52home: Week 33

I’m surprised to see how much fun we had this week. I really felt like I spent most of the week getting everything in order to go back to school to become a CPA!!!

Daddy Shorts
Saturday 8/6/2011 • 10:32am

I had a hard time taking a picture of this (I was laughing so hard and Naomi couldn’t stand still), but you can clearly see that Naomi is wearing Aaron’s nylon shorts. I wish I could recreate it for everyone that visits our house. It’s hilarious…

Enjoying an Afternoon in the Country
Sunday 8/7/2011 • 2:46pm

I’ve been enjoying some great quality time with my Grandma Jeanie lately. She is a great hostess when I feel overwhelmed by life in general. Her house in the country is so peaceful. She is also waiting for some test results to come back after a recent surgery. It made me realize that I need to spend more time with my grandma before it’s too late…

My New Favorite Place
Monday 8/8/2011 • 12:01pm

I could live at the Shadle Pool!!! It’s my new favorite place to hang out. If only I could move the Shadle Pool to my back yard…I would be one happy person. I think when I go to heaven, I will ask if I could have a recreation of the Shadle Pool in my back yard. Yah…that’s what I’ll do.

Play Date with The Speirs
Tuesday 8/9/2011 • 11:25am

Emergency Kalico Kitchen Breakfast
Wednesday 8/10/2011 • 9:53am

The building next to The Meginniss Family’s apartment complex caught on fire and altered our plans for the day. Once we figured out how to get the kids away from the fire, Holly picked the kids up at a safe place and brought them to our house. It was a bit tense when they initially arrived, so I decided to take everyone out to breakfast at The Kalico Kitchen. I love that place…and for more reasons than the fact that they have a special cup for me with my name on it.

It's Official...I'm an SFCC Student
Thursday 8/11/2011 • 8:14am

Earlier in the week, I made the decision to go back to school to become a CPA. It’s amazing how many details there are in trying to go back to college again. But, alas, I managed to complete them all in a matter of days. All I have to do is wait for my financial aid check to pay for tuition and books. Did I mention that I received a Pell Grant to go to school? That’s right…over half of my Graphic Design degree classes will transfer to my Accounting degree and I will get to go for free!!! This is such a blessing and answer to prayer…I’m looking forward to to my Macro Economics and Excel classes next month.

Tea for Two
Friday 8/12/2011 • 3:37pm

I spent the morning with The Garringer family (and I didn’t take any pictures because the kids were very busy) and the afternoon with my friend, Rose. We met at “Taste and See Tea”, a non-profit that works with local women’s shelters to provide temporary employment. It was such a beautiful little tea shop. A lovely afternoon spent with a lovely friend over a pot of tea…