52home: Week 28

The weather has been crazy this summer. It feels more like a long, cool spring in Spokane. I love it!!!

It's July...Let the BBQs Begin
[ONE] Saturday 7/2/2011 • 2:34pm

Today marks the second day that Alyson and Ben were with us. So, we took them to an annual BBQ at the Speirs house. Lance and Jenni are great hosts, and they feed us well. The little kiddie pool was a nice touch (it kept the kids busy the entire afternoon and well into the early evening).

Chillaxin' at The Kangas Commune
[TWO] Saturday 7/2/2011 • 6:18pm

Strawberry Picking at Siemer's
Sunday 7/3/2011 • 11:07am

Since Jeannie passed away in 2008, we’ve made it a tradition to go out to Greenbluff and pick strawberries during the 4th of July weekend. This was the fourth time we’ve made it out to Siemer’s to pick strawberries. Since, Ben and Alyson were with us for the weekend, we brought them along to come enjoy our annual adventure. I think everyone ate strawberries until their faces were stained red…and then we brought home a huge flat to snack on the rest of the weekend. Ah, so many memories picking strawberries over the years…

Freedom Day BBQ
[ONE] Monday 7/4/2011 • 12:22pm

Today was the last day Alyson and Ben were visiting with us (it’s amazing how fast four days fly by). Anyway, Scott likes to host a “Freedom Day BBQ” on the 4th of July…in memory of Jeannie. This was the first year I didn’t cry my eyes out the entire time. I must be making progress in my own grieving process. It’s nice to have something like an annual event that you can use to see progress in your life.

Fireworks at The Chateaux
[TWO] Monday 7/4/2011 • 9:56pm

Special Shopping Carts for My Special Girl
Tuesday 7/5/2011 • 10:41am

We were completely out of milk, so I took Naomi with me to a shopping center that carries the “Spokane Family Farm” milk. It seemed a bit ridiculous to get a cart with a car attached to the front, but Naomi had lots of fun. And I’m all about making memories. When Naomi went down for a nap, I met Rose at Pleasant Blends for an afternoon tea time. It’s always nice to meet with her and talking about goals and dreams in a way that is mutually encouraging. Later that evening, after everyone had gone to bed, my mom called to tell me that they had been fired from their job at The Chateaux. This came as a huge surprise, but we are trying to remain hopeful that the Lord has a plan and that this is for there benefit. What a day!!!

Girls Dinner at Tiffany's House
Wednesday 7/6/2011 • 7:13pm

Splashdown for Shaelyn's Birthday
Thursday 7/7/2011 • 1:25pm

This is the fifth time I’ve taken both Malia and Shaelyn to a waterpark for Shaelyn’s birthday. Today is her 10th birthday and I can’t believe she’s in the double digits already. I remember the day she was born!!! We had so much fun this year…I forgot to take pictures of everyone playing in the water. Naomi even went down the BIG slides. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Helping with the Dishes
Friday 7/8/2011 • 8:39am

I didn’t spend much time with my camera today. The batteries died after I took pictures of Naomi helping me with the dishes. However, I had a great visit with my friend, Bridget. And then later that evening, we helped my parents move out of their apartment. It was a busy day with very little pictures to show for it. Oh well…there’s always next week.