Facebook Status Updates (August)

— Dana

I think, in general, girls talk more than boys. This is proven by the number of my status updates vs. Aaron’s status updates in August 2011!!!


By Aaron Kangas

What a great roadtrip!
August 4 at 6:30am

Last night, I made spaghetti with herbs straight from the garden. Pretty awesome.
August 11 at 6:25am

Picked the first squash of the year out of my garden this morning.
August 19 at 9:52am

What a great time last night. (Chillin’ in Chattaroy)
August 21 at 12:09pm

Mt. Spokane is beautiful this time of year
August 27 at 4:56pm

Last waterslides of the summer… sad, but sweet.
August 30 at 10:02pm


By Dana Kangas

Dear person on the other line that keeps trying to send a fax…
You woke me up numerous times this morning. Please stop calling my house. My ear cannot receive faxes.
Yours Truly,
Dana Kangas
August 1 at 8:34am

‎”I just ate my beautiful nose.” – Naomi
August 1 at 5:34pm

Another lovely day of playing with Emily Durr Hutchens’ girls in the morning…and the Jump-N-Party/Red Robin with the lovely Courtney Pegram and her charming boys in the afternoon. Taking a quick rest before getting Alyson Meginniss + Ben for a three day/two night sleep over.
August 2 at 2:26pm

Feeling lazy today after our 16 hour road trip to Seattle and back yesterday. Good times.
August 4 at 9:32am

Prayer is funny sometimes. I asked the Lord this week if I should go in a particular direction, and then I get an unexpected email that in a round about way confirmed that I should go in that direction. However, the email made me cry. All good things must come to an end. Here’s to a new adventure…
August 4 at 3:40pm

Evidence that we’re the best parents…
Dana: What did you feed Naomi for dinner?
Aaron: A graham cracker. What did you feed her?
Dana: Love and kisses…it’s what makes the world go round.
Aaron: Ah…we’re such good parents.
Aaron: Hang on. I thought centripedal force and initial velocity were what made the world go round
Dana: Right.
August 4 at 10:15pm

Sometimes I think my husband is so amazing that I don’t know why he’s with me. I don’t know whether I’m good enough. But if I make him happy, then I’m everything I want to be. Happy Birthday, Aaron.
August 5 at 3:42pm

Naomi has been potty trained for nearly three months now. I am a big chicken and I’ve been making her wear cloth diapers to bed over night. Her diaper has been dry every night since she’s been potty trained. I finally found the courage to put her in regular underwear overnight. I’m currently praying for dry sheets and sound sleep without interruption…
August 7 at 9:34pm

VICTORIOUS!!! Naomi was dry all night. Why do I worry?
August 8 at 7:59am

√ College Application
√ FAFSA Application
Assessment Test
Register For Classes
Buy Books
Attend Classes to Become a CPA!!!!!
August 8 at 8:15am

I am loving the Spokane weather this week. I’ve also made the recent decision that I want to live in the Shadle Pool!!! What a wonderful decision that I made to take the kids to the pool…
August 8 at 3:48pm

This has been the best summer I’ve EVER had. Who knew I only needed a small army of children to make LOTS of excuses to have fun?
August 9 at 3:16pm

I’m very thankful this morning that The Meginniss Family’s Apartment didn’t catch on fire this morning. The building next to them is completely engulfed in flames and they are coming to my house to hang out. Thank you, Jesus.
August 10 at 9:30am

It’s official. I have a SFCC parking pass.
August 10 at 5:12pm

Okay people. It’s after midnight. I need to sleep. I’m scoring a sold 90% on all my practice tests online. Let’s see how I do on my English and Math placement tests at the college tomorrow.
August 11 at 12:17am

√ College Application
√ FAFSA Application
√ Assessment Test
√ Register For Classes
Buy Books
Attend Classes to Become a CPA!!!!!
August 11 at 12:05pm

Who would have thought that we would become “at home vegetarians”?
August 12 at 8:04am

Dear Jesus,
There’s a lot of bad news this week. If you could send some good news I would really appreciate it.
Dana Kangas
August 12 at 9:41pm

Why can I keep the rest of the house clean, but the dishes taunt me from the sink? Dishes, you are my arch-nemesis!!!
August 13 at 8:59am

Enjoyed an afternoon of wrangling bees. Thanks Catherine Donnelly!!! We enjoyed our honey toast when we got home. 🙂
August 13 at 12:47pm

I woke up this morning and thought I was late to my first day of school. I think I’m a little freaked out that I started with Macro Economics as my first class…
August 14 at 10:23am

Should I eat the entire bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips? I haven’t decided yet…
August 14 at 4:18pm

It’s a beautiful day to go see my parents in the woods…
August 15 at 8:21am

Naomi looked at our mini statue of “The David” and exclaimed, “Look, it’s Josiah!!!” Aaron and I almost spit out our coffee. There you go, Josiah Hertel. Naomi is thinking about you this morning in a semi-disturbing way.
August 15 at 9:55am

After a spending a lovely afternoon at Audubon Park, I took Naomi and Shaelyn to the Shadle Pool. I could seriously live at the pool. After work, Aaron rode his bike to the pool for an afternoon swim. He then went to Safeway to pick up a frozen pizza for dinner…and strapped it to the back of his bike. Mmmm…bike pizza.
August 16 at 5:01pm

I love this documentary. Totally changed my life. You can go watch it at Sun People Dry Goods, or find it on “Watch It Now” on Netflix. FREE Film Showing of “No Impact Man”.
August 16 at 5:02pm

Type your name: Dana Kangas
Without Vowels: Dn Kngs
With your eyes closed: Dana Kangas (that was too easy)
Hit your keyboard with your head: bh (bh indeed)
August 17 at 6:10am

Dear Jesus,
When I said I was tired of hearing bad news all the time, I wasn’t joking. Remember, I said more good news would be nice. Just sayin’…
Yours Truly,
Dana Kangas
August 17 at 6:21am

I just went upstairs to get Naomi…and I thought Shaelyn was awake as well. Shaelyn starting saying, “No, that’s not your water bottle. Your water bottle is over there.” before I realized she was talking in her sleep.
August 17 at 8:06am

SHOOT. I just realized that I totally forgot to order my Bountiful Baskets for this week. DOH!!! Did anyone happen to order one on accident that they would like to sell to me? Anyone?
August 17 at 2:59pm

Sometimes, I wish my name was Hamish. Then everyone would be smiling when they hear my name…because they would be thinking about their favorite smoked meat.
August 17 at 3:16pm

We had a great two days with Shaelyn!!! Looking forward to Splashdown today with my other adopted children.
August 18 at 8:02am

Well, we did it…we purchased a Season Pass for Splashdown. That’s where you will find me from Memorial Day through Labor Day…this year and next year. 🙂
August 19 at 7:44am

I had a great day today!!! Doesn’t get much better than meeting a friend at Mobius, helping two families in the afternoon and getting all my work done before the weekend.
August 19 at 5:18pm

Aaron had a great gig last night in Chattaroy with lots of great friends. To top it off we managed to complete the following:
1. Slept in
2. Walked to Ferguson’s for breakfast
3. Then walked to The Rocket for coffee/reading
4. Finally, went home and took a three hour nap
…and then my parents dropped off Naomi after a weekend at their house. If only I could gather up the energy to get to church this evening…that would be great.
August 21 at 3:20pm

That Sarah Miller girl is stinkin’ amazing.
August 22 at 8:40am

I [heart] pajama days.
August 22 at 1:16pm

It looks like a beautiful day to go visit Cat Tales.
August 23 at 8:36am

I love listening to Aaron and Naomi bang on the drums in the basement. They are too cute…
August 23 at 6:33pm

I take too many pictures.
August 23 at 9:41pm

Where was this video when Naomi was biting everyone she came in contact with? It would have come in handy…Dont Bite your friends! By Yo Gabba Gabba.

I’m actually sitting down to watch a movie…by myself…and I am paralyzed by the options. Darn you Netflix!!!
August 24 at 2:43pm

I wish I didn’t feel so exhausted this week. I need to go down to the basement and sort papers. Maybe Aaron will help me. Or better yet, maybe he will just do it for me.
August 24 at 9:05pm

Dear Tuna Fish Sandwich,
I really thought it was a good idea to feed you to my lovely daughter for dinner. Why did you have to go and make her puke at 4am? You are not welcome the second time around. How shellfish of you.
Dana Kangas
August 25 at 4:07am

We’re enjoying our FIRST flat screen TV this morning in the toy room upstairs. Thanks Holly T. Moody Meginniss for the kind gift!!!
August 25 at 8:25am

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes…our refrigerator was completely empty (except for some condiments and lettuce). I couldn’t recall a time, in the last 10 years, when it had been that empty before. It’s a good thing I had some time to waste this morning…so I could go grocery shopping!!!
August 25 at 12:28pm

Youth Symphony at Audubon Park + a little blonde two year old dancing to the music = Fun Evening.
August 25 at 9:30pm

I’ve finally caught up posting pictures (on my blog) for my 52home project!!! It’s been a great year so far…
August 26 at 8:09am

Free movie at The Garland Theater + Splashdown + Birthday Party for a cute 2 year old + Small Group BBQ = Awesome/Busy Day!!! Now, I just need to convince this heartburn to go away and my day will be complete.
August 26 at 11:12pm

There are days when I absolutely love my job as bookkeeper for churches. And then there are days when I have to do really challenging things.
August 27 at 8:28am

A beautiful day spent picking peaches at Greenbluff and looking at the city from the top of Mt. Spokane.
August 27 at 4:42pm

I totally missed an event this evening (because I fell asleep on the couch), and I was looking forward to it all month. Now, I’m all emotional and weepy.
August 27 at 8:47pm

I was able to direct all sadness (from missing an event last night) into a crazy cleaning tornado. I successfully finished a much needed “deep cleaning” of half my house before bed.
August 28 at 8:21am

I think it’s donut overload day today!!! I’m taking the kids to “Donut Parade” for the first time, and then out to Felts Field to the “Skyway Cafe” to watch the airplanes take off and land.
August 29 at 8:05am

It’s “clean out Dana’s purse day”. I really wish I was on Let’s Make a Deal” right now…I would totally win!!! The random contents of my purse include: finger nail clippers, batteries, honey sticks, wrapped hard candy, lollipop, deflated balloon, permanent marker, Romans Bible study book, small Bible, camera, bathroom air freshner spray, child’s hair clips, tiny water bottle and one dirty sock. And that is only the “weird” items that I don’t normally carry. What’s in your purse…or “man bag”?
August 29 at 4:52pm

Dear Heartburn,
I love how you always give me a nice, warm feeling in my bosom during the day (and really well into the night). However, at this point in our relationship, I think we need to part ways and find new friends. It’s not you…it’s me. Honestly, I can’t be the friend that you need me to be right now. If you want to talk, I’ll be in bed…snuggling up to the Tums bottle.
Regretfully Yours,
Dana Kangas
August 29 at 10:17pm

Today marks the end of an era.
August 30 at 12:58pm

‎Katie McCaslin…you’re in so much trouble. I am wasting my nap time on Pinterest…and it’s all your fault. I wasn’t even aware that that website existed until you started posting things on Facebook!!!
August 30 at 1:53pm

I’ve had a great year so far. I’m sitting here doing the budget for the rest of the year. Time to buckle down and stop having fun that requires money. Let’s see how creative I can be with free fall and winter activities.
August 31 at 9:09pm

I just finished updating our blog. You’ll want to create some time in your evening to read this one!!!
August 31 at 9:43pm