52home: Week 36

Now that we’ve officially announced that I’m pregnant to the world, I can get back to posting pictures again.

Introducing Naomi...The Big Sister
[ONE] Saturday 8/27/2011 • 8:02am

When I originally decided to make Naomi a “Big Sister” shirt (to announce to the world that I’m pregnant), I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to keep it a secret from everyone!!! Every time I set-up everything, someone would just show-up (unannounced) at my house. I managed to secretly finish it before the big reveal…Surprise!!!

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me
[TWO] Saturday 8/27/2011 • 11:11am  

My mom really wanted to go to Greenbluff for her birthday…so everyone could pick peaches as a family. The ONLY farm that had ripe peaches was Siemer’s (they’re my favorite anyway). It was a perfect location to eat peaches straight from the tree and share some great news!!! For a few weeks, Aaron and I knew we were pregnant…and we wanted to announce it on my mom’s birthday. With a little hint here and there, everyone eventually noticed Naomi’s “Big Sister” shirt. It was a beautiful day to celebrate two wonderful occasions on the farm.

Going the Extra Mile (Happy Birthday, Mom)
[THREE] Saturday 8/27/2011 • 2:05pm

The one (and only) thing my lovely husband wanted to do this summer was drive to the top of Mt. Spokane. The summer is almost over!!! So, we decided to make the long trek up the mountain when we were done picking peaches. It’s really an amazing view at the top…and the rock lookout building is spectacular. I hope we can go up there again soon!!!

Party at The Porch
Sunday 8/28/2011 • 5:29pm

Donut Parade + Sky High Cafe
[ONE] Monday 8/29/2011 • 12:34pm

It dawned on me that the first day of school is just around the corner, so I decided to take the kids on one last adventure before they had to go back to school. Everyone thought it would be fun to visit two “new-to-us” restaurants…Donut Parade and Sky High Cafe (at Felts Field). Since donuts make me really sick, I was able to sit and enjoy the atmosphere at Donut Parade. According to a few newspaper articles (that were on the wall next to our booth), Donut Parade was lucky enough to be featured in a few movies when they were being filmed in Spokane. I will have to find the list again and try to watch these locally filmed movies!!! Anyway, as soon as the kids were finished with their donuts, an old man showed up with a Cello and started playing some beautiful tunes. Naomi was completely glued to this man!!! She even recognized some of the songs and started singing along. Eventually, we decided to move along and visit Sky High Cafe before they closed. I wasn’t quite sure if the kids had had enough sugar at Donut Parade, so we decided to order some sugary drinks and a huge cinnamon roll. They really enjoyed watching the planes take off and land…as they bounced off the walls in the restaurant.

Dinner with Friends
[TWO] Monday 8/29/2011 • 6:40pm

It goes without saying that Naomi and Liam always have a great time playing with each other when they get together. While they were outside, Molly gave Aaron and I a little cooking class on how to prepare tofu. It was great to see a “live” cooking show in her kitchen. I think we can actually make tofu now!!!

Last Day at Splashdown
Tuesday 8/30/2011 • 3:53pm

The kids wanted to go to Splashdown one more time before they completely closed down for the season. It was really cold and I wasn’t feeling well that afternoon, so Aaron braved the wind and took the three kids down the slides for a few hours. I already know that we will live at Splashdown all summer next year…it’s a good thing we have Season Passes!!!

Everyone's Favorite Marble Toy
Wednesday 8/31/2011 • 9:26am

This toy has been around for over 20 years!!! My mom bought it when my sister and I were really little. It’s one of the few things we kept around the house as we were growing-up. I think it’s currently the most played with toy at our house!!! I wonder if I could get more pieces to add to the collection? Anyway, I forgot my camera when we left the house. It was a busy day filled with LOTS of kids. First, we went to an impromptu MOMs Group play date at Emily’s house. Then, I went to Catherine’s house to watch five kids while she worked on her bee hives. After that, I hurried over to my sister’s house so she could watch Naomi for the evening (Naomi officially has Life Insurance now…for whatever it’s worth to announce to the world). Overall, it was a great day today!!!

Laundry Day
Thursday 9/1/2011 • 4:17pm

Last Visit to the Jump-N-Party
Friday 9/2/2011 • 10:48am