52home: Week 29

Spokane Family Farm
[ONE] Saturday 7/9/2011 • 11:54am

The Garringer’s teenage daughter currently works for Spokane Family Farm (that’s how we heard about this local dairy). The last year, we’ve really received an ear full about milk and why we need to start buying quality stuff. We finally decided to visit Spokane Family Farm…and we managed to drag Josiah and Ben with us this time. This dairy produces the absolute BEST milk you’ll ever taste!!! Their emphasis on quality, sustainability and genuine care for their animals in unmatched. They have been up and running for two years now, and the couple does all the work themselves (except for a few teenagers that put the labels on the milk jugs). Mike milks all 30 cows (all of whom have actual names) twice a day and bottles 500 gallons of milk every other day…while Trish mucks pens, cares for calves (and all the other animals), AND takes care of three young children that they recently adopted (they have 7 kids total). Talk about AMAZING!!! On our trip to the farm, we got to pet the donkeys, hold baby kittens and bunnies, talk to all the cows, get eggs from the hen house and hear a lot of information about the dairy. When the tour was over, we were given cookies and a gallon of milk that was just bottled while we were standing there. We only purchase Spokane Family Farm milk now that we’ve visited the dairy and met the owners. At this dairy, it takes 12-36 hours from cow to store (and the other milk you buy in the store takes over a month…yuck).

Sharing a Meal with New Friends
[TWO] Saturday 7/9/2011 • 6:05pm

Naomi seems to be growing in her affection towards boys. We have to curb that behavior STAT. Our friends from church invited us over for dinner on this lovely Saturday evening. We decided to take a family nap two hours before dinner and ended up sleeping for three hours. WHOOPS!!! It’s a good thing they are a family that practices Grace and Forgiveness. Once we got our butts in gear and made it to their house we had a great evening with The Kenagy’s. Naomi had her first “Cool Trick” alert during dinner. Apparently, she can balance a spoon on her nose. Who knew?

Candyland Birthday Party
[ONE] Sunday 7/10/2011 • 2:12pm

Katie and Lori did a fantastic job creating a “Candyland” Theme Birthday party. They made the board game come to life with their life-size game that included: Plum Trees, Peanut Butter Brittle House, Peppermint Forest, Molasses Swamp, Lollipop Woods, Gumdrop Mountains and the Candy Castle. We were totally sweated out by the end of the evening, but we had to leave with one last lollipop for the car ride home.

We've Been Flocked
[TWO] Sunday 7/10/2011 • 7:20pm

I guess “Young Life” creates a fund raiser that helps raise money to send kids to camp. This year, our friends paid to have our yard flocked by a bunch of flamingos. Naomi was in love!!! This is her favorite animal…and she was convinced that they were sent straight from heaven. During her nap (the next day), a few kids from “Young Life” arrived at our house to take the flamingos away. Naomi was very sad to see that they were gone, but proceeded to tell me that they flew away to “Flamingo Island” to see their mommy and daddy. Thanks, Jameus + Emily for flocking our house. It was a great topic of discussion in our neighborhood!!!

Free Slurpees at 7-Eleven on 7-11
[ONE] Monday 7/11/2011 • 1:39pm

The Fam Dinner
[TWO] Monday 7/11/2011 • 6:41pm

For some reason I kept forgetting my camera Tuesday through Thursday. Here are a few pictures…but I missed the “major attraction” for each day. Oh well.

A Very Long Day
Tuesday 7/12/2011 • 8:33pm

This was a very busy day. I was pretty sure Naomi had a bladder infection, so I had to get her to pee in a cup when she woke-up. I then raced to the doctors office to have it checked. She ended up not having an infection. Silly girl. After our little visit to see Dr. Rehmann, we drove up the hill to a MOMs Group summer gathering. It had been a few months since I had time to visit with a number of my mom friends. I really enjoy hearing their insights on life and how they are parenting well. During Naomi’s nap, I helped my sister finish her taxes and then spent a few hours reading in our hammock. We then had a dinner date at Ty and Angela’s house…with Jenni and Lance as well. It was a houseful of kids and adults!!! They made a beautiful salmon dinner and wrapped up our busy day with Jenni’s famous S’more pie. Mmmmm….

Busy as a Bee
Wednesday 7/13/2011 • 12:58pm

I promised Naomi, Alyson and Ben that I would take them to all the pet stores in Spokane. So, between all my errands, we managed to visit all but one store. It was a busy day going in and out of the car, but the kids were such troopers and never complained once. During one of our stops, Naomi decided we need a ferret. Maybe I can talk my parents into getting one again (we had a ferret when I was little).

Thursday 7/14/2011 • 3:06pm

My sister graciously watched Naomi (at Mobius) while I went out to lunch with my friend Dana. Around 10 years ago, Dana and I decided to take each other out for lunch instead of buying gifts. This year, we went to Chili’s for her 30th birthday, and it was a great choice that afternoon!!! I always look forward to catching up with her and having a special lunch every year. Happy Birthday, Dana!!!

A New Jump-N-Party Experience
Friday 7/15/2011 • 10:47am

After I wore Naomi out a the “Jump-N-Party”, my parents arrived at our house just in time for nap. Aaron and I left town for the weekend and enjoyed a wonderful date in Seattle for a few days. Thanks to Tim + Sarah Etters for hosting us at their beautiful home. It always feels like a Bed & Breakfast when we stay at their house.