52home: Week 17

I’m not sure how an entire month has gone by without posting pictures for my 52home Project…whoops. I guess I’m having too much fun.

Seattle Girls Weekend: Day One
Friday 4/15/2011 • 4:59pm

Sarah and Emily arrived at my house around 2pm and quickly whisked me away for a three day, two night vacation in Seattle. We enjoyed a nice, leisure ride together and eventually found the condo we rented for the weekend (located only a few blocks away from the Space Needle). After we unpacked the cars and welcomed Courtney “home”, we walked to a Greek Restaurant for dinner (four appetizers was enough food to feed four hungry ladies). The rest of the evening was filled with walking around the Space Needle and discovering a few things late into the evening. We went to bed that night in a silly mood and laughed until our stomaches hurt.

Seattle Girls Weekend: Day Two
Saturday 4/16/2011 • 10:27am

We spent the bulk of the second day walking around Seattle (I’m totally lame and forgot to grab some walking shoes before we left the house in Spokane). Thankfully, between the four of us, we all managed to have shoes that worked for a full day of walking around town. I had such a great time!!! It was filled with treats from “Cow Chip Cookies”, an amazing “Underground Tour”, visiting the first “Starbucks” (we ran into our dear friend, Malia, while we were there)…we also stumbled upon a gum wall, ate lunch at “The Crab Pot” (Emily was not too trilled about eating some of the seafood), wandered around “Pike Street Market”…and filled our day with a host of other great adventures. We rounded off the evening with an amazing home cooked meal at the condo and a movie/spa night. Eventually, I passed out from sheer exhaustion (I have no idea what time the other three ladies went to bed that night…).

Seattle Girls Weekend: Day Three
Sunday 4/17/2011 • 12:05pm

After Courtney and I made breakfast for the girls at the condo, we packed up our stuff and headed to the “U-District” for a little shopping before we said our good-byes to Courtney. Around the “U-District” were dance steps in the sidewalk. It was pretty entertaining!!! We gave Courtney our love and sent her on her way home to Portland. And us ladies from Spokane stopped at Ikea for a little shopping…and then off we went to Popeyes for some of the best popcorn chicken. It was still light by the time we reached the iron horse statues along I-90, so we made a quick stop and hiked up the hill to take silly pictures on the ridge overlooking the Gorge. Overall, it was a great relaxing weekend with my favorite girls!!!

Shopping for "Important Things" Like Animal Crackers
Monday 4/18/2011 • 11:18am

MOMs Group Easter Outreach
[ONE] Tuesday 4/19/2011 • 9:32am

Naomi and I really enjoy going to the “Providence Adult Day Clinic” for our MOMs Group Outreach each month. For this visit, we sang a few Easter songs together and then made an Easter flower with a few of the elderly people at our table. When everyone was done with their craft, they sent the kids off on an Easter Egg Hunt around the building. It was a nice mellow morning followed by a fun afternoon at Mobius with Molly and Liam.

Date Night: Let's Try Making Candy
[TWO] Tuesday 4/19/2011 • 8:43pm

My camera is the worst when it comes to “night” photography. The flash is less than desirable and my camera eats batteries like it’s going out of style. Ugggh. Anyway, that is not what this post is about. Aaron and I have been faithful to keep a “Date Night” once a week since we got married. Now that we have a child, going out for our date happens every 4 or 5 weeks. So, we take turns planning time together at home. Aaron is more creative when it comes to home dates. For this week’s date, he decided to try candy making. Being the thoughtful husband that he is, he found a recipe for my favorite candy (Seafoam). Our attempts were sort of futile (aka. it was a flop), but we had so much fun together trying to make this ridiculous candy. I have WAY more appreciate for candy makers after our attempts…and I think I love my husband more for trying.

Mario Cart Makes Everything Better
Wednesday 4/20/2011 • 3:21pm

We tried a pizza making lunch activity with The Johnson’s and The Pitini’s at Molly’s house on this afternoon…it was a bit chaotic to take any pictures (weird, I know). So, when Naomi woke up from her nap, we decided to have a mellow evening with a little Mario Cart before dinner. Naomi is getting pretty good at throwing things at the other cars…

Must Play Before New Baby Arrives
Thursday 4/21/2011 • 1:04pm

Lance and Jenni are expecting their second son in a few weeks, so we decided to have a play date before this happens (you never know how things are going to turn out after a baby is born). Nate and Naomi play really well together, so it’s always a joy to have them over for a visit. We also bought some “Chocolate Covered Oreos” from a friend of our that is starting a catering business. They were heavenly…and it took every ounce of self-control that we had to just eat one per day. You can check out Robin’s website at http://robinsnestcatering.blogspot.com for her current specials.

Dana's Taxi Service
Friday 4/22/2011 • 8:56am

You didn’t know I had a taxi service? Well, I spent most of the day on Friday dropping kids off and then picking other kids up and dropping kids off and then picking different kids up…it was a good day (spent mostly in the car). Good thing Naomi doesn’t mind going for drives…