Facebook Status Updates (July)

— Dana

When I post all the status updates in one location, I can see how often I’m posting!!! Holy crap I need to calm down on the status updates. I’m usually on Facebook while Naomi is watching a movie  in the morning (and I’m finished with work)…when she’s taking a nap…while Aaron is cooking dinner…and when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night. Maybe I should read a book or something (that’s what Aaron tells me all the time). Oh well…here’s July 2011.


By Aaron Kangas

Ah barbecues, the best kind of party.
July 3 at 4:48pm

what a relaxing weekend
July 17 at 3:10pm

July 21 at 10:03pm

Today’s Pros: Got a drum set. Today’s Cons: Can’t find my wallet.
July 27 at 6:51pm

Berry picking and band practice. Friends, fun and memories.
July 31 at 9:09pm


By Dana Kangas

I cashed in my Lasagna’s On Ya and Halletts Chocolates Groupons last night. Amazing dinner and dessert!!!
July 1 at 7:42am

I love my friends in Nine Mile…
July 1 at 2:05pm

So far today has been my first favorite day of summer. We have some fun plans for the next two days.
July 2 at 8:13pm

Yesterday was great…now let’s see if we can make it two days in a row. The only plans we have are strawberries at Greenbluff and swimming.
July 3 at 9:54am

I saw my grandma this evening and I asked her if she could remember every fireworks show throughout her years on this earth. She tried to remember them all, but she quickly lost count. Then, I started to wonder what fireworks will look like when I’m in my 70s.
July 5 at 12:01am

It’s so quiet in our house…with only two people. I think Naomi misses Ben, Alyson Meginniss and Aaron Daniel Kangas this morning. It was a fun four days of laughter and adventure.
July 5 at 9:12am

I finally found something to replace the moldy Target wicker baskets that left me feeling disappointed last week. Thank you, Alyson Meginniss, for helping me look for something yesterday. I like them more and more each passing hour.
July 5 at 1:36pm

It’s interesting how one phone call in the middle of the night can change life as you know it…
July 5 at 11:23pm

I was just thinking/praying in the living room…in the dark…this evening. All of a sudden Naomi’s musical table started talking for no reason. It said “Open”, “Red” and “Hello”. I am not kidding, people. FREAKED ME OUT!!! I immediately flipped the light on and no one was there. So I ran into the bedroom and made Aaron cuddle with me.
July 5 at 11:35pm

‎3 hours of sleep = tired Dana
July 6 at 7:50am

Why do I have work to do on the days I really need a nap?
July 6 at 1:14pm

‎”If it were easy, you would have done it earlier…” – Aaron Daniel Kangas
July 6 at 5:28pm

Dear Sun,
Thanks for showing up today for our annual “9 hours of Splashdown to celebrate the day Shaelyn was born”. However, it would have been really nice to come home without a sunburn. Oh well. There’s always next year.
Dana Kangas
July 7 at 9:59pm

Time goes by so fast…people go in and out of your life. I’ve learned over the years that you must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you. Thanks Bridget Harrell Wharton for hanging out with me today. Let’s hope that 5 months don’t pass by before we get to visit again.
July 8 at 2:12pm

Even though Naomi can say “computer”, I love it when she calls it a “pewgoo”.
July 9 at 7:52am

We had a wonderful field trip to Spokane Family Farm today. They have the best milk I’ve ever tasted!!! It takes only 12 hours from cow to the grocery store (they milk, pasteurize, bottle and deliver their own milk). Call them today and go visit their dairy…
July 9 at 2:32pm

Cool Trick Alert: Unprompted by anyone, Naomi can now balance a spoon on the end of her nose. Tim Kenagy and Amy Kenagy are witnesses to this amazing feat. (Thanks for dinner, Kenagy’s…)
July 9 at 11:32pm

I am completely sweetened out right now after Katie Garringer McCaslin’s “Candyland Theme” birthday party for Taylor. Naomi, on the other hand, is moving around the house faster than ever and didn’t take a nap. I wonder when she’ll quit orbiting the house so she can go to bed.
July 10 at 8:38pm

Just sitting in the toy room…enjoying a bite of my key lime pie that I made last night with Aaron (first time making both graham cracker crust and key lime pie)…while looking at the flock of flamingos in my front yard (delivered by Emily Durr Hutchens). It’s going to be a good day…
July 11 at 9:11am

Happy 7-11 Day. We are on our way to get free slurpees!!!
July 11 at 11:46am

Do you ever feel like yelling into a pillow will just make everything better?
July 11 at 4:23pm

Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait to hear the answer. I love you Aaron Daniel Kangas, Sarah Miller, Matt Miller, Emily Durr Hutchens and Jameus Hutchens. Thanks for bringing joy into my day.
July 11 at 10:00pm

Today is going to be a good day!!! Today is going to be a good day!!! Today is going to be a good day!!! Today is going to be a good day!!! Today is going to be a good day!!! Today is going to be a good day!!! Today is going to be a good day!!! Today is going to be a good day!!!
July 12 at 8:33am

Something I need to get better at: “Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.” – Romans 12:12
July 12 at 10:55pm

The current weather makes me happy.
July 13 at 8:43am

Believe it or not, I am 10,500 days old today. That’s a lot of days.
July 14 at 7:42am

Great birthday lunch with my favorite Dana. Dana Knight Oswald I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become. Can you believe we’ve been friends for 18 years? Happy Birthday, friend.
July 14 at 4:32pm

The trouble with being a parent is that by the time you are experienced, you are unemployed.
July 14 at 8:27pm

I’m really looking forward to my 24 hour date with Aaron Daniel Kangas. We might go to the Underground Tour while we’re in Seattle. (Good luck, Emily Durr Hutchens, at the Warrior Dash!!!)
July 15 at 6:30am

I was picking a pint of raspberries in my back yard when all of a sudden my cat started running around in the grass like a deranged kitty. Aaron just informed me that he put catnip in the cat’s food this morning…because he felt like the kitty need to “lighten-up” today. I should lock the cat in his office. 🙂
July 15 at 8:40am

I love how my husband moves at the same speed that I do…when we walk, talk, drive, eat… Thank you, Seattle, for hosting our much needed weekend date.
July 17 at 8:58am

I decided I want to be in a flash mob.
July 17 at 10:29am

WWWWHHHHHYYYYY???? I’m really not excited about a $325 fraud charge on my account to a jewelry store in California. Dana Knight Oswald you were right…debit cards are the devil!!!
July 17 at 4:22pm

Dear Sun,
I am taking a gaggle of kids to Coeur d’Alene Lake today. Please refrain from burning my precious skin this time.
Yours Truly,
Dana Kangas
July 18 at 9:50am

The further away I get from having a newborn, the less I want to have another one. I have to remind myself that children are a blessing from the Lord. “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them!” (Psalm 127:3-5)
July 18 at 6:39pm

Today marks the first day Naomi played in the park by herself with her friends…while I sat on the blanket and talked with my friends and watched her from a distance. We’ve finally arrived.
July 19 at 12:55pm

Naomi just went to her first movie in the theater. **sniff** She’s so grown up…
July 20 at 12:04pm

Holy Raspberry Bumper Crop, Batman.
July 20 at 12:43pm

Who knew two sticks, a few bungee cords with hooks and a truck bed could keep two toddlers entertained for over an hour.
July 20 at 9:26pm

Oh, blessed pajama day…we meet again. It’s been far too long.
July 21 at 9:05am

I love going for a walk with my daughter. She always makes something boring, like going to the bank, an adventure in disguise. We also made a spontaneous trip to the used book store on Garland and visited the cupcake store, too. She brought a smile to many faces today.
July 22 at 1:59pm

I love listening to Naomi and her grandma, Sandy, play together. It’s like music to my ears…
July 23 at 9:51am

After handing me her toy ice cream…
Naomi said:
Naomi: “This is dirty.”
Dana: “How do you know it’s dirty?”
Naomi: “I put it in the dog’s butt.”
Dana: “Nice.”
July 23 at 4:10pm

The only positive thing about having insomnia until after 3:30am is that I finished half my book last night.
July 24 at 7:54am

Looking forward to getting out of my funk and participating in the Spokane Summer Parkways this afternoon.
July 24 at 10:53am

Almost done with Baby Step 3.
July 25 at 11:18am

A beautiful way to spend a Monday morning and afternoon is to take the chitlins to Chuck E. Cheese and Azteca and only spend $10 for the entire experience. Now, time for a nap.
July 25 at 2:39pm

I think I could actually enjoy shopping if they were all like today.
July 26 at 1:18pm

Dear Bed,
Thanks for hosting my 11 hour sleep marathon last night. After sleeping 3-4 hours each night the last month, I know you were missing me. Lets meet again soon, okay?
Your Truly,
Dana Kangas
July 27 at 1:47pm

Another great day today!!! Free movie at The Garland with the kids…fun at the Jump-N-Party…Naomi actually took a good nap today…Aaron finally got his drum set (happy “get out of debt seven months late” present, sweetheart)…ice cream and pizza dinner in Coeur d’Alene…we found Aaron’s wallet (it was missing for two days) at the Wandermere Cinemas.
July 27 at 8:35pm

From ’04 to ’08 credit card users were spending $2.1 billion MORE in purchases than they were in credit card bill payments. -TransUnion (from Dave Ramsey)
July 28 at 8:56am

I’m finally catching up on my ever expanding thank you note list. My hand just started cramping up from writing and typing today. Maybe Aaron will have pity on me and make me some cookie dough…
July 28 at 3:42pm

Top six books that changed the way I view life…in no particular order:
“The Hurried Child” by David Elkind
“The Gospel Primer” by Milton Vincent
“O2” by Richard Dahlstrom
“A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller
“The Wounded Healer” by Henri Nouwen
“Boundaries” by Cloud & Townsend
July 29 at 10:59am

Even though it’s been two whole weeks since our cat was shaved like a lion, I still giggle when he walks into the room.
July 30 at 9:40am

Will someone just tell my ovaries to work properly. That’d be great. Thanks.
July 30 at 10:54pm

I went to the bank and asked for a credit limit increase because I cannot pay my bills. They turned me down. I even told them that I will reduce my budget allocations by eighty dollars for the next year. Should I reduce my karate defense spending or perhaps I should get some more pork? Perhaps I should give some money to the kids. Then we can forget about the problems and bask in the short term glow.
July 31 at 9:22am

We had a wonderful day with my family and the Meginniss Family…picking raspberries and huckleberries in the woods.
July 31 at 9:07pm