52home: Week 18

I’m determined to catch up someday!!! Here is yet another week of our adventures…

Two Different Hunting Games
[ONE] Saturday 4/23/2011 • 12:11pm

Aaron has been dying to get some additional plugs in the upstairs play room (you know…the ones that are safe and grounded) since we moved into our house eight years ago. Our amazing friend, Lance, just happens to be an electrician. So, we bribed presented Lance with a reasonable offer of lunch, dinner and an opportunity to borrow our Bissel carpet cleaner. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. While the guys were hunting around for the perfect spot to pull the wire through our walls…Jenni and I took the kids to Willard Elementary for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. To be honest, it was absolute chaos once they announced that everyone should go. I think Naomi and Nate found three eggs each…and that’s because I had to beat down some older kids to protect the eggs while Naomi had an opportunity to grab them. I’m not sure if we will go next year, but it was fun to experience it at least once in a lifetime.

Theatre Night: "Dearly Departed"
[TWO] Saturday 4/23/2011 • 7:37pm

My bestie has been rehearsing for months…for a play way out in Coeur d’Alene, ID. I was so excited to see her in “Dearly Departed” (in all the years I’ve known Sarah, I think I’ve only missed one play that she’s been a part of)!!! Holly and Alyson went with me…and Aaron graciously stayed home with Naomi and Ben (thanks, sweetheart). We really enjoyed ourselves and, like we expected, Sarah blew away everyone with her amazing talents. Great job, Sarah!!!

Easter at The Porch
[ONE] Sunday 4/24/2011 • 10:42am

Easter Celebrations in the Woods
[TWO] Sunday 4/24/2011 • 3:05pm

National Rub a Pregnant Belly Day
Monday 4/25/2011 • 11:53am

Okay, it’s not really “National Rub a Pregnant Belly Day”, but I did go to Molly’s house this afternoon for a nice play date (and she’s pregnant…so that’s close enough). I figured I should get as many of these play dates in before Molly has another baby…and needs more rest than Naomi and I can provide (we can be a little chaotic when we go places these days).

Date Night at The Elk
Tuesday 4/26/2011 • 6:44pm

Wednesday 4/27/2011 • 8:20am

I’ve been trying really hard to curb my complaining about all the crappy things that happen from day to day. However, this day hit and I just about lost it (actually, in all honesty, I did lose it on this day). I woke up to a flat tire on my car. So, I took Ben to school in the truck while Aaron stayed home with Naomi. I quickly ran home (but obeyed all traffic laws) so I could put Naomi’s car seat in the truck and drive 20 minutes to Bible Study Fellowship up on the South Hill. We were late to BSF…but I didn’t care because I was really looking forward to the lecture. When we were leaving BSF that afternoon, the truck wouldn’t start. Great. After many attempts to jump start the truck (thanks Anneke), my parents came to my rescue and wiggled one wire to get it to start again. We exchanged quick kisses and hugs with my parents. I ran home to eat lunch and put Naomi to bed. Right after BSF I had a class that I needed to be at and ended up being 30 minutes late due to the truck not starting (we waiting in the parking lot for over an hour). Luckily, I made it for the last half of the class. When I got home, Aaron decided to take Naomi to Mobius so I could decompress from a very frustrating morning. I was thankful for the break, because my friend needed a last minute babysitter for the evening. I was all rested up for two toddlers for three hours and enjoyed watching them play and giggle all evening. Looking back, I totally survived that day…but it was definitely trying every step of the way. It’s good to have perspective…

Another Kid-Filled Morning 
Thursday 4/28/2011 • 9:16am

Hours of Errands
Friday 4/29/2011 • 1:38pm

With a flat tire and a semi-broken truck, I realized that I had quickly neglected a number of errands that I needed to do that week. Naomi is such a good sport when I have to go to fifty different stores in one afternoon. She even puts up with all my picture taking during the day…