Kangas Quotes (May)

— Dana

I need to write down more quotes when they actually happen (instead of relying on my brain to remember them). Here are a few little ditties I can remember from this month…

Aaron: “Are you going to leave your laptop downstairs in the basement?”
Dana: “Yes. Why do you ask?”
Aaron: “What if it gets lonely?”


Ben: “I better show you how cute this is before I destroy it…”


Naomi: “Mommy…whatcha doooin?”
Dana: “I’m laying down because my tummy hurts.”
Naomi: “You need medicine.”
Dana: “Actually, what I really need is for you to pray for my tummy.”
Naomi: (Folding her hands and closing her eyes) “Dear Jesus, thank you for my mommy. Please help her tummy to feel better. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”
Dana: (Tears start to well up in my eyes) “Thank you, Naomi, for that sweet prayer. I think my tummy feels better already.”
Naomi: “Praise the Lord.”


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