52home: Week 24

Look at me…I’m making great progress. One of these days, I’ll be completely caught up on my 52home Project!!! Hey, a girl can have dreams, okay?

A Keehn Breakfast
[ONE] Saturday 6/4/2011 • 8:57am

We stopped at my grandparents house on our way out of town. My G’pa Don made the most delicious pancakes. We had a wonderful visit with both grandparents and my Aunt before getting back in the car and driving hundreds of miles north to Mt. Shasta.

Mt. Shasta Reunion
[TWO] Saturday 6/4/2011 • 6:21pm

It’s been 10 years since I’ve been able to go visit Grans, my paternal grandma. My Uncle Lance is currently living with her, so it was also a special treat to see him as well. I think the last time I saw him I was in High School and he came to my soccer game as he was driving through town.

A Day With My Paternal Family
[ONE] Sunday 6/5/2011 • 11:30am

We spent the morning walking around their property and feeding the animals. Later in the afternoon, our little family went to the town of Mt. Shasta and passed the time with window shopping, reading books and sipping coffee. We had lunch at this amazing Italian Restaurant (I’m still thinking about the meal I ate…it was just that good). Grans was working, so we stopped by her little shop and gave her a big hug and kiss before we left. I hope to visit with that side of the family more often than once a decade!!!

Driving Through Three States in One Day
[TWO] Sunday 6/5/2011 • 1:49pm

We left Mt. Shasta, CA and drove straight through Oregon…and right into Washington in one day. It was our longest stretch during our road trip. Up until this point, Naomi was enjoying all the special treats and attention from family and friends. But all of a sudden, she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, “Mommy, I want to sleep in my bed at home.” So, we decided to cut the last week of our trip a few days short. Looking back, this decision was for the best. Naomi was such a joy to be around the entire time we were gone. After driving 2,400 miles, we were sure she would have her fair share of meltdowns. However, she didn’t cry and never complained about being in the car for 6+ hours without stopping. 

Good-bye Battle Ground...Hello Spokane
Monday 6/6/2011 • 12:05pm

My grandparents are always wonderful hosts. We often feel like we are getting a great deal on a Bed + Breakfast when we stay at their house. Thanks again, G’pa Carroll + G’ma Eleanor for letting us stay at your house!!! When we finally made it home, we decided to put her in her “big girl bed” for the first time and start potty training. She did surprisingly well with both…she makes me so proud!!!

Sleeping in Her "Big Girl Bed"
Tuesday 6/7/2011 • 3:12pm

Volunteer of the Year Banquet for Holly
Wednesday 6/8/2011 • 5:54pm

My parents were very anxious to see Naomi (since we had been gone on our trip for a few weeks), so they offered to watch her while we went out. We were able to go to Holly’s banquet and then took the opportunity to go out and celebrate our 9 year anniversary (a few weeks early). I also had my FIRST Coca-Cola EVER. It was a pretty fun evening…

Liam's 3rd Birthday Party
[ONE] Thursday 6/9/2011 • 12:33pm

Malia's 8th Grade Graduation
[TWO] Thursday 6/9/2011 • 7:01pm

Small Group Birthday Party for Robbin
Friday 6/10/2011 • 6:48pm