52home: Week 25

Here’s a pretty mellow week after our long road trip…

Hosting Molly's Baby Shower
[ONE] Saturday 6/11/2011 • 11:11am

Evening Bike Ride
[TWO] Saturday 6/11/2011 • 6:55pm

I forgot to put a few presents in Molly’s car before she left the Baby Shower. Since they only live a few blocks from our house, we decided to go for an evening bike ride. Naomi totally has a crush on Liam (I think it’s cute), so she was really excited to get in her bike cart and put her helmet on. On the way home, she got her foot stuck in her helmet. I, being the good mom that I am, took a picture of how ridiculous she looked before getting her foot out.

A Good Outlook on Life
Sunday 6/12/2011 • 9:09am

New Play Dough Table
Monday 6/13/2011 • 10:54am

Tuesday 6/14/2011 • 4:48pm

Helping Oma + Opa at The Chateaux
Wednesday 6/15/2011 • 12:27pm

Surgery Day for My Grandma Jeanie
Thursday 6/16/2011 • 3:32pm

My dear G’ma Jeanie had a stint put in the main artery that goes down both legs. She was feeling well enough to stop for some Huckleberry ice cream at The Ram on her way home. The surgery was such a blessing in her life. That same day, she could walk longer and farther without getting tired. Thank God for advancements in the medical industry.

It's a Beautiful Day for a Walk
Friday 6/17/2011 • 1:03pm