52home: Week 23

Finally, here’s some photos from June!!! And the first half of our road trip…I took way too many pictures.

And Our Trip Begins...Hello Portland
Friday 5/27/2011 • 8:22pm

Good Morning at The McGarry's
[ONE] Saturday 5/28/2011 • 9:26am

That is Sarah pretending to be a waitress in a restaurant
and applying make-up on all the children.

Our Road Trip Continues (First Stop...Disc Golf)
[TWO] Saturday 5/28/2011 • 2:13pm

The Famous Applegate Christian Fellowship
[ONE] Sunday 5/29/2011 • 10:05am

Since the McG’s decided to get married on the same day we did, the topic of wedding locations has come up over the years. The church we visited in Medford was the church they exchanged wedding vows almost nine years ago. It is such a beautiful outdoor amphitheater!!! Naomi missed the first 30 minutes of the church service because she fell asleep in the car during our long morning commute. Since she’s a toddler now, I rarely get the opportunity to cuddle with her while she’s asleep. It was a beautiful morning…and great to worship again with our friends.

Happy Birthday, Jameus
[TWO] Sunday 5/29/2011 • 6:34pm

May wouldn’t be complete without celebrating Jameus’ birthday in style: homemade pie, proper photo journalism, licking the birthday plates clean, board games and telephone pictionary. We know how to do birthdays right!!!

Crater Lake + Nature Hikes
[ONE] Monday 5/30/2011 • 11:21am

Naomi's First Hot Tub Experience
[TWO] Monday 5/30/2011 • 7:07pm

Girls Afternoon in Ashland, Oregon
[ONE] Tuesday 5/31/2011 • 1:55pm

Traditional Fam Photoshoot
[TWO] Tuesday 5/31/2011 • 6:49pm

Medford Children's Museum
[ONE] Wednesday 6/1/2011 • 10:18am

While the guys were having a lovely breakfast together in Medford, the ladies took all the kids to the local Children’s Museum. It was a great way to spend a morning before getting into the car for another 6 hour drive.

Good-Bye Oregon. Hello California.
[TWO] Wednesday 6/1/2011 • 3:36pm

It was really hard to say good-bye to our amazing friends. However, once we were in the car, our excitement rose as we drove south to sunny California. There was a gaggle of people waiting to meeting Naomi for the first time. We were also excited to cross the state line when the overall mileage on our car hit “123456”. Don’t worry…we know we’re weird.


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  1. I love the photos! You are going to have to send us a disc. And I love that you captured the 123456 mileage! You are adorable friends! I am so glad that you got to see where we were married. Even though it was cold and sprinkley…

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