52home: Week 21

I missed one from last week…

Waiting For My Endocrinologist
Friday 5/13/2011 • 3:06pm

…that’s better. Now I can move on to week 21!!!

A Wonderful Day of Rest
Saturday 5/14/2011 • 2:45pm

An Everyday Obsession...Woody + Buzz on a String
[ONE] Sunday 5/15/2011 • 10:13am

An Evening Meal for The Donnelly Family
[TWO] Sunday 5/15/2011 • 4:45pm

My wonderful friend, Catherine, lost her husband to a heart attack a few months ago…while she was pregnant with her fifth child. Naomi and I had a free evening this week to bring Catherine and her family a meal after Lilly was born. At just two weeks, this baby girl is such a sweetheart. If you think about it, please pray for The Donnelly Family as they adjust to all the new changes in their life.

Naomi + Gracie's Secret Meeting at The Porch
[THREE] Sunday 5/15/2011 • 6:59pm

Waiting For Ben
[ONE] Monday 5/16/2011 • 6:04am

Photo courtesy of Aaron Kangas.

My Working From Home "Perks"
[TWO] Monday 5/16/2011 • 3:30pm

Yes, that is dirt in Naomi’s hair. And yes, I am working while lounging in our porch swing outside. It’s pretty sweet…I’m not gonna to lie.

An Evening Meal for The Speirs Family
[THREE] Monday 5/20/2011 • 6:47pm

I was busy holding baby Zach to take any pictures of just him. However, I did manage to get pictures of Naomi trying to kiss Nate. It was pretty cute…but I think we need to work on “appropriate touch” with friends.

Broken Car Key
[ONE] Tuesday 5/17/2011 • 2:39pm

Aaron was on his way to Mobius when his car key broke off in the driver’s side door. We ended up calling a Mobile Locksmith to come to our house and remove the broken key. I never thought I would say this, but I am thankful for Mobile Locksmiths.

New Plants For Our Mini Garden
[TWO] Tuesday 5/17/2011 • 6:18pm

Naomi's New "Sunglasses" + My Latest Project
[ONE] Wednesday 5/18/2011 • 9:22am

Naomi has been so good the last few weeks!!! I’ve been happily planning a Baby Shower for Saturday afternoon, and she has been amazingly content to entertain herself with play dough, crayons and the occasional game of “terrorize the cat” (which is fine by me…because the cat has been driving me crazy).

The Millwood Farmer's Market
[TWO] Wednesday 5/18/2011 • 5:56pm

This is What Naomi Looks Like When She's Not Napping...
Thursday 5/19/2011 • 1:47pm

The last few weeks, Naomi has been on a napping strike. She is, however, very content to play in her bed for 2 hours. At least everyone can get some peace and quiet in the afternoon…

Visiting "The Zoo"
[ONE] Friday 5/20/2011 • 9:09am

Aebleskivers with The Pegram's
[TWO] Friday 5/20/2011 • 10:21am

By the grace of God, Courtney and I were able to manage four kids with only two adults. Here are a few pictures of the kids passing the time while everyone waited for some amazing Äbeleskivers at the “Old European”. Thanks again, Courtney, for a great morning!!!

Emergency Babysitting
[THREE] Friday 5/20/2011 • 5:49pm

We had the chance to hang out with Hawkins before Small Group on Friday, because his sister fell off the play equipment at the park and needed some medical attention after splitting her chin open. I just love listening to kids when they play with each another…their conversations are hilarious!!!


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  1. You should post photos of your lovely decorations in your house! I hope you had lots of fun at your showers! BTW the dirt in Naomi’s hair while looking at your computer is HILARIOUS!!! I am glad that you are enjoying the swing…It makes me happy to see that it is well used.

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