52home: Week 23 (Continued)

I think hit my record for “most photos in one post”, so I decided to separate our week into two separate blog entries. Here is the second half of our road trip.

The Beautiful Bodega Bay, California
[ONE] Thursday 6/2/2011 • 11:42am

Bodega Bay was the setting for the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds” (I still need to watch that movie). My grandparents love to take us to this beach. It is quiet, calm and absolutely gorgeous this time of year. They also love to treat us to “The Tides Wharf & Restaurant”. Naomi did exceptionally well for a toddler in a fancy restaurant. A whole two hours of causal dinning without getting out of her seat!!! Someone call Guinness…there has been a new record set in our family.

Walking Through the Redwood Forest
[TWO] Thursday 6/2/2011 • 4:01pm

I love the Redwood Forest. My mom was married in the Redwood Amphitheater many years before I was born. I think the love for this place is in my blood. It has been a tradition of mine to find new paths and discover new sites whenever I visit. Naomi found a great path that my grandparents had never walked on (and they come here often). Whenever I stand under the big Redwood trees, I’m constantly in awe of God as the Creator. These trees are gigantic and they make me feel really small. And yet the Lord loves me and cares about little ol’ me. Anyway, some of the Redwood trees had fallen from a recent wind storm. I thought they looked HUGE when they were upright. But when you stand next to one that has fallen, you feel as though you are as small as an ant and are thankful that you weren’t nearby to see it fall. Could you imagine what the earth felt like when it hit the ground?

Swimming with "The Greats"
[THREE] Thursday 6/2/2011 • 6:53pm

Exploring the Russian River
[ONE] Friday 6/3/2011 • 11:11am

Friendly Family Visit
[TWO] Friday 6/3/2011 • 2:24pm

Surprise Dinner with more "Greats"
[THREE] Friday 6/3/2011 • 7:45pm

My G’pa Don + Brenda were only available Friday evening and Saturday morning. So, we took the opportunity to visit with them at dinner time and again the next morning for breakfast. What we didn’t know was that they planned a surprise visit from my Aunt Debbie and Step-Brother Jeremy. My Aunt is my G’pa Don’s daughter, but Jeremy has no blood relations with my Grandparents. I thought it was a nice gesture to think of us and invite everyone over for dinner, so we could get as much visiting as we could in just one evening.