52home: Week 38

Aaron had the camera for half the week. It took me a few days to consult him on the accuracy of this post.

Guys Weekend - Day One
Friday 9/9/2011 • 2:23pm

(“Standing on Logs Tour – 2011″…written by Aaron Kangas)
Friday night was a 350 mile-long drive (from Spokane across the channeled scablands, through the Cascade Mountains and up the coast to the ferry at Anacortes, where Matt, Jameus and I enjoyed a beer with another group waiting for the ferry). We crossed Rosario Strait and made it to Orcas Island without any trouble. The drive from the Orcas Ferry depot to West Beach was a little strange; we had cars pulling off to the side of the road in front of us left and right; we were sternly warned, “Do not enter the village.” And we ended up down Enchanted Forest Lane to our yurt in West Beach. It was late when we pulled in, but we were greeted by our dear friend Brady (who had already made camp for us in our sweet tent-cabin). We ate sandwiches for dinner really late that night.

Guys Weekend - Day Two
Saturday 9/10/2011 • 11:56am

(AK) Saturday morning started out mellow, with visits from rabbits in our campground and blackberry picking. We wandered around the resort a little, and then headed for Mt. Constitution to see a watchtower atop it. Then we explored Mountain Lake, which is a lake at the base of Mt. Constitution. That is where we stood on logs. We came back to camp, napped, played board games, ate ice cream, and watched the sunset over a bonfire. It was a nice, relaxing day.

Guys Weekend - Day Three
Sunday 9/11/2011 • 10:18am 

(AK) Sunday morning we caught the ferry to San Juan Island, so we could play disc golf at the Roche Harbor Resort’s disc golf course. After 18 holes, we happened upon the “San Juan Island National Historical Park” that landed us at the site of the English Encampment. The English and Americans disputed the possession of these islands in the 1860s, and both had troops stationed on San Juan. Not much is left of either camp, but there is a graveyard (where 8 British people are interred who died during the negotiations, from sickness and accidents). Besides the graveyard, there exists a formal English garden, some enormous trees (that were probably planted when the British camped there), a small museum and a flag pole. We had some time to kill before the ferry left from Friday Harbor back to Orcas Island, so we had some seafood and took a few ridiculous pictures with statues. Evidently, we took the longest possible ferry route back, and we stopped at all the other islands before getting back to camp. We ended that night with another fire and bratwursts.

Guys Weekend - Day Four
Monday 9/12/2011 • 1:43pm

(AK) Monday, we had amazing french toast (some of it with pie on top) for breakfast. We packed up camp, and made our way towards home. In Lynnwood, WA, we stopped for lunch at “The Rock” – an amazing rock’n’roll-themed pizza place. From there, it was the long drive home.

Family Movie Night
Tuesday 9/13/2011 • 9:34pm

Alyson was kind enough to watch Naomi (again), so we could attempt to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the theaters. It was finally showing at The Garland Theater, so I wrangled up my motley crue family in a matter of days. We had a great time watching the movie (it’s a tradition at this point…since we’ve watched all four “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies together). I guess the director is already filming the fifth one. Crazy!!! I’m looking forward to another family adventure soon…

Enjoying the Last Few Days of Warm Weather
Wednesday 9/14/2011 • 3:47pm

Cookies for Breakfast at The Rocket
Thursday 9/15/2011 • 8:59am

We had a great day today!!! However, the only pictures I managed to take all day was at The Rocket (and I took the kids there so they could have cookies for breakfast). I also went to a friend’s yard sale in the early afternoon, and then drove out to Serenity’s house for a fun play date. It was a bit chaotic to take pictures of the kids, but the ladies had a wonderful time visiting with each other. It was especially nice to visit with Becca while she was in town!!! I should strap the camera to my hand so I can’t forget to take pictures next time…

New Mobius Tricks
Friday 9/16/2011 • 10:02am