Chocolate Cake

— Dana

This will be one of those stories that I’ll tell and no one will laugh…except the few people that were present at dinner this evening. Actually, some might laugh, but it will be the kind of laugh that sounds a lot like “extra air” coming out of your nose. Then, you will end by saying “that’s funny”. (Because we all know it wasn’t funny enough to warrant a “laugh out loud” kind of laugh. You know…the kind where you’re laughing so hard you slap your leg like a deranged seal. Yah. I think it was that funny, but I doubt you will.)

So, I will take a polite silent chuckle at the end of this story. Thank you.

Honestly, I don’t know where to start, so I am buying some time. That way I can figure out an intro, body and a conclusion. (At this point, I am wishing someone else was telling the story.)

I guess I should starts with explaining that we were all enjoying a lovely appetizer and salad at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant in Indiana. There was less than a dozen people from Aaron’s work present at this dinner. (I’m not sure where his other co-workers ended up for the evening. But, alas, I digress.)

For whatever reason, Alex and I noticed a large group of people at the table directly behind me. They had finished their entrées and were joyfully passing around a giant piece of chocolate cake. This cake caught our eye. We made a quiet comment about the presentation of the cake and how it most likely tasted delicious.

All of a sudden, some guy at the other table started passing the plates to me. I thought he was just taunting me at first, but he kept insisting that there wasn’t enough people to finish the cake and it would just go to waste at the end of the evening. I shrugged my shoulders and took the plate…and thanked him profusely for sharing.

This is the point in the story when things get a tad crazy (because I was laughing so hard I can’t remember all the details). The people behind me kept tapping my shoulder and passing random plates with cake on it. The funny thing was the guy that was passing all the plates kept acting like I was begging for the cake and he was giving into my demands (like it was a hostage situation or something). Eventually, everyone was rolling on the floor in mass laughter and I had a huge pile of chocolate cake in front of me (and one random piece of untouched strawberry cheesecake).

I will end this story by mentioning that the cake was by far the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had in my life. And at the end of the evening, the guy at the other table tapped my shoulder one last time to offer me his group bill. When I declined, he heckled me for another 5 minutes and had everyone at my table to join in on the heckling. It was a dinner and a show!!!

Yah. I really can’t do this justice, but I thought I would write down this little memory so I can giggle at the silliness later. Maybe Alex (or Aaron) should try and blog about it as well…it’s late and I need to go to bed now (and eat the rest of the chocolate cake that I brought back to my room).


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