52home: Week 16

Lunch + Cupcakes (Happy Early Birthday Tiffany)
[ONE] Saturday 4/9/2011 • 1:32pm

Bronkhorst Benefit Concert
[TWO] Saturday 4/9/2011 • 7:49pm

Cindy Bronkhorst has been battling Breast Cancer for sometime now. A few of Aaron’s band members put on an auction and  benefit concert to raise money for her and her family. I love to watch Aaron play his guitar…and this usually means finding a babysitter for the evening. Holly is always so gracious to watch Naomi for us whenever we need it. However, to celebrate her new job, I asked Holly to be my date instead. So, Susie and Malia offered to hang out with Naomi for a few hours so the two of us could go watch Aaron’s band play at the VFW in Elk, Washington. It was a pretty fun evening for everyone…and they raised over $10,000 for the Bronkhorst Family!!!

Entertaining Ben
Sunday 4/10/2011 • 2:21pm

At the Benefit Concert, I found out one of my best friend’s mom was teaching a free Zumba class at The Porch (where we’re currently attending church). So, I talked Holly and Alyson into coming with me. Aaron agreed to watch Naomi and Ben as we attempted this “exercise in disguise”. It was a lot of fun…even when my thighs were killing me for days after the class.

Morning Walk with Robbin
[ONE] Monday 4/11/2011 • 11:15am

Just the Two Four of Us
[TWO] Monday 4/11/2011 • 6:08pm

For all the years we’ve known Rick and Lori, this was the first time we have ever had dinner with just the two of them. It was such a great evening of sharing and laughing over an amazing dinner. Those two are keepers…

District 81 Volunteer of The Year: Holly Meginniss
[ONE] Tuesday 4/12/2011 • 9:57am

MOMs Group Friends
[TWO] Tuesday 4/12/2011 • 12:43pm

Oh, I Wish I Were An...
[ONE] Wednesday 4/13/2011 • 5:34pm

…Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile!!! We were happily running errands when we saw this blessed vehicle speeding in the opposite direction. I immediately whipped a (legal) u-turn and followed it. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard while driving (we felt like undercover agents). During our hot pursuit, we lost sight of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile and eventually spotted it in the Northtown Mall parking lot. What a great surprise during our otherwise normal day…

Mozart + Wine During Dishes Duty
[TWO] Wednesday 4/13/2011 • 8:06pm

Thrift Store Drop Off Day
Thursday 4/14/2011 • 4:50pm

You'll Be Gone For How Long?
Friday 4/15/2011 • 3:19pm

I was packing for a Girls Weekend in Seattle, and Naomi wasn’t real thrilled about the whole idea. I’m sure Aaron will have lots of great things planned for their Daddy-Daughter Weekend…