52home: Week 20

Twenty weeks already? Where has the time gone?

Jr. Lilac Parade (GO SHAW MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!)
[ONE] Saturday 5/7/2011 • 10:03am

We didn’t know anyone playing in the Jr. Lilac Parade this year. However, The Meginniss Family was helping the Shaw Middle School marching band, so we figured we would go cheer on the helpers. I love Holly. She has one child in Elementary School and another in High School, and yet she finds time to help this Middle School Band (this is the same school that gave her the “Volunteer of the Year” award…and you can see why this was the best decision they made all year). This particular Middle School won first place in their division!!! In my opinion, I think it had a lot to do with Holly and all the time she spent with them over the years…

New Baby Alert: Zachary (Congrats Jenni + Lance)
[TWO] Saturday 5/7/2011 • 7:48pm

The Happiest Mother's Day
Sunday 5/8/2011 • 11:19am

Three Dancing Girls
[ONE] Monday 5/9/2011 • 12:11pm

New Baby Alert: Joan (Congrats Megan + Gabe)
[TWO] Monday 5/9/2011 • 6:20pm

Lunch Break Dominos
[ONE] Tuesday 5/10/2011 • 9:31am

A Lovely Lady Catching Lady Bugs
[TWO] Tuesday 5/10/2011 • 3:52pm

Last Day of Bible Study Fellowship
[ONE] Wednesday 5/11/2011 • 11:04am

This was Naomi’s favorite thing to do when BSF was finished every week…climb into the corner shelf of the fellowship hall (actually, her favorite thing to do is climb in ANY bookshelf that’s empty). Anyway, I can’t believe I finished the entire book of Isaiah!!! I’m looking forward to “The Acts of the Apostles” in the fall (it should be an easier study). Now, the question is…what will I study this summer? Oh, a big thanks goes out to my sister for watching Naomi at the last minute (because my parents forgot)!!

Just Two of My Favorite Simpson's
[TWO] Wednesday 5/11/2011 • 5:15pm

It's a Janet Day
[ONE] Thursday 5/12/2011 • 12:36pm

New Baby Alert: Collin (Congrats Molly + Fred)
[TWO] Thursday 5/12/2011 • 8:43pm

And Yet Another Kid-Filled Day
[ONE] Friday 5/13/2011 • 6:44am - 5:12pm

Theatre Night: Improv at "The Blue Door"
[TWO] Friday 5/13/2011 • 8:59pm