this year, and we finally had a free afternoon to give them a hand. I basically watched the kids while the other three worked for hours shoveling bark. I got to do what I love…follow cute children around and take pictures.

Cupcake Date
Sunday 9/18/2011 • 12:34pm

Crib Tents
Monday 9/19/2011 • 10:09am

Naomi’s new favorite thing to do is to play in her crib. We just discovered the magic of crib tents!!! She always asks me if I will lay down in her toddler bed while she plays in her tent. It’s a win-win situation…

Beautiful Day at Audubon Park
[ONE] Tuesday 9/20/2011 • 11:10am

Liam was being a stinker and wouldn’t let me take his picture while we were at the park. Naomi, on the other hand, wouldn’t keep her clothes on the entire time. Kids do the funniest things sometimes…

Our Favorite Doctor's Office
[TWO] Tuesday 9/20/2011 • 2:56pm

Naomi kept complaining that her ears were hurting during the day, and she kept yelling at me all the time. I decided, at the last minute, to take her into the doctor’s office. She had been crying every hour as soon as we put her to bed at night, so I wanted to see if there was anything else wrong with her. From what the doctor said, she just had a virus and LOTS of wax in her ear. I couldn’t believe how much wax he pulled out!!! I guess I will keep feeding her Tylenol every 4 hours until Naomi is over whatever it is she’s going through. It’s always fun taking Naomi into the doctor’s office. Everyone knows her by name and they always ask if I can just leave her there all day. Sometimes, we just stop by the office to say hi when we’re driving by.

A Wild Girls Night Out
[THREE] Tuesday 9/20/2011 • 6:33pm

What happens when you take five moms and let them go out on the town? They eat great Italian food at “Tomato Street” (most of us skipping the drinks) and then shop the clearance sections in Target. I’m telling you…crazy!!! Actually, we had a great time laughing and being silly. It was nice to go out with a group of girls I’ve known for over 15 years.

First Day of School
Wednesday 9/21/2011 • 5:55pm

A Gaggle of Little Girls
[ONE] Thursday 9/22/2011 • 1:21pm

I had an opportunity to watch three girls under three this week. All three girls played so well together!!! However, I made the biggest mistake of thinking I could put all three girls in one room for nap time. Epic Fail. Other than needing some more creativity during nap time, it was the easiest afternoon with a gaggle of girls.

Just Between Friends Sale
[TWO] Thursday 9/22/2011 • 7:02pm

Mobius Play Date
[ONE] Friday 9/23/2011 • 11:28am

Naomi and I love leaving the house to go to Mobius (a Children’s Museum in Spokane) at least once a week. It’s always nice to meet a friend for a play date in the afternoon. And I think we only had to referee Nate and Naomi once the entire time…which makes it enjoyable for everyone when the moms can talk and the kids can play nice with each other.

Mourning at The Onion
[TWO] Friday 9/23/2011 • 6:37pm

I had plans to take pictures at my ultrasound today, but once I realized their wasn’t a heartbeat my desire to take pictures sort of fell by the wayside. We didn’t really know what to do with ourselves when I returned home that evening. So, we took a trip to a local restaurant and enjoyed a few tasty treats. We cried and laughed together as a family. Naomi enjoyed her first strawberry milkshake…while we drank dark beer and ate the most amazing apple crisp (the picture doesn’t do it justice). The waiter realized we were having a difficult evening, so he bought our dessert to help us feel better. Even though I’m writing this almost a month after the fact, it brings tears to my eyes and a slight pain in my heart when I remember that evening. Such a sad moment in the history of our little family. It’s interesting looking back and remember a moment in time. That’s one major reason why I take pictures everyday. So I can recall the feelings and experiences that might easily disappear in the months to come. I think it’s a good thing to experience life and death…and everything in between.

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  1. My darling my dear. I couldn’t resist when you told me id be #500 comment and get a free dinner. Hehe. On a serious note, you are such an amazing woman, with an amazing husband and child. And of course amazing friends like moi! Haha. Maybe not me so much but your surrounded by love even in the darkness. I am lucky to have someone as wonderful as you in my life. Xo. Happy early birthday!!!!

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