52home: Week 15

Waiting for Daddy
Saturday 4/2/2011 • 4:59pm

The Chef + His Amazing Assistant
Sunday 4/3/2011 • 6:11pm

Thank you, Auntie Courtney, for Naomi’s birthday apron. She is a great helper in the kitchen…and insists on wearing her apron every time we cook dinner.

Multi-Talented Piano Player
Monday 4/4/2011 • 11:34am

Laura, please tell Todd that his Ella’s piano has received some much needed love and affection the last week. Naomi enjoys dragging the piano into the kitchen and serenading me with a little song while I make her lunch.

Birthday Buddy Play Date
Tuesday 4/5/2011 • 1:27pm

Carlee has been my friend since the fifth grade. We share the same birthday and have a special relationship (ie. no one appreciates our weird sense of humor). She just finished her teaching degree at Eastern and has been working on her “sleep diet” the last few weeks. Naomi and I brought lunch and enjoyed the warm afternoon sun…

Family Day in Suncrest
Wednesday 4/6/2011 • 5:09pm

Aaron’s mom made the long trek across the state to visit during Spring Break. Erica made an amazing dinner (fish tacos)…and we spent the majority of the evening playing outside on the playground by the lake.

Family Fun in Spokane
Thursday 4/7/2011 • 3:42pm

I volunteered at the “Just Between Friends” Sale most of the day…while Aaron played with his family after work. We eventually met up at Chili’s for dinner and said our good-byes to Sandy. It was really nice visiting with her while she was in town!!!

Ready for Anything
Friday 4/8/2011 • 8:53am