52home: Week 35

I can already tell that I’ll have a hard time going back to “real life” when the kids go back to school. I’ve been having too much fun this summer…and my messy house can attest to that.

A Royal Visit with The Kings
[ONE] Saturday 8/20/2011 • 11:39am

We just adore Nathan and Emily King. They have the cutest offspring (including their dog, Joey)…and they always seem to be going through the same highs and lows in life as we are. Since they live in Portland, we try really hard to make time to visit with them when they’re in Spokane…and we do the same when we’re in their neck of the woods, too. I rarely take pictures when I’m having great conversations with people. And Emily is just one of those people you can have long, meaningful conversations with. It seems rude to say, “Hold that thought while I art direct this amazing photo”. I did manage to get a few pictures during our visit. I love the picture of Auntie Lena and Ezra…you can tell she’s an amazing Aunt by the way she plays with the kids.

Our Rockin' Evening
[TWO] Saturday 8/20/2011 • 7:52pm

The Best Child-Free Sabbath Day
Sunday 8/21/2011 • 1:11pm

My parents recently asked if Naomi could spend the night, so we arranged it to happen during the same night that Aaron’s band had a gig in Chattaroy. We went to bed sometime around 1am and woke-up at 9am. After some brainstorming, we decided to walk to Ferguson’s for breakfast and then go to the Rocket for coffee and reading. It was such a nice, leisure afternoon. I was still tired from all the evening activities the night before, so I took a three hour nap. My parents brought our beautiful daughter just in time to go to church. I felt incredibly well rested after this Sabbath day…

Lovin' On Liam
Monday 8/22/2011 • 6:28pm

The time had arrived to watch Liam again…so Molly and Fred could go out on a date. I usually don’t have much to do while the kids are playing and interacting with each other. So, I tend to follow them around and take pictures. My absolute favorite picture is the last one (they were playing “Hide + Seek”). Naomi did a great job hiding…don’t you think?

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!!!
[ONE] Tuesday 8/23/2011 • 10:47am

We finally found a day this summer to go see the animals at “Cat Tales”. It was quite an adventure, to say the least. I would recommend that everyone takes the time to visit this local mini-zoo at least once in their lifetime (however, Ben decided that this is a once-in-a-decade kind of zoo). I think after an entire summer of taking pictures of these three kids, they’ve finally learned how to pose and not move during a picture. Now, I only have to take a few pictures to get a good shot…instead of hundreds.

Hallett's Chocolate Date Night
[TWO] Tuesday 8/23/2011 • 4:04pm

Impromptu MOMs Group Play Date
Wednesday 8/24/2011 • 12:33pm

My friend, Emily, decided to host a lovely impromptu summer play date for the MOMs Group I attend. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and on all the water toys. Once I brought the camera out, I had kids begging me to take their picture (and also a request to look at them afterward)…and for some reason all the moms started hiding from the camera. Silly moms.

Youth Symphony Concert in the Park
Thursday 8/25/2011 • 6:15pm

The Best 2nd Birthday Party
Friday 8/26/2011 • 5:50m

This week has been busy!!! I won’t bore you with all the details, but I will mention that today was definitely a fun-filled day. I took the kids to see “Yogi Bear” at The Garland for free…and then we drove to Splashdown for an afternoon of free water sliding. After that, Naomi fell asleep in the car long enough to drive from Splashdown…to our house to pick-up Aaron…and all the way to Deer Park for a birthday party. The Pegram’s always put on a great party, and this one was no exception. It was complete with a bounce castle (it had a slide that went into a mini pool) and lots of fun treats for the kids. Courtney’s husband grilled up some mean burgers. We had to eat and run…because our Small Group was also having a summer BBQ. I was totally stuffed by the time we rolled into bed that evening. We were also exhausted from all the fun… (The first and last pictures from the party are from Courtney. She’s a professional photographer.)