52home: Week 31

Now that I’m sorting through pictures again, I just realized that I did an awful job taking pictures for this week. I’m starting to slip and I’m only half way through the year. Not a good sign…

Grandma Sandy Visit
[ONE] Saturday 7/23/2011 • 12:34pm

Aaron’s mom brought her adorable little puppy and brand new car for a visit to Spokane. We had a nice relaxing time going for a walk and hanging out around the Garland Area. On Friday, Naomi was really excited to have some alone time with Grandma Sandy while we went to Small Group. I’m so glad Sandy gets to come over here for a visit every once in awhile. We sure enjoy it…

Family Dinner at Olive Garden
[TWO] Saturday 7/23/2011 • 5:20pm

I love how cousins have this special bond with each other. We had a great dinner at Olive Garden…lots of laughs and conversations. After dinner, everyone when to Manito park while I went to Lindaman’s for our yearly meeting with Laura, Steph and Susie. I forgot my camera in the car, so no pictures of these beautiful ladies.

Happy Parents Day
Sunday 7/24/2011 • 10:11am

Sandy special ordered her new car a few months ago, and it arrived the night before she left Sequim. Sunday was her last day in Spokane, and Naomi thought it would be fun to drive Grandma Sandy’s car while she was trying to pack her luggage in the trunk. Today also happened to be “Parents Day”. What a great day to celebrate with Aaron’s mom…

Teeth Cleaning Day
[ONE] Monday 7/25/2011 • 9:05am

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid
[TWO] Monday 7/25/2011 • 11:52am

I don’t generally go to Chuck E. Cheese, but I figured it would be pretty quiet in the morning. We had lots of fun on very little money that day and worked up quiet an appetite that day. When we were done playing in the afternoon, we found ourselves at Azteca sharing one fajita meal. I can’t believe just one order fed two adults and three children…and we were all stuffed!!!

Ice Cream Date
Tuesday 7/26/2011 • 4:44pm

We moved a freezer for my grandma Jeanie and I got a massage today. Nothing really exciting happened, so I decided to take Naomi out for an ice cream date.

An Afternoon of Fun
[ONE] Wednesday 7/27/2011 • 1:19pm

We hit another free movie at The Garland Theater this month. This time we opted for “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. I wasn’t sure if Naomi would be interested in a movie about Middle School kids, but she was totally enthralled the entire time. After the movie, we went to the “Jump-N-Party” for a little play time…

New Drum Set for Aaron
[TWO] Wednesday 7/27/2011 • 6:03pm

For our “Debt Free” gifts to each other, I got a tattoo and Aaron wanted a drum set. It took us awhile to save up for a drum set, but we finally found one on Craigslist that was half the money we had saved. So, we went out for pizza and ice cream after picking up his super sweet electric drum set. We ate a lot of ice cream this week…

A Taste of Summer
Thursday 7/28/2011 • 7:48pm

Just a Normal Evening at Small Group
Friday 7/29/2011 • 5:57pm