52home: Week 27

Hooray…it’s the last week in June!!!

Date Night for the Johnson's
Saturday 6/25/2011 • 5:09pm

We spent the afternoon walking around the “Spokane Public Market”. We didn’t know that Hoopfest was going on, so it wasn’t the best day to find parking and window shop around town. Later in the evening, we watched Liam so his parents could go out on their monthly date. Liam is such a joy to have around the house. He is all smiles all the time…and can get Naomi giggling like no one else.

Perspiring Kitty
[ONE] Sunday 6/26/2011 • 2:15pm

We have plans to shave Figaro like a lion. I figured I would take a “before” picture for future reference when he’s partially bald.

My Flexible Child
[TWO] Sunday 6/26/2011 • 4:32pm

Camp Dana: An Afternoon Dip in the Pool
Monday 6/27/2011 • 10:58am

Day 2 of “Camp Dana” included swimming in the pool at The Chateaux. It was a breezy day and my parents decided to keep the heater off for the summer. So it was definitely a chilly experience for the end of June.

Getting Her Many Hairs Cut
[ONE] Tuesday 6/28/2011 • 11:27am

My sister informed me that she’s the only one that can cut my daughter’s hair. Naomi needed a haircut, so off we went to “Auntie Gee’s Salon” for the afternoon. This haircut also included a complementary tea time with “Oma + Opa”.

Afternoon Date with My Favorite Naomi
[TWO] Tuesday 6/28/2011 • 5:42pm

After Naomi and I went on our mommy-daughter date, we picked up Aaron and arrived at the Miller’s house for dinner . We were invited over to visit with Nerea while she was still in town. I didn’t take any pictures, but a good time was had by all.

Camp Dana: Manito Park
Wednesday 6/29/2011 • 12:01pm

Day 3 of “Camp Dana” consisted of: playing at Manito Park, field trip to Holly’s work, drinks at Sonic and burgers/fries at Red Robin (all for under $10). I could get use to this summer fun really quick!!!

Optometrist Appointment
Thursday 6/30/2011 • 8:43am

I’ve been trying to get Naomi into a Pediatric Optometrist for months. Her left eye randomly closes and I wanted to make sure her sight was okay. Apparently, she has a muscle issue not an optical problem. It was sort of a waste of time, but I’m glad I went for peace of mind.

I Heart Flowers
Friday 7/1/2011 • 3:24pm

After spending the morning with The Garringers (sorry, no photos) and the afternoon lounging around with Aaron, we went to Small Group and brought Alyson and Ben home for a four day weekend. It was Holly’s birthday present from us, and I hope she enjoyed her four days/three nights of peace and quiet without kids. I know I would!!! Happy Birthday, Holly.