— Dana

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but there’s a wild person living in my house. A sneaky, beautiful, rebellious, free-spirited, bright-eyed saboteur. She currently goes by the name of “Naomi”. And she’s two.

Before I had my darling little daughter, I would wonder…”Terrible twos…what’s all the fuss about?”

Then Naomi came into the world.

Oh sure, I try to be consistent in my disciplining and I’ve watched my fair share of “The Super Nanny”…but let me tell you, this girl has a glimmer in her eye that lights up the room before her sin nature takes over. She has this fire in her belly that can’t be extinguished!!! Currently, I’m holding out for what the Lord will do when He gets ahold of her…when His Spirit collides with hers and they become one…and her fire becomes something beautiful as He transforms her sin into something powerful for His Name’s sake.

Oh, I pray for the day.

I also pray for the grace to get through this season of my life (and the strength to not duct tape her to the ceiling). I pray for God’s Kingdom to gently mold into her heart as she goes about her day. I pray that her fire would be stoked by Jesus and that it would burn wild for Him. What a life force she will be for The Kingdom of God!!!

In the mean time, I will continue to love this sneaky, beautiful, rebellious, free-spirited, bright-eyed saboteur. Because, in reality, she is the two year old version of me. I don’t want to admit it, but I see my own personality in her as each day passes. It scares me to death to think that she’s like me…flaws and all. So, I also pray that she’ll grow and be better than me. A better mom. A better Christian. A better friend. Just better in general. And that’s what I can give her as a mom: raise her to be better than me. It’s all by the Grace of God, and I pray that she will understand that truth better than I can comprehend.

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  1. You are a wonderful person, and who better for Ms. Naomi to take after. Her Aaron qualities will come out soon, and that will make her her own person, the beautiful creation you and Aaron brought into the world–Naomi Jean Cheerful Kangas!!

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