52home: Week 22

I am beginning to think once a week was a bit more than I could chew. Maybe I should have opted for once a month. Oh well…here’s some pictures from over a month ago.

Hosting a Lovely Baby Shower for Jenni
[ONE] Saturday 5/21/2011 • 11:35am

A Rockin' Good Time
[TWO] Saturday 5/21/2011 • 9:06pm

Good Morning, Alyson
Sunday 5/22/2011 • 8:17am

Once a month, Aaron has a gig with his band. It usually starts after Naomi goes to bed. So, we kiss Naomi good night and put her to bed…and Alyson hangs out around the house in case of any emergencies. Since Alyson is always so gracious to come over and spend the night while we go out, we like to thank her for her services by giving her her favorite breakfast the next morning…bacon.

Naomi's New Best Friends
Monday 5/23/2011 • 7:59am

Snack Time
Tuesday 5/24/2011 • 10:28am

Playing In The Grass
Wednesday 5/25/2011 • 12:42pm

Our Various Beverages of Choice
Thursday 5/26/2011 • 5:01pm

All Packed For Our Road Trip
Friday 5/27/2011 • 4:13pm

We were just waiting for Aaron to get off work, so we could leave for our two week road trip. Naomi started making wishes that he would hurry up…