Facebook Status Updates (September)

— Dana

The month of September was a little emotional roller coaster for our family…


By Aaron Kangas

September 3 at 8:22am

September 5 at 5:23pm

A trip to the hardware store is never complete without two more.
September 7 at 7:16pm

Back to the real world.
September 13 at 6:09am

Important, groundbreaking, investigative journalism going on here. (OK, not groundbreaking, but very interesting and entertaining.) http://www.inlander.com/spokane/article-16967-mixed-signals.html
September 16 at 9:18am

The president brews his own beer. Pretty cool. – “Obamas Kick Back With White House Homebrew : NPR”
September 18 at 1:33pm

‎Dana Kangas is at her first day of school…
September 21 at 5:42pm

No longer expecting.
September 24 at 1:01pm

Reform the coinage system. Seriously. Sign a petition. wwws.whitehouse.gov “We believe that it would be in our economy’s best interest to form a new coinage standard. This standard would consist of three coins. a ten-cent coin, a fifty-cent coin, and a one dollar coin…”
September 25 at 5:17pm

This was fun. – “The Presurfer: Draw A Stickman” presurfer.blogspot.com
September 26 at 7:35pm

September 28 at 6:07am

Head full of snot.
September 29 at 9:31am


By Dana Kangas

My sister doesn’t have internet, a cell phone or cable anymore. She just took away all the things I tease her about. Now, I need to find a new ammo…any ideas?
September 1 at 8:54am

I should get off Facebook for the today, but I wanted to leave everyone with this little thought giggle. I asked Naomi what she was doing, and she proceeded to tell me that she was feeding the cat “Boobie Cake”. I tried to clarify and ask her if she meant “blueberries” instead of “Boobies”. She replied, “Yes…blueberries AND boobies.”
September 1 at 9:39am

My grandma had her first radiation treatment today…for the cancer in her shoulder. I haven’t cried yet. This could mean one of two things. 1) I’m finally a grown adult that can take difficult news in stride. 2) I’m in denial and will cry like a baby at the least opportune time…like at the grocery store or at the gas station.
September 1 at 7:09pm

I love my husband. He made me an amazing dinner of garlic roasted mashed potatoes, fried yellow squash (squash straight from our garden), peaches (recently picked from Greenbluff) and corn on the cob. When dinner was finished, I was able to clean the kitchen and join both Naomi and Aaron on the back porch to watch the sunset. Such a lovely pajama day today.
September 1 at 8:11pm

EVERY TIME I tell Aaron that I’m getting up with him at 5am…the following ALWAYS happens:
1) We stay-up WAY too late that night.
2) Naomi wakes-up with a bad dream at 4:00am.
3) We adjust the alarm to go off at 6am instead.
4) Naomi wakes-up at 5:30am and has to pee. I convince her that the sun is still asleep and that she needs to go back to bed.
5) I don’t hear the alarm when it goes off at 6am, and Aaron rolls out of bed and goes to work.
6) I wake-up at 8am when Naomi wakes-up.
September 2 at 9:16am

Yard Sales and Thrift Stores filled most of my day today. I am now the proud owner of more maternity clothes, kids clothes, books and videos. I also finally found a chair for my mom cave. Hooray!!!
September 2 at 5:00pm

Apparently, I was too subtle in my post on Wednesday. I’m pregnant!!! I will answer common questions…
1) I am due Easter 2012.
2) We are not finding out the gender.
3) The only pregnancy related symptom I currently have is heartburn.
4) Yes, we were trying…for a year.
5) And finally, yes, I’m already showing and have had to whip out the maternity clothes about 4 weeks earlier than expected.
September 2 at 9:44pm

I’m working this morning (away from my house), and I just had a conversation with my husband and daughter via Facebook video chat. I’ve only been gone for an hour, and it was nice to see their pretty faces this morning. I love Facebook video chat!!!
September 3 at 9:11am

I went to Global Neighborhood’s Thrift Store yesterday (they are a non-profit that helps refugees in the Spokane area). When I was shopping, they were playing some internet radio station…and Tom Petty’s “Don’t Have To Live Like a Refugee” came on. It made me giggle.
September 3 at 3:20pm

My parents are watching Naomi for the next two days. Hooray!!! Looking forward to watching “Meet Revolver” (a Beatles cover band) at Arbor Crest this evening. However, I’m sad that I can’t drink wine.
September 4 at 11:11am

Thanks, Lori Garringer, for the mop and broom recommendation!!! I am loving Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center products. I’ve gone through 7 mops in the last 10 years. This one is a keeper!!!
September 5 at 2:33pm

My entire house is officially clean from top to bottom. I wonder how long the deep cleaning will last. I should have a party to celebrate how clean it is!!! Quick…everyone come to my house to see how clean my house is all the time. 🙂
September 5 at 6:09pm

I should go to bed…5am will come sooner than I think. I need to get my last bit of alone time in before my beautiful daughter arrives.
September 5 at 11:37pm

How can something, the size of a kidney bean, make it almost impossible for me to zip up my pants?
September 6 at 9:26am

It took 2.56 seconds for Naomi to mess up my clean house. But I sure missed that little blonde tasmanian devil. We’re off to have some fun afternoon adventures together…
September 6 at 11:35am

Does anyone remember the “Should Nots” during pregnancy? I’ve magically erased them from my brain.
September 7 at 8:22am

Trader Joe’s will open on October 28th in Spokane!!! It’s a Christmas miracle…
September 7 at 12:31pm

My sister got a job at the Kalico Kitchen. Hooray!!!
September 7 at 2:43pm

I just want to beat our toilet!!! Aaron is on his third trip to Lowes. As soon as he fixes one part of the toilet, another part starts to leak. We should just throw it out the window and buy a new one.
September 7 at 6:42pm

My tuition is paid for…books have been purchased…now all I need is my ID card and show up for class. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!!!
September 7 at 10:26pm

I have the best daughter. I fell asleep on the couch for 15 minutes yesterday afternoon, and she quietly played with her toys without getting into anything or injuring herself. Here’s hoping I don’t fall asleep the moment I stop moving today…
September 8 at 7:39am

In the spirit of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat Pray Love”, I’ve decided on a new life mantra:
Of others I will ask: “I’m not perfect, please love me anyway.”
For others I will remind myself: “They are not perfect, love them anyway.”
And for myself: “You are not perfect but you have been forgiven. Now forgive yourself.”
September 8 at 7:53am

Dear Diarrhea,
Thanks for being one of the hardest words to spell. I guess it’s a good thing…because that means I don’t physically encounter you often enough to have to master your spelling. However, if you don’t go away soon, things will start to get awkward between the two of us.
Regretfully Yours,
Dana Kangas
September 8 at 1:48pm

Good News: I am not having twins. Bad New: I just lost three weeks in my pregnancy. Apparently, this was the earliest the doctor could detect the baby in the ultrasound. Hmmm…now I’m only 6 weeks.
September 8 at 4:52pm

It’s way too early to listen to a 11 year old boy talk about video games. I should go back to the idea of sleeping on the couch when Ben gets here instead of being ready at 5am. At least I got him to whisper.
September 9 at 7:00am

So, my due date moved from Easter to Cinco de Mayo.
September 9 at 2:15pm

I managed to stay awake all day long…from 5am until now. That’s an incredible feat these days. I celebrate the small victories in life. True dat.
September 9 at 9:41pm

I think my 12 hour deodorant is about 15 minutes overdue.
September 9 at 11:11pm

I had a great weekend at my parents house. It’s been 11 years since I’ve slept there. Fun and nostalgic…
September 11 at 3:44pm

Mmmm…pickles, cheese and cookie dough for dinner. Aaron better come home soon.
September 11 at 9:46pm

I get to pinch my husband’s cheeks today. Hooray!!!
September 12 at 7:04am

These cravings are really starting to put a damper on my sleep-time…
September 12 at 12:55pm

Legs Shaved…Check
Stinky Armpit Problem Resolved…Check
Child in Bed…Check
Fingers Poised + Ready for Pinching Cheeks…Check
September 12 at 8:07pm

I just realized I missed all the “Back-to-School” sales. Does anyone know of a store that still has sales going on. I need to buy school supplies for next week.
September 13 at 7:49am

I’m so spontaneous after drinking a cup of coffee. Is the world buzzing…or is that just me?
September 13 at 2:11pm

I better start listening to Oldies 101.1, get my back pack on wheels, and grow out my grey hair. That way I’ll actually look and feel older than the Running Start students.
September 13 at 4:50pm

Aaron and I had the chance to go see “Pirates of the Caribbean” tonight with my family. Hooray for Alyson and Ben spending the night!!! It’s always a joy going out when my daughter is in good hands.
September 13 at 10:37pm

The Phlebotomist only poked my arm ONE TIME today…instead of the three attempts like last time. It’s going to be a good day. My arm can already feel it…
September 14 at 9:15am

I finally feel everyone’s pain when they complain about expensive prescriptions. I just paid a little over $7 for one pill at Walgreens. I need to take these pills every evening for the next 6 weeks. Oy vey!!!
September 14 at 3:27pm

I get to see some of my favorite people today… Serenity Tuinstra, Rebecca Fleetwood, Tiffany Fisher and Mindy Wayment Helm!!! Hooray!!!
September 15 at 8:21am

Here’s a fun thing I thought of today…”You know you’re a mom when __________.” Fill in the blank…
September 16 at 1:30pm

Ah fall…the time of year when I have to put the heater on at night and the A/C on during the day.
September 17 at 9:28am

Dana: Aaron, will you be “Where’s Waldo” for Halloween?
Aaron: As long as I can stay home and hide so no one can find me.
Dana: Ummm…nevermind.
September 17 at 3:47pm

I finally found enough energy to tag things for the Just Between Friends sale. Let’s see how far I can get today…
September 18 at 9:57am

I wonder if I can talk Aaron into getting me fleece sheets for my birthday next month.
September 18 at 9:19pm

I love it when Naomi sleeps in until 8:30am!!!
September 19 at 8:34am

Now that I’m pregnant, our toilet paper use has doubled.
September 19 at 6:52pm

For the last three months, Naomi has been crying and screaming in the middle of the night for no apparent reason (and I’m sure if I go to the doctor today and tell him, he will just say it’s normal). This is getting really old. Now, Naomi has a cold and was crying every hour last night. I’m tired. I think I’ll buy myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte today to make myself feel better.
September 20 at 9:55am

I had a great Ladies Night with Becca, Serenity, Mindy and Tiffany. Thanks Aaron for hanging out with Naomi so I could party it up at Tomato Street and Target (because that’s how these crazy ladies roll).
September 20 at 10:59pm

Mmmm…raviolis for breakfast.
September 21 at 8:07am

I’m in the market for new boots this winter. Any brand recommendations?
September 21 at 10:59am

I start school in 4 hours. I’m starting to get a little nervous.
September 21 at 2:00pm

‎Aaron and I want to know the answer to this question: What is the difference between a wiggle and a jiggle?
September 21 at 9:54pm

I think the new layout brought “Facebook Stalking” up to a whole new level. I know a lot of people that are secretly excited about the change. Thank you, Facebook, for helping those that won’t speak up for themselves (or post status updates or pictures for mutual stalking purposes).
September 21 at 10:44pm

Dear Ibuprofen,
I don’t like to use you unless absolutely necessary, and this week you proved me wrong (yet again) that I need you after all. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping my daughter sleep again. The last 3 nights have been very peaceful…now that she’s sleeping 12 hours again. You are my favorite liquid pain-relief. Don’t change, Ibuprofen. Don’t change.
Forever Grateful,
Dana Kangas
September 22 at 7:52am

I just read the first chapter in my Macro Economics book. I’m feeling really dumb right now. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.
September 22 at 4:47pm

Please do me a favor and move your mouse over my name here, wait for the box to load and then look at how cute my current profile picture is. Then help me with my macroeconomics homework. I could care less that my comments on friends’ and family’s posts are made public, thank you! Then re-post this if you want everyone to see my profile picture on the right side in the “Ticker Box”! I could really use all the help I can get on my homework right now.
September 22 at 9:55pm

Eek…someone must have broken in to my house and messed it all up. That’s the only logical reason why it’s so messy right now!!!
September 23 at 2:26pm

Who had the great idea to give soda to my daughter right before nap time. OOoooo…pick me, pick me!!! Naomi is currently bouncing off the walls in her room. I wonder if she will actually take a nap today.
September 23 at 3:23pm

“Some (not-so-good) News” kangascommune.wordpress.com
September 23 at 6:46pm

My D&C is scheduled for Tuesday…that is all for now.
September 23 at 9:05pm

“A Time for Everything” kangascommune.wordpress.com
September 24 at 10:55am

If we were apart of “The Spice Girls”, Aaron said he would be “Old Spice” and I would be “Pumpkin Spice”.
September 24 at 1:26pm

For the last two weeks, the wall by Naomi’s bed seemed to get a little dirtier every time I went up there. I finally took a closer look at the wall to try and figure out why it was so dirty. It was covered in boogers. I guess she’s been picking her nose and sticking it to the wall!!! I started laughing so hard it almost brought tears to my eyes. She said she would help me clean it in the morning. She’s a good kid…
September 24 at 9:04pm

How did I live this long without knowing that Pizza Rita is open until 2am? Aaron and I enjoyed our FIRST pizza delivery tonight (we’ve lived here for 8 years). Mmmm…pizza and comedy. A nice ending to a very long day. Good Night.
September 24 at 11:59pm

It’s fill in the blank time!!! “When I’m sad, I like to ____________ to help me feel better.”
September 25 at 10:37am

It was nice to pass the time with friends this evening…to just laugh and not think about much. Thanks again, Holly, for watching Naomi!!! And now comes the evening…it’s when everything is quiet and I am alone to deal with my emotions.
September 25 at 11:50pm

My eyes keep leaking today. I need to find an eye plumber to fix the leak. Maybe he’ll come complete with a plumbers crack…one can only hope.
September 26 at 11:32am

We watched the fire at Ferguson’s and The Milk Bottle last night. It will be sad to walk through my neighborhood and see this destroyed.
September 26 at 1:47pm

Some thoughts for today…”Reality Check” kangascommune.wordpress.com
September 26 at 4:04pm

Here’s a great little read for the evening. I found it on Donald Miller’s blog. Aaron and I couldn’t get through it without crying, but it has been one of those days to begin with. “A Reminder that Beauty Comes from Pain (repost)” kangascommune.wordpress.com
September 26 at 9:43pm

Naomi: “MOM…come look at this!!! My poop has a horn!!!”
September 27 at 8:38am

I love my husband!!! He has been busy running all over the countryside… picking me up from the hospital and then getting my hug list of prescriptions from various pharmacies. I am feeling amazing right now, but that might be the pain meds talking. We will see how I feel in the morning.
September 27 at 7:17pm

I realized people are praying from China, Australia, Russia, Germany, Mexico and all over the US. I think it has made all the difference!!! I’ve been praying through this simple verse, it has blessed my heart today. Job 1:21 “The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”
September 27 at 7:50pm

I made an executive decision to not pick up my items from the JBF Sale. I just looked at the website and only half my items sold. I lost $50 by not picking them up and trying again at another sale in the Spring. Oh well. I guess they will be donated to charity.
September 27 at 9:12pm

I made Pumpkin Spice Latte mix from scratch. It’s pretty amazing…I’m not gonna lie.
September 28 at 6:36am

I think the doctor fixed my leaky eyes during my surgery yesterday. I’m feeling amazing today. Praise the Lord!!! We are really looking forward to our trip to Indiana. Aaron has to work most of the time, and I’m planning on resting and reading. It will be a nice five day vacation while Naomi spends the night with my parents the whole time.
September 28 at 10:29am

Why, when I need to rest all day, does Naomi decide to throw HUGE fits all day? Maybe Holy Family Hospital will let me check-in for one more day…
September 28 at 1:41pm

Happy National Coffee Day!!!
September 29 at 6:18am

I get to take a shower today!!! I’m so freakin’ happy…you don’t even know.
September 29 at 6:34am

So, I tried to go to SFCC to withdrawal from all my classes today and they won’t give me my $800 back. I guess I was have too much fun on Tuesday (the last day to get my money back) getting my dead baby extracted from my body. I hope they enjoy my $800. I didn’t have any plans for that money anyway.
September 29 at 9:47am

Cinnabon makes everything better.
September 29 at 8:57pm

Psalm 30:5 “…Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Today is a new day!!! I get to take Ben out for an early morning breakfast at The Kalico Kitchen…to celebrate his 12th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ben!!! I hope I won’t bore you to death this morning…since it will just be the two of us.
September 30 at 6:16am

I’ve enjoyed some surprise visits this week from my dear friends. It’s times like this when my heart is filled with love by a wonderful community of people.
September 30 at 1:13pm