52home: Week 19

I finally found time to post pictures from the beginning of May…Hooray!!!

The "No Electricity" Dinner
Saturday 4/30/2011 • 6:13pm

A trampoline tumbled into a transformer somewhere in the Spokane area…thus taking out the electricity in our entire neighborhood. We already had plans to go over to Dave + Kristy’s house for dinner, and they whipped up a great meal using their outdoor cobb oven. We had a great evening with lots of great food and conversations (thankfully, the electricity was magically restored around 9pm…just in time to go home and go to bed)!!!

Design Day: Baby Shower Invitations
Sunday 5/1/2011 • 3:25pm

Breaking Bread Together
Monday 5/2/2011 • 7:49pm

Design Day: Teacher Appreciation Gifts
Tuesday 5/3/2011 • 10:02am

A Day of Rest
Wednesday 5/4/2011 • 2:51pm

Fire Station Tour + Didier's Ice Cream
[ONE] Thursday 5/5/2011 • 11:34am

Theatre Night: "Doll Shop"
[TWO] Thursday 5/5/2011 • 9:06pm

Doll Shop is an annual musical performance put on by North Central High School. We really enjoyed watching the NC students sing, dance, perform and entertain us with their witty comedy. Alyson + Josiah did a great job (just so you know…the kazoo band was our favorite act)!!! A big thanks goes out to Molly for watching our daughter (last minute) while we went out and had a great time tonight.

Big Bed Tents - Our Daily Entertainment
Friday 5/6/2011 • 1:11pm