52home: Week 37

I need to accept the fact that I will always be a month behind when it comes to posting pictures on our blog. Oh well…at least I get to it eventually!!!

My Beautiful Blonde Babe
Saturday 9/3/2011 • 2:35pm

Weekend at Oma + Opa's House
[ONE] Sunday 9/4/2011 • 3:10pm

My parents asked if they could watch Naomi for three days during the Labor Day weekend. It was nice to relax and enjoy some non-kid activities while she was gone. By Tuesday morning, we really missed our little blonde beauty.

Summer Concert Series at Arbor Crest: Meet Revolver
[TWO] Sunday 9/4/2011 • 4:44pm

Since Naomi was spending the next few days at my parents house, Aaron and I decided to take a drive up to Arbor Crest Winery (a 21 and older location) to hear a Beatles cover band called “Meet Revolver”. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of the band!!! They were a cute bunch of old guys dressed up in their suit/tie outfits and they all wore mop top wigs. We mostly spent the evening enjoying our picnic dinner…while watching the sun set and listening to our favorite songs playing in the background. We grabbed a bottle of Riesling while we were there and shared some great conversations that night. It was great to have a date with my husband…

Look What I Found While Deep Cleaning Our House
[ONE] Monday 9/5/2011 • 9:56am

I took an opportunity to deep clean the house while Naomi was gone. She likes to hide toys in random places around the house. It was nice to see little reminders of my favorite 2 year old while she was with my parents. Maybe I should clean more often…I think she would have more toys to play with if they were all in one place. Before I started cleaning the house, we were able to enjoy some breakfast at Ferguson’s and then have an amazing time of quiet reading at The Rocket. We then had a nice, leisure stroll back home…enjoying the last day of summer the entire way.

Beer + Theology with some Peeps from The Porch
[TWO] Monday 9/5/2011 • 10:22pm

Fun Treasures
Tuesday 9/6/2011 • 11:01am

Emily is so thoughtful!!! As soon as she found out we were pregnant, she went out of her way to bring us some “Congratulations” presents. Naomi loves her flamingo gifts!!! Most days, she is running around the house with Mingo between her legs…exclaiming “wee-ha”.

Pouring Money Down the Drain
Wednesday 9/7/2011 • 6:37pm

This toilet is going to be the death of me. I broke a little plastic piece in the tank a few months ago, and it has been nothing but one thing after another since that fateful day. Aaron has replaced every part in this toilet!!! As he so cleverly likes to put it, “A trip to the hardware store is never complete without two more.” At one point, I told him to just go and buy a new one!!! He managed to fix everything without replacing the entire thing, but now it looks like the linoleum may have some water damage around the toilet. So, we might get some new flooring this year after all. Ugh…

Epic Fail
Thursday 9/8/2011 • 12:13pm

I don’t know what my problem is when it comes to busy days. I never take pictures!!! It seems like the only time I remember to take pictures is when I’m bored out of my mind…instead of like normal people and take pictures at at special events. Today, I had a cupcake date with friends, went to my first ultrasound appointment and had dinner with the Zemke’s. Not one picture at any of these events. Oh well…here’s a cute picture of Naomi instead. She’s pretending to sleep at a restaurant…

Guys Weekend: Day One
Friday 9/9/2011 • 2:48pm

Aaron took the camera during his four day “Guys Weekend”. Maybe I will have him blog about his adventures. Here’s one picture from the first day of his trip…